20 Jun

Divine Twine + Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics

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We assume you’re all familiar with Divine Twine? The baker’s twine that comes in the cutest colors ever? Thought so. The company that produces our fave string also makes super cute “bitty bags“, in all sorts of colors and patterns, that are perfect for favors for your wedding.

Jillian put together a few cute projects to show you how you might use both products, if you were to say, buy them in the Pop-Up Shop tomorrow? (hint hint.)

Divine Twine Favors

Divine Twine Favors

Divine Twine Favors

Cute, no? Love how she braided three colors together for the candy bag favors! (Which would obviously require some major bridesmaid help whilst watching a movie and drinking chilled rosé this summer). And wouldn’t the popcorn centerpiece be cute for the favor display or even guest tables? She used pretty tape to make the teeny flag bunting.

Plus the bags make great wrapping for homemade chocolate chip cookies. Or even a temporary home for a teeny air plant. And Divine Twine can be used for pretty much every event and holiday for the rest of your life, so no harm in stockpiling while you can.

Stop by the Pop-Up Shop tomorrow to stock up!

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  1. Everything’s so cute… I’m already thinking of making favor bags and stuff even if I don’t have any celebrations coming along! Oh wait… there’s 4th of July coming soon!

  2. I love the braided thread. So cute!

  3. Oh everything is so cute!

  4. the chevron bags are so bold and adorable! love the way the favors were packaged in the second image!

  5. I don’t have any events coming up, but these are so cute I’m going to have to invent one!

  6. so cute! love it!

  7. These are not cute! They are adorable and the colors are lovely!

  8. Hi! I love these adorable little Easter Bags. I featured you on Fun Friday Finds today! I hope you can stop by and check it out and even grab a featured button while you are there.


  9. I am so sorry–I have Easter on my mind and have no idea why I called these Easter Bags! So sorry!

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