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Guys, we’ve got the prettiest wedding to share with you today. Many of you may recognize the incredibly cool warehouse venue from our recent vendor roundup – so now you’ll get to see even more great shots of that unbelievable receipt paper altar piece, the exposed brick, antique walls, and those totally gorgeous sky-high windows. Bethany and her beau Jules did the most superb job putting this downtown Kansas City wedding together in a mere four months. We’re completely in love with the color palette they chose, with so many pretty neutral tones and little pops of yellow and green.

How cute is this shot of them dashing across a street? They look adorable, and we love Jules’ suspenders!

Bethany found that elegant dress off the rack for less than $500 (!) and had it altered to perfection. She chose really cute floral printed bridesmaids dresses and some super lush green bouquets, which look sooo pretty together.

The space, Arts Incubator Event Loft, really does take the cake. It’s almost perfect as-is, but the elements they added –  like the crisp white tables and strings of lights on bare tree branches – make it even better.

Bethany was even sweet enough to pass on a little info on how simple the receipt paper backdrop (inspired by something her planners spotted at Anthropologie!) was to make, too. All you need is foam board, a staple gun, and about a billion rolls of receipt paper. The final result is just so soft and beautiful, and compliments the rustic walls so perfectly!

Congrats Bethany & Jules – and thanks for letting us share your uber-beautiful day!

Invites: Andrew Chen with Andrew Chen Design (also a groomsman!) / Receipt paper alter: The Wedding Company-Kansas City / Photographer: Scott Townsley / Custom boutonnieres: Malloryannemakes

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Social Love

Witty and in Love on Jan 17, 2011

Awesome, awesome, awesome location! I would die to have a reception that looked like that! I love exposed brick, so natural! {Cute couple too}

Theresa on Jan 17, 2011

If I didnt love my own wedding so much, I would say that this is the most perfect wedding I have ever seen! So lovely down to the last little detail.

GStupnitsky on Jan 17, 2011

Very nice wed style

Ariana on Jan 17, 2011

What a lovely lovely wedding! Anyone know where the bridesmaids dresses came from? They're so adorable I must have one! Or three!

Laura on Jan 17, 2011

Lovely! Here dress is stunning and the way they decorated the space is absolutely gorgeous - though I imagine it would look terrific no matter how it was decorated! Also love the suspenders and the entire bridal party's wardrobe - an all around beautiful wedding!

sarah on Jan 17, 2011

Oh that wedding dress is amazing! I'd love to know where the bride got it...!

Gina at Temporary Nest on Jan 17, 2011

WHile reading this I was trying to figure out what comment to write and which part I'd decide was my fave... but it all is. I love her hair, his bow tie, the dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids dresses, the CAKE! the paper thing? now that is something I have never seen though. That is so unique and made me say "wow" outloud. So bravo to that planner they did an AWESOME job!

Bethany Tompkins on Jan 17, 2011

Thank you all for your kind words! I found my bridesmaids dresses for $23 at Forever 21. I had a dear friend if mine sew vintage lace to the bottom to add extra love. I also forgot to give credit to the wonderful Natasha Goellner from Natasha's Mulberry and Mott who made our sweet cake.

Mackenzie on Jan 17, 2011

Love the shoes!! Where are they from?

jen on Jan 17, 2011

it's all so sweet and perfect. and the backdrop is heavenly - absolutely adore it.

Katie Kingman on Jan 17, 2011

Each detail was thought out perfectly. I adore the vivid green bridesmaid’s bouquets and their caramel-colored flats, the button-trimmed cake, and I have a feeling this will not be the last receipt paper chandelier we see this year - Katie Kingman | Brilliant Event Planning

Katie on Jan 17, 2011

Where did she get her beautiful dress? Who makes it? I love love love it!

Bethany Tompkins on Jan 17, 2011

Hi Mackenzie, To answer your question: My shoes are here: Katie, I bought my dress at a Brides by Demetrioss Location in Phoenix, AZ. As the blog mentioned I bought it off the rack for $499, it was a size 12 and I was told it was being discontinued. It was made by The Dessy Group. This is the closest thing I can find to my dress. I had neck and back changed to be a scalloped line instead of a straight V. i also had my own bow made and sewn to the dress. Best of luck!

Chelsea on Jan 17, 2011

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful wedding! I LOVE the grooms outfit, and the sparklers as they were leaving... so original!

Alex on Jan 18, 2011

Amazing!! Am obsessed with that paper backdrop, its so perfect for the space. So original and well thought out all around. Congrats!!!

Kate/MagnoliaRouge on Jan 18, 2011

That venue looks amazing.. and the paper backdrop is genius!

Lauren on Jan 18, 2011

Dear Bethany Tompkins, Your wedding was absolutely stunning! Please, where can I go to find out more about the recipe paper back drop? How much paper was used and dimensions of the foam board? Thanks and Congrats on such a beautiful wedding, ~Lauren on Jan 18, 2011

i love with of course this stunning!

Brittany on Jan 18, 2011

I adore this!! every little thing is lovely.

Monica on Jan 18, 2011

That receipt paper backdrop...JAW DROPPING!! I adore it! And the boutonnieres are beautiful! What a great wedding and beautiful couple.

Kerissa on Jan 18, 2011

Hi Bethany! What a gorgeous gorgeous wedding! I have to second Lauren above - if you have any more tips on how to do the receipt paper backdrop, I would send you good karma forever. :) So amazing!

cheap wedding invitations on Jan 18, 2011

That venue looks amazing..I adore this!! every little thing is lovely.

Connie on Jan 20, 2011

I absolutely love the receipt paper backdrop - so many beautiful things can be created out of paper! I used a lot of hand-made paper decorations for my own wedding as well. love love!!

Bethany Tompkins on Jan 20, 2011

Hello Friends, For those of you who are interested in more information/direction regarding the paper receipt altar- please contact the wonderful woman at The Wedding Company KC who's hard work made our day so beautiful. Good luck! Bethany

Kerissa on Jan 21, 2011

Thank you thank you, Bethany!! So inspiring!

Michelle Grinstead on Jan 21, 2011

What an incredible backdrop with the paper. It is stunning! Would love to see how affordable it is!

Nicole on Jan 23, 2011

WOW! I wandered to this site from Betsy White for some inspiration, and instead found this AMAZING venue where I live in OKC! I'm booking it for my wedding! Thank you for sharing this beautiful place!

Shelley on Mar 24, 2011

I love it. All of it. This is my favorite wedding of this whole collection.

Natalie on Aug 4, 2011

I love this venue- it's so sad that it was just recently shut down! I had friends getting married there and they were notified FOUR days before that it was not up to code. Luckily they found an equally beautiful place for their reception in just a matter of days. Love this paper backdrop, we're going to adapt it and use it as well!

saniel on Sep 22, 2011

very creative and inspiring

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gladiajohanson on Feb 9, 2014

Amazing photos. All details on this wedding are so gorgeous. i love her wedding dress, she is in her wedding dress so beautiful. this wedding is right out of my dreams. so many details to swoon over.

Erica on May 8, 2014

Where was this gorgeous wedding located downtown? What building? I live in Kansas City and am looking for a place just like this to get married! Please share your secret! Thanks

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