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Craft time! We’re not denying it  – we were left kind of obsessed with every detail in Elsie + Jeremy’s wedding last week, especially the bright bouquets, weren’t you? So, because we know everyone loves a good old fashioned DIY tutorial we asked Elsie to bring it! Once you catch the hang of making these, you’ll find yourself dazzling every corner of your house with handmade bouquets (hmm, that’s not such a bad idea). Ok, take it away Elsie!

Hi Cakelets!

When I was younger I worked at a flower shop. Thinking back to that experience, I knew that bouquet making was  fun and easy so I decided to make my own wedding bouquet while also letting my bridesmaids make theirs too! We got together after the rehearsal dinner, laid out a bucket full of mixed flowers and things I’d collected and had such a  fun time creating our own bouquets!

I loved how each turned out – super unique and special. I was a huge fan of Holly’s bird charm and Katie’s berry twigs and feathers.

Step 1: Collect Supplies. For my wedding bouquets I used fresh flowers, handmade velvet flowers, berry twigs, feather birds, feathers and vintage brooches. I also used some family heirloom ribbon (vintage tatting) and velvet ribbon that I found the first month we were dating! Choose accents that are personal to you!

Step 2: Start from the center and build the floral base of your bouquet. Work your way out by adding more and more flowers.

A Beautiful Mess wedding flowers

Step 3: Wrap the stems with floral tape. Use as much as you need to make it feel secure. The floral tape should go where ever you plan to wrap the ribbon. The ribbon will eventually hide it completely!

Step 4: Add accent piece such as feather birds (they have wires underneath that can secure them onto blooms) or feathers.

Step 5: Wrap the base of your stems (over the floral tape) with a pretty ribbon. I also tied some lace on mine as an accent.

Have fun making your bouquet! Tip: If you’re planning to take bridal portraits, use that to practice making your bouquet.

A Beautiful Mess wedding bouquet

Enjoy…. XO, Elsie

Uber cute, no? As if you needed another reason (aside from your wedding) to make these cuties. We hope this gets you running to your local farmer’s market and vintage shops! Imagine all the fun trinkets you can now add to your bouquet to have it fit your personality. Thanks for sharing the goods Elsie!

Portrait photos taken by Arrow and Apple. Others taken by Elsie, Emma and Rachel

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Social Love

Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dresses on Jun 23, 2011

Those bouquets are lovely and gorgeous.

victoria on Jun 23, 2011

The colors in the bouquets are just stunning! Now I have to go make a bouquet!

Patrice on Jun 23, 2011

All of these are amazing! A trip to my local craft store for birds, stems, and feathers is in order!

Julia on Jun 23, 2011

Ahh those birds are such a neat and unique addition to the bouquets. Love all the scrumptious colors too! thanks for sharing!

Talia Christine on Jun 23, 2011

So gorgeous, Elsie! I love making bouquets! I made my own for my wedding and made them for friend's weddings as well! I love the colours and the unique twist with your add ins! SO GORGEOUS! xo Talia Christine

Alexandra H. on Jun 23, 2011

As another reader mentioned, can you find the little birds at a craft store or do you have another trip. i was thinking Michael's, but not sure. Thanks for inspiration since i am using farmers market flowers for mine.

Michelle | Gold-Hearted Girl on Jun 23, 2011

Those are so cute and perfect! I love how they're a smaller take on the huge bridal bouquets. I'd much rather carry one of hers down the aisle. :)

Shereen Kim on Jun 23, 2011

OH the birds I LOVE the birds, and beads, so gorgeous and light hearted it could fly away!

Esther JuLee | Atlanta Wedding Photographer on Jun 23, 2011

Love the use of birds & branches in the bouquets! Adds that extra bit of flare. Thanks for the tips! I'm sure it would make lovely centerpieces too. :)

blue elephant photography on Jun 23, 2011

Wonderful idea! I love how each bouquet would represent the personality of each bridesmaid. This is also a great way to work with a tight budget.

Phillip Brunelle Photography on Jun 24, 2011

I love all the colors of the flowers, this is so beautiful.

Bettina on Jun 27, 2011

Nice bouquet ; ) Thanks for sharing step by step process.

Carbon Footprint Calculator on Oct 28, 2011

The flower arrangement and colors are too cool.

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