30 Sep

Another suuuuper easy project that barely needs any explanation, but has a high cuteness factor. We love mason jars, hands down. But like anything, when you see them constantly, you start to wonder when something new will come along. We don’t have anything new per se, but we do have an update that takes the mason jar, or whatever glass container you want to use, to a new level of cuteness.

And the magic tool? SPRAY PAINT!!! It’s become one of our very very favorite craft supplies as of late. (Pls ignore environmental and health impact of aerosol).


Mason jars or other glass containers
Spray paint
Masking tap (if you want to get serious about keeping the edges of the jars clean)

Again, this really doesn’t need detailed instructions. You just set your jars outside on some newspaper and spray the inside of each jar until it’s well coated.

The only thing we want to make sure to point out is that some colors aren’t completely opaque. Which means when you fill them with water and flowers (and florist foam if you’re using it) the color will be darker than you planned, since you’ll be able to see the stems and water through the paint.

BUT, we have a solution that we only figured out once we were in the middle of arranging our flowers. If you choose a semi-transparent color (like the hot pink we’re showing), add a second coat of opaque white spray paint to the inside after the color coat is dry. We tested it after the fact and it works perfectly. Yay for solutions!

And one final tip… when you’re arranging your flowers, be careful not to scrape the inside of the jars with the stems. The paint will come off!

Happy spraying, crafters.

Top two photos by Scott Clark.

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  1. Awesome! I already had thought of this, but seeing it in pictures makes it so much more clear now. I’m having my friends and family save all of their glass containers they use for things like pasta sauce, pickles, etc. and I plan on spray painting them gold (just like in the photo posted that looks AMAZING). I will mix them with the blue mason jars I’ve been collecting and put them in vintage wooden fruit crates. It will be gorgeous! I can’t wait!

    Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

  2. I am slightly obsessed with mason jars. And I think I know what my next project is going to be!

  3. so fabulous!

  4. What a cute idea! And so easy. Double win. :)

  5. oh i have so many or these jars.. but i store food in them.. like spices etc.. wonder if it would be safe to store food in spray painted jars?

  6. I just saw a cute magazine article (can’t remember which magazine) about Mod-Podging mason jars with tissue paper. Pick the right color tissue and they could be very pretty. A quick search brought up this tutorial. Halloween inspired, but you get the picture.


  7. Super Cute Idea! Love it ladies!!

  8. Great tip! At least then you dont have to worry about finding vases that match!

  9. I have so many ball mason jars left over from my own wedding…this is such a great idea to transform them! Thank you!

  10. grrrreat idea! i love the hot pink options!!

  11. I love this method! I’ve seen it done where you had to bake it in the oven….I honestly dont have time for that!

  12. I am overly obsessed with mason jars and weddings – I really love the ombre looking ones!

  13. oh, do i love painted mason jars.

  14. The gold one looks stunning~ it’s hard finding good gold paint that actually have a glow to it. There’s also aerosol can’s that environmental so not all of them are bad. And a tiny bit of spray painting won’t hurt your health that much if you have a mask on!

  15. Best idea ever – love these!

  16. Awesome! I have a trunk full of mason jars already, now I just need my spray paint! Thank you for the great post.

  17. This is one of those ideas that is making me wonder – why didn’t I think of this before?? But I’m so glad that YOU did, and thanks for sharing! So cute.

  18. I’m loving this idea! Thanks for the wonderful post! I owe you

    xx kirby

  19. Wonderful idea! We used mason jars lining the rows at the church for Jessica’s wedding (Sept.18), just put in tea lights and light them for the ceremony. I’ll save this idea for the next event I help plan! ~Heidi

  20. This has given me great inspiration for our wedding invitations I want them to look as gorgeous as the items in your photography.

  21. Great idea, and so simple!

  22. Love Mason jars and this idea rocks. What a wonderful and simple idea to dress up your favorite jars.

  23. So COOL! I teach art and am looking for ways to make the classroom magical for the students…on a budget. I may try this for our pencil jars. But how about if I spray the outside? …

  24. I adore this idea. I want to try it with peach or salmon spray paint. Great idea!

  25. Love these!

  26. such a fabulous idea!!! I love all the colored jars!

  27. I tied this and it worked wonderfully. It was a little difficult to get the angle beneath the neck of the jar, but no big deal :)

  28. once again, the simplest ideas are always the best! will file this one away for someday down the road. Well done!

  29. In my excitement didn’t read the directions all that well and I actually sprayed the outside of the jars. They turned out great! Same issues you need to be worried about thought, i.e. if you scrap the sides of the jars the paint will scrap off. I bought both satin and gloss paint (a girl needs options right?) and they look awesome!

  30. What a great idea and project! my quesion is: how are you spraying it, exactly? Do you go all the way inside the jar? I just tested it on a vase and had some spray paint dripping – is there a way to prevent that?


  31. Another way to paint the jars is to use acrylic paint and roll it around the inside. You can also use multiple colors to get a sweet marbled effect (or layered, or or or — the possibilities are endless given patience). My youth group did this back in the day with a whole bunch of thrift store vases, and it was a lot of fun. I totally forgot until just now :-)

  32. This is a really interesting way to paint the jars, and it makes good vases, but wouldn’t you rather paint them in a way that they will stay transparent? So that they look like those old mason jars?

  33. love this, hope you don’t mind i wil re-post it (and link back over here of course) for one of my Mason Jar Sunday posts!

  34. This are awesome! I so love love mason jars too! So glad I found you!

  35. I thought I dreamt this up while lying in bed the other day, then decided to google it and found your blog. Amazing, creative and addicting! Thank you for the tips!

  36. Be careful about putting flowers directly into the spray painted jars; the toxic nature of the paint will actually kill fresh flowers more quickly than normal.

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  38. These are soooo cute! Does anyone have a picture of these with candles in them or as lights? What would they look like at night as party/wedding decor?

  39. What a great DIY post! I love that you chose colors that are bright and fun! I have incorporated your post into my inspiration board today and hope you love it!
    xo Christina Leigh

  40. What a great idea! We also love Mason Jars at giftsinajar.net and these types of jars would make a great addition to our product line!

  41. I tried this yesterday with little luck :(. The paint got all splotchy with one coat – will try another today. I dried them upside down… could that be the reason? Is there a specific paint you used to make it stick to glass?


  42. Great ideas, I really enjoy doing project with them.

  43. Im making red neckk wine glasses and was thinking of painting the lids but would this be safe?

  44. I was wondering why you paint them on the inside and not on the outside? Also, I wanted to paint martini glasses and put candy inside of them. Is there a certain type of spray paint I should use for this?

  45. Wonderful idea
    I will use this method

  46. That’s Great, In my excitement didn’t read the directions all that well and I actually sprayed the outside of the jars

    Thanks for the wonderful post! I owe you

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