Handmade Southern wedding: Josh + Amelia

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Turns out a determined and hero-like mother, an abundance of helpful friends, and a pure knack for simple delights, life and color make for one gorgeous wedding. The wedding of Josh and Amelia that is! When we reached out to Amelia to shed some light on what looked like a magical day we were so thrilled with her response. Aside from the lovely details flooding each photo, we can’t help but feel their wedding was just straight out fun!

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

One of the DIY projects I am most proud of is the flower assembly. One of our dear friends (who is an artist but not a florist) offered to organize the flower arranging. We gathered some flowers from street-side fields and bought more from a local market. Our friend, Leann, then went to work, using some photos I had gathered online, to create the most beautiful boutonnieres and bouquets I have ever seen!

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

One of my favorite moments in the wedding was taking communion with my husband. Our pastor knelt in front of us to give us a private piece of advice, and then we got to sit and pray together for the first time as a husband and wife. All the while, my brother-in-law and my dear friend from high school sang and played “Come Thou Fount”… a few of the most timeless, magical minutes of my life.

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

Almost all of our supplies came from my mom’s craft closet! The ribbons and fabric had been sitting in her closet for years (originally intended for curtains, dresses, and bedding projects). The fabric scraps were what we used instead of a guest book. We had our guests sign the scraps of fabric and then tie them to a laundry line that we had hung on the front porch.

Crafty southern wedding

My other favorite DIY project was the plate collection. When I was a teenager, I told my mom that I didn’t want to register for dishes or china when I got married, but instead I wanted to begin a collection of random, beautiful plates. When I got engaged, my mom started collecting plates from local antique shops and thrift stores. And when we decided to use the plates for the wedding, she got busy and collected almost 200 antique plates and platters! My mom is the rockstar who made this wedding what it was.

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

Crafty southern wedding

You can’t get any sweeter than this! Thank you Amelia for sharing all the lovely bits + pieces that made your wedding cute as a button!

Photography: Dixie Pixel / Catering: Luxe Catering / Rentals: Event Rentals / Reception Jazz Band: Brown Sugar / Ceremony Band: a conglomerate of friends, led by Levon Walker / Wedding Designer: Ashley Addair / Flowers and Painted Portrait: Leann Cooper / Bride’s Dress: Saja / Bride’s Hair Piece: Mignonne Handmade / Groom’s pants, tie and shirt: JCrew / Groom’s vest: vintage / Cake and Pies: friends and family of the bride and groom

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Social Love

Candace {Lovestru.ck} on Jun 22, 2011

Dixie Pixel obviously did an amazing job capturing the range of emotions from that wedding. That group picture in front of the house is so great!

Annie on Jun 22, 2011

This looks like the most fun, awesome wedding. I love all the colorful details. Thanks for sharing a little of the day!

jillian on Jun 22, 2011

love her dress. and those pies! yum :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Lauren Elizabeth on Jun 22, 2011

This was the cutest wedding! Everything seems so heartfelt.

Lori on Jun 22, 2011

Absolutely lovely! It's obvious everyone walked away with a beautiful memory of this special day.

Karen on Jun 22, 2011

I'd love to know where those red books that are monogrammed came from. If anyone finds out please let me know!

Adventures in Dressmaking on Jun 22, 2011

So cute and colorful!! They even had the perfect blue fence and blue truck...

Jessica Michie on Jun 22, 2011

Absolutely in love with the cheery colors, fun DIY and fresh images- a wedding I would have liked to be invited to!

sonya at zenobia studios on Jun 22, 2011

Ah-dorable. All the detail shots are wonderful. Beautifully captured! <3

Shaunna Nygren on Jun 22, 2011

Pure homespun beauty. love that she chose to wear a halo!

Lakin on Jun 22, 2011

Love the pickup truck used as a buffet.....might just have to use this idea for my wedding :) laeweddings.blogspot.com

Hei park on Jun 22, 2011

The most beautiful and unique wedding I ever seen. Country and Retro look photos are lovely! Ashley you did a wonderful Job!

cara valentino on Jun 22, 2011

absolutely adorable... it's recycling to the 10th power. just love it!

ellie on Jun 22, 2011

that couple oozes love! i wish i could have been standing by that dessert table with a plate and fork!

Christen on Jun 22, 2011

All those pies! My mouth is watering--this was an adorable wedding. I love all the personal touches like the flags on the desserts and the grooms awesome attire!!

erin * sparkle & hay on Jun 22, 2011

a dessert bar on the back of a pick-up?! as though i needed another reason to love this wedding!!! fabulous!

David- Planning Honeymoons on Jun 22, 2011

This is really neat. I like the colors used and how every bridesmaid have has a different color dress. It's like their wedding is alive and happening! The pictures are beautiful. Best Wishes and God Bless. www.planning-honeymoons-is-easy.com

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon on Jun 22, 2011

i think this is one of my favorite weddings - i love how intimate it feels! all of the handmade touches, especially the scrap fabric "guest book" and programs, are so sweet!

Karen K Dickey on Jun 23, 2011

The photographer caught so many dear moments! Love these so much.

andrea m on Jun 23, 2011

Wow, so lovely and fun! I am definitely going to incorporate some of your awesome ideas into my own wedding- the pickup (my grandpa had one just like it that i can hopefully borrow from my cousin), the heart garland , and probably some other things! Thanks! :)

Barn Weddings on Jun 23, 2011

I say this is one cool wedding. I like all-the decoration the gown the theme, it's all damn lovely.

Liz on Jun 24, 2011

This wedding, for us, was the best so far! (and we've seen all of the 100 layer posts). This wedding was gorgeous and so inspiring. As a Christian couple, we wanted a simple way of incorporating our faith without having it be overwhelming for our non-believing friends and we received so much inspiration from this. Thank you!

Bella Benefield on Jun 24, 2011

I loved the ideas provided in this eclectic Southern themed wedding. I am not a big fan of the large expensive weddings and this was perfect. This was a very creative, friendly and sentimental wedding. I even loved the menu...lol. Bella

Phillip Brunelle Photography on Jun 24, 2011

very cute wedding

The Mom on Jun 24, 2011

I found myself wishing that I could have been at this wedding. I love the shot of the bride wiping a tear away with the Celtic cross in the foreground. What a magical DIY story as well. I love the way that everything came together. I know a bride who asked for random plates and cups and saucers that people chose for her instead of registering for a china. I thought it was a delightful way to make your gift uniquely personal. This wedding was replete with those type of details.

Che Kershaw on Jun 24, 2011

gorgeous wedding! i love the roasted mallows!

jonahliza on Jul 4, 2012

this is what i have been thinking about, lately.. with my wedding. its nice to see a backyard celebration in beautiful photographs. this gives me confidence in planning our wedding next year <3

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