17 Nov

An elopement shoot from Jill Thomas

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We happened upon this elopement shoot from Jill Thomas on Monday on her blog. It’s thoroughly gorgeous and as Jill says, captures the true essence of what a wedding is meant to be… two people professing their love in the company of the most important people in their lives. Wouldn’t it be sweet to be married just the two of you, with your kiddos as your witnesses? Lovely inspiraiton, if we do say so.

Beautiful, yes? You can see lots more photos on Jill’s blog.

Thanks so much, Jill!

Styling: Kami Christensen / Ceremony decor & flowers: Sarah Windward

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  1. Aw, those photos made me tear up – so sweet!

  2. This is absolutely lovely! It makes me so happy to see such an intimate, sweet celebration.

  3. That’s a really lovely elopement, and a VERY gorgeous family! Love the bride’s style. The whole thing is perfect.

  4. How sweet and original! It makes me want to get married all over again :)

  5. The photography is so whimsical! I love her blue dress!

  6. oh the is so heavenly! love the turquoise dress and Jill’s photography is breathtaking!

  7. Beautiful elopement shoot!! The woods looks like the perfect place to get married!

  8. Oh my gosh, Jill! So lovely. What a gorgeous and stylish couple too!

  9. I love this! They look so happy and it’s so romantic to have such a small, intimate ceremony. I love the bride’s blue dress!

  10. Oh my gosh. This is the sweetest thing I have EVER seen!!!!

  11. Love this brides style. Such a great Shoot!!

  12. Oh my gosh how cute are they?! I’m struck by the groom’s fashion actually…the boots and the cardigan are great.

  13. Maybe I am asking an obvious question but is it legal if only their kids were there? Were the photographers the legal witnesses?

  14. Loving this, big time. So cute that the kids are there, too. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  15. Beautiful. Elopements offer up a level of intimacy that no other kind of wedding can.

  16. they are soooo romantic and so beautiful!

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