23 Sep

xoxo engagement sesh

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We’re dying for these “xoxo” balloons! We’ve seen them floating around the Louis Vuitton window front and now seeing them used for this engagement sesh is just beyond adorable.

To see more from the shoot check out Trent Bailey’s brand spankin new blog.
Thanks Trent! We look forward to seeing more from you.

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  1. So warm and cozy – and a beautiful couple.

    Love the styling – kudos!

  2. Very cute! The balloon props are such a great idea!

  3. That last picture is perfection! <3

  4. cutest. idea. ever. 😉

  5. Loving this shoot! Such a cute idea!

  6. So, where can I buy the balloons?

  7. This pics are amazing!!!! Trent is so talented! I’m totally loving the colors!

  8. Depending on where you live I know here in NY you can get then at Balloon Salon in TriBeCa (http://www.balloonsaloon.com)

    You may start by contacting them and see if they know of a place in your area.


  9. Very cute!

  10. oh this is adorbs. so many engagement sessions go crazy with props- love that they picked one that would make an impact.

  11. LOVING those balloons!!! adorable!

  12. You can also buy them here in LA:



  13. LOVE that this couple is having so much fun in the shoot….TRULY TERRIFIC ! ! !

  14. I’m a little behind on my blog reading, so I’m just seeing this now, but I love it!! Always a fan of balloons.

  15. You can buy them in New York City at Balloon Bonanza, Inc. for only $12.99 each!

  16. You can buy the same X and O balloons from Balloon Bonanza, Inc in New York City by calling 212-531-2000 btw: ONLY $12.99!

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