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Today we have the most super gorgeous Palm Springs desert chic wedding to share with you all!  Michael & Tim’s  event, which took place at the notoriously stylish ACE Hotel, was pulled off in large part thanks to the couple’s creative talents and resourceful ways – with the help of some generous friends. The beautiful photos by Noa of Feather Love do an amazing job of displaying the unique style and joyful happy vibe that radiated throughout the day.

Michael and Tim chose the ACE because 1) they love Palm Springs and have tons of fun memories together renting a house and drinking margaritas by the pool and 2) they love the laid back midcentury style of the hotel and their event space, Commune. Most importantly, they chose to have their wedding where they love spending time and where their guests could enjoy an awesome weekend celebrating their relationship!

Nearly all the elements were handmade and designed by the couple. Michael, an artist and graphic designer, decided to take on the art direction, invitation design and production himself – which took a ton of time, but saved them so much money in the end. And they turned out fantastic! He created a couple simple icons that they incorporated throughout the event – a wind turbine and two palm trees.

Michael also custom designed some beautiful yellow IKAT-inspired fabric that were used to create their bow ties, skinny ties for the groomsmen (both crafted by Mr. Moss on Etsy), pocket squares for the boys, hand-sewn fabric flowers for the gals, and pennant flags for reserved ceremony seating. Pretty impressive, right?

Using the custom-designed ink stamps, the couple hand made 100+ save the dates, invites, place cards, table cards, menus, welcome cards, and more. Wow. But how pretty are they?

Michael found his white Valentino tuxedo on eBay, and Tim found his black tuxedo at the Burberry outlet store near Palm Springs, on the way home from their tasting at the ACE. Both fit perfectly. They bought tux shirts from Neiman Marcus, and Michael made studs from mother of pearl buttons found on eBay. Tim’s shoes were Dieppa Restrepo dark blue patent leather from TenOverSix, and Michael’s shoes are Surface to Air from Gilt Groupe. There are so many options out there now for discount stylish, quality clothing! Ebay, flash sales, and outlet stores being perfect resources!

And as always, we love showing some of the guest attire! Isn’t that orange striped dress below just divine?

The cute, cute wedding program was designed by Michael (of course!) in a faux newspaper style. What a sweet memento to be able to save & share.

Beautiful flowers and succulents are a desert wedding must, and Michael & Tim had a very specific vision with a modest budget. Bobbe & Todd of BV Floral Designs brought that vision to life using sculptural accents and drawing on natural elements like water and sand to create beautiful pieces that perfectly complimented the venue space and landscape.

For their table linens, Michael & Tim also bought cheap burlap online, and then cut all 150 yards in half. These were then cut on site at the ACE into table runners. It’s burlap week on 100LC! Seriously though, it’s a great material, inexpensive, and really easy to worth with since it doesn’t require any hemming.

This magnificent cake was baked in Palm Springs by a very talented friend who owns a bake shop in North Carolina. Talented friends are a hot commodity when it comes to planning your wedding!

From Michael & Tim:

“One of our biggest, and smartest investments, was photography. As I’m sure many folks know, it’s not cheap to find a decent photographer. Michael and I feel like we won the lottery with Noa / Feather Love. She was so fantastic to work with, a pleasure to have at our wedding and someone we hope to stay friends with. Her work speaks for itself. We could not be happier.”

A final list of tips from the couple:

– hire great vendors, and TRUST them to do their jobs
– accepts the talents of your friends, when they are offered
– everything will work out

“Everything seemed like it’s going to fall apart about 6 weeks from the wedding, and the chaos didn’t really stop until a few days before — but in the end everything worked out great.”

“I love Michael and our relationship has truly blossomed due to our wedding. We love all our friends and family, for making it such a kick ass weekend.”

Utterly gorgeous, all their hard work absolutely paid off ten fold. Best wishes for the future, Michael & Tim! And thanks so much for sharing your day with us!!

Venue: Ace Hotel, Commune, Palm Springs, CA / Invitation Design, Event Art Direction, & Fabric Design: Michael Frey, Groom and artist / Photography: Noa Azoulay-Sclater, Feather Love Photography / Florist, Event Design: Bobe Vagell & Todd Hughes / Officiant: Pam Butler, friend and artist / Cake: Jodi Rhoden, friend and baker, Short Street Cakes, Ashville NC / Videographer – Super 8: Lauren Graham, friend and filmmaker / Musical performance during ceremony: Crash Richard, friend and lead singer of The Deadly Syndrome / On site coordinator: Hilary Gluch / Day of coordinator: Angela Crawford / DJ: Joe Armenia, friend and music maven / Rings by Fay Andrada

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Social Love

Lisa McGee AKA Nenaghgal on Apr 13, 2011

What an absolutely beautiful wedding. I love all the details - the placecards - "The Big News" scroll- menu-table - gorgeous cake- so many lovely ideas- very heartfelt and also love the mix of black and white and colour images. Very effective- beautiful blog - glad to have found you.

The Wedding Secret on Apr 13, 2011

Looks like such a fun wedding, and I love the colour scheme as well!

Maria on Apr 13, 2011

Oh my gosh- TOO GORGEOUS! That cake looks insanely beautiful, the centerpieces with all the flowers and succulents, the custom fabric... it's just too much awesome.

Kimberly on Apr 13, 2011

I grew up in Palm Springs and have seen many lovely weddings--but this one really captured my attention. Great style and creativity. I can feel their happiness and love in the couple's photos. Just beautifully done..

Annie on Apr 13, 2011

I love the color palette here! It's so bright and upbeat, but also sophisticated. And the big group picture is fantastic--it looks like this wedding was full of love and fun.

Diana on Apr 13, 2011

II'm so glad you have showcased a non-heterosexual wedding event! It's important to remember that LGBTQ couples are getting married everyday and that they are a big part of the current wedding industry. This is great!

Lucy on Apr 13, 2011

Thank you for featuring an LGBT wedding; it's inspiring.

Rebecca on Apr 13, 2011

How wonderful. I really enjoyed all the photos. They look so happy & healthy and that just warms my heart.

Megan Clouse on Apr 13, 2011

So sheik and fun! And spot-on wedding tips that they gave at the end!

Nata Stone on Apr 13, 2011

Melty!!! Love this and love the Ace! Such a great venue for a beautiful couple!

Ambyr on Apr 13, 2011

I love their suits!

Lindsey on Apr 13, 2011

I love the invites. Do you know where he got the stamp made?

sara on Apr 13, 2011

I love this post for so many reasons. 1) I love that you show the love and beauty of same-sex marriage. 2) It means so much that you show prides how to throw a chic affair on a budget. Well done!

Michael on Apr 13, 2011

Thanks for the feature! It was such wonderful, love-filled day -- more than I could have imagined. @linsdey The stamps are from

Dominique on Apr 13, 2011

LOVE the details, and as always the Ace Commune! Such a lovely celebration. Great photography from Noa OF COURSE and such an adorable couple!!

Katie on Apr 13, 2011

I love EVERYTHING about this wedding..pure joy and bliss, and all so genuine and beautifully done. Lovely feature!

Megan Guerrero on Apr 13, 2011

This whole wedding is beautiful. The couple, the colors, the location and the beautiful capture of it all makes it perfection! Plus it always makes me smile when I see photogs and blogs that are proud to do same sex weddings!! :D

east side bride on Apr 13, 2011

I'm really into the photos of the guests' SHOES.

Amber Moon on Apr 13, 2011

Absolutely dying over this wedding... The grooms, the paper, the design, NOA! DYING!

Claire on Apr 13, 2011

AH. That stationary is my favorite, but I'm also DYING over that cake. You can tell SO MUCH thought went into this!!

Isabelle on Apr 13, 2011

I love all the details, but seriously am in love with the yellow dog collar :) What a fun wedding!

melissa on Apr 13, 2011

i want to scream it from the rooftops - THANK YOU for featuring this wedding. tim & michael are stunners, their love is bright and beautiful, and my god the details. i wonder if i can rope michael into designing for my wedding (not engaged, not close, but consider this page bookmarked, michael)...

Orange on Apr 13, 2011

Such a lovely wedding! I'm also getting married at the ACE and am wondering if you can let me know who you hired to string the lights? Congrats!!

jenn {bow tie & bustle} on Apr 13, 2011

The paper details had me "ooooh"ing and "ahhh"ing...awesome wedding!

Tim on Apr 13, 2011

yay, thank you 100 layer cake! this looks great, we had such a fantastic day, and Noa captured it perfectly. @Orange - we rented our lights from Signature Party Rentals: and our DJ set up from from SIR Palm Springs Hilary, the coordinator at the ACE, was helpful in pointing us towards good local vendors. As did our day off coordinators, at Celebrations of Joy.

Kristy on Apr 13, 2011

GORGEOUS. Every detail.....just gorgeous.

Elizabeth Glass on Apr 13, 2011

So true about investing in a photographer. My wedding pictures are totally ruin and you can't save them at all due to the bad organisation of the photographer and lack of skill. I regret it so much I'm tempted to have another wedding just for photos. Its the worse thing that could happen although the day was pretty much perfect despite the photographer who actually made me cry during my wedding.

Greta on Apr 13, 2011

a pitch-perfect day with such gorgeous details! thank you so much for featuring a same-sex couple; it's features like this that set 100LC apart.

Beauty Hairem on Apr 13, 2011

Such a beautiful wedding! Im beyond inspired! Best wishes for a happy future Michael & Tim!!

TJ on Apr 13, 2011

This is by far my favorite wedding I've seen on 100 Layer Cake, for so many different reasons. Tim and Michael, congratulations and best wishes!

Courtney soon-to-be-Lewis on Apr 13, 2011

I love this blog so much, and now I love it even more! Thank you for posting the wedding of two gentlemen! How can anyone look at the beautiful day you have shown us and think that there is any less love between them than any other marriage (maybe more than some!)? What a gorgeous, beautiful, stylish, creative, and unique wedding. Congratulations to two very lucky and talented guys.

lillian on Apr 13, 2011

Your wedding are great, and i am deeply impressed by some of your creation in the ceremony. All best wishes go to you and your beloved.

Michelle Marston on Apr 14, 2011

This is a beautiful wedding and clearly a lot of love and effort went into planning it. Love the burlap with the succulents and anemones. All the details are so chic yet masculine. And that cake looks divine!

Laura Whitney on Apr 14, 2011

Everything about this wedding is so beautiful, including the the two grooms! I'm so glad you featured a same-sex wedding, and would love to see more featured! All the wedding details were so great and I loved the color scheme!

Rachel M on Apr 15, 2011

Oh wow what a beautiful wedding! I love the colours in the floral display and the wedding program is amazing.

Florida hair and makeup artist on Apr 15, 2011

As an on site hair and makeup artist in Florida, I agree with the idea of "hiring great vendors and TRUST them" You have never planned a wedding before and might miss a tiny detail that will make a HUGE difference to you and your guests! Why not let the people who do hundreds of weddings a year help you perfect your own wedding?

Melissa @ HOUSEography on Apr 15, 2011

Congratulations Tim and Michael - gorgeous wedding!!

Alisha - Vintage Caribbean on Apr 16, 2011

Gorgeous cake and ADORABLE pooch! Lovely wedding!

Dawn {The Alternative Wife} on Apr 22, 2011

How LOVELY!!! Thank you so much for posting such a gorgeous event. And I'm equally excited because I'm headed to Palm Springs in a week. Can't wait to check out the ACE and The Parker :)

Gloria @ I Do Venues on Apr 28, 2011

You have to love the cake and the floral- and as soon as I saw the photography I knew it was feather love- they are amazing

jillian on Apr 29, 2011

i am SMITTEN with this wedding! i love every detail! i just got engaged last month and i am trying to find the perfect invitations for my summer wedding (next year). i LOVE tim and michael's invites!! do you have an design vendor suggestions who might be able to design something similar? i am a little hesitant to take on such a massive DIY project. thanks! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Kelly on Feb 10, 2012

This wedding is beautiful and love it all. What absolutely disgusts me is MirellaC's comments above. They should be removed. How dare you post something so ignorant about 2 people's wedding day? Congratulations Tim & Michael x

Carlos on Apr 13, 2013

Just leaving NYC back home to London and checking the page of the Ace Hotel NY. This are marvelous pictures guys - everything looks amazing. I do get the impression that you love each other, I can see a lot of sparkling moments! The venue is awesome - WOOW! Wish you ALL the BEST and hopefully you enjoy each other every day of your life!

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