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Let’s start the week with a pretty wedding whose history spans 3 continents. Lorenzo is from Peru, Alyssa is from Vermont, they were engaged in Peru’s Sacred Valley and they now live in Barcelona. They chose Vermont for their wedding for lots of reasons, but a big one was that Alyssa’s mom was super psyched for help with the planning and running around. Can’t pass up and offer like that! Especially since they’d be doing all the planning from Europe.

Lorenzo is a journalist and Alyssa works in fashion so their wedding style was a lovely mix of style and words, and they were dead set on hiring a super excellent photographer to document their day. Enter Our Labor of Love!

Alyssa designed her bridesmaids’ dresses and had them sewn by Kati the Seamstress in Spain. Isn’t that amazing? She also designed and made the belts herself.

They tried to incorporate as much of their own cultures in to the ceremony and reception as they could. They were super lucky to be married by a close friend of Alyssa’s family who is a Native American Shaman. She did a blessing using her drum at the end of the ceremony, and they used Spanish music as well as a song sung by Alyssa’s sister, “Sea of Love”, while she walked down the aisle.

Alyssa loves all things handmade and loved getting into the details of their day. They had Lorenzo’s sister illustrate their invites and they designed the rest of the paper goods themselves. Plus the flower boxes for their tables were handmade by Alyssa’s mom’s boyfriend, George Bedard.

The effort they put into their day was so worth it!

Beautiful day, Alyssa and Lorenzo! And as always, gorgeous pics OLOL!

Photography: Our Labor of Love / Venue and flowers: Pigeon Hill Farm / Dress: Kelima K / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Hair piece: Linda Veilleux / Suit: Oscar H. Grand / Groom’s shoes: Alden / Bridesmaids dresses: designed by Alyssa, sewn by Kati the Seamstress / Bridesmaids belts: made by Alyssa / Invites: Ximena Castro Elcorobarrutia / Cake: tiffanyosowiecki {at} yahoo {dot} com / Music: The Starline Rhythm Boys / Justice of the Peace: Susan Grimaldi

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Social Love

Katherine on Nov 15, 2010

This is classic & beautiful :) thanks for sharing!

Megan on Nov 15, 2010

Wow, they now live in Barcelona?! Hello-dream life. And, I love the photo of the singer w/mic....

la Belle Bride on Nov 15, 2010

very classic - photos give it such a vintage era feel on Nov 15, 2010

Such a sweet wedding and of course Out Labor of Love captures their day perfectly! Love the shot with the bridesmaids! :)

Rachel - theWeddingVine on Nov 15, 2010

The place names in the blocks of branch look gorgeous! Such a simple idea but very effective! Beautiful wedding!

Sílvia on Nov 15, 2010

I follow you from Barcelona. Bridesmaids with "espardenyes", awesome...

The Wedding Outlet on Nov 15, 2010

What a lovely wedding. It has a timeless feel to it!

Tiffany on Nov 15, 2010

Love the lace on the dress! Looks so pretty XOXO,

Natasha on Nov 15, 2010

Felicitaciones! This is a beautiful wedding in beautiful Vermont!

lydia {ever ours} on Nov 15, 2010

love the venue and the family style dining set up!

laura on Nov 16, 2010


Pollock on Nov 16, 2010

Fantastic, Now i want a new wedding with my wife ;-)

Kelly on Nov 16, 2010

I love this Vermont wedding and the fact that the Starline Rhythm Boys were there! Go guys!

TheWeddingSecret on Nov 16, 2010

Beautiful :)

Kelima K on Nov 22, 2010

Ooohhh! It's such a treat to see more photos of this magical wedding. Just look at those details...the vintage bridesmaid dresses with the blue Spanish espadrilles, the lush roses peeking out of aged wood boxes, the tree trunk ceiling beams, and the bride's ivory lace bolero, showing off the patterns in her 'from another world' dress. The lovely bride, and her delightful mother, put so much love, care, and energy into everything; I really miss them. Enchanting and gorgeous. Bravo.

Katie on Feb 24, 2012

Do you have any idea where she got her wedding dress? It's beautiful!

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