3 Jun

Brooklyn carnival style wedding: Jenna & Jon

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So so happy we finally get to post Jenna and Jon’s wedding! It’s in the new issue of Martha (which is a good issue, btw), so you can check it out there too, but as guests of the wedding we can say that it was a totally insanely creative ceremony and party.

The happy couple. Aren’t they cute? They each wore a locket with their grandparents’ photos. Jon’s on his lapel and Jenna’s in a huge custom necklace she had made.

Remember the inspiration for her dress that we posted last year? Here it is for real. Amazing right? Her sister designed and made it. Le WOW!

They were married in Dumbo, under the Brooklyn Bridge. See those red hearts on the sidewalk? They led guests to the ceremony spot and told little bits of Jenna and Jon’s story along the way.

Instead of having music, guests played “Here Comes the Bride” on kazoos as Jenna walked down the aisle. Even cuter? They were custom printed to say “I love JY”, Jon’s initials.

That’s Jillian in the green dress, carrying the chuppah!

Which was the coolest chuppah ever, for the record. It was made by Domestic Construction and minifrenchie and mimicked a delicate big top circus tent. Idea of the year, if you ask us. The balloons held the structure in place and then at the end of the ceremony, Jenna and Jon cut them free and everyone watched them sail up over the bridge.

Let’s take a moment for their officiant and master of ceremonies, Mr. Donny V, the gentleman oddity. He’s actually from Coney Island, to start. And he swallowed fire (which represented their “unity candle”), pounded nails into his head and had the ringbearer put the rings on the end of the nail for Jenna and Jon to grab off. Jon planned and wrote the entire ceremony but Donny added little surprises that kept everyone super entertained. Clearly.

That little “Just Married” ribbon was part of Jenna’s dress that she let down after the ceremony. Thinks. of. everything.

Now for the fiesta. Jenna turned Galapagos Art Space into a mini circus tent. Her escort cards were color coded tickets, telling the guests which table they were assigned to by color. You know, instead of the boring old numbers way.

Tickets are a big theme here, can you tell? Jenna made that ticket cake.

See, each table was a different color, with vintage plates that matched and sweet little brass animal centerpieces that held matching balloons.

That’s Amanda up there with her man, Tim. She made her headpiece. Isn’t it cute?

Next we have Miss Saturn, the hula hoop performer who surprised everyone after dinner with her daring feats of plastic hoopery. At one point she had 30 hoops going at once.

Every bride should have a golden trumpet to get the crowd’s attention.

And that, friends, is how you get married in a most creative fashion. Wait, and AFTER the wedding, Jenna and Jon traveled around Europe for six months on their honeymoon. They definitely know how to do things RIGHT.

Congratulations you two! We love you, but maybe your wedding just a little bit more? Okay, no of course not. But it’s close. Maybe.

Ceremony venue: Brooklyn Bridge Park / Reception venue: Galapagos / Officiant: Donny Vomit / Calligraphy: Love ♥ Jenna / Styling: Anne le Guern of minifrenchie / Design + Fabrication: Domestic Construction / Photography: Anna Rozenblat and Johnny Miller / Flowers: Emily Rose Floral Design / Bride’s Gown: Sarah Boomz / Bridesmaids dresses: J.Crew / Custom Headbands: Bambako / Custom jewelry: Purevile / Kazoos: Kazoobie Kazoos / Popcorn Boxes: Instawares / Cake topper: Goldburg Studio from Rose Miller / Hair & makeup: Christie Lee / Hula Hoop Performer: Miss Saturn / Balloons: Balloons Fast

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  1. LOve the colors!!!!!!!! So pretty!!!1

  2. Brilliant post ladies and you captured it perfectly. This was the best wedding ever. Every little detail creatively refined to absolute perfection! Only Jon & Jenna could pull this off!

  3. i’ve been dying to see this wedding forever! and turns out it was just as wonderful as i was hoping.

  4. wow so colourful!! love love love :)

  5. That has to be one of the most creative weddings I’ve seen in a while! I love the cake made of tickets!

  6. they ARE cute! I love their carnival details and the locket is a sweet touch. :)

  7. These pictures are gorgeous! I love all the little details and how unique everything is. The only thing I continue to have a hard time with is the cutting/freeing of the balloons. In a time where so many people are focused on eco-friendly weddings and environmentally friendly lifestyles, this seems so counter-intuitive. The picture of it is beautiful, but the reality of it is a little harder to swallow.

  8. love everything but the Coney island officiant….

  9. Jenna, you look amazing, and I especially love, love the authentic Coney Island touch!

  10. This wedding is absolutely incredible. Jenna, you MADE the cake??? I can’t wait to copy the ‘ticket’ escort cards in a rainbow of colors, for a playful look at a wedding or party.

  11. I am OBSESSED with creative and funky weddings! You can’t say you’ve ever seen a wedding like this, which is what makes it so special. All the cheerful and bright details made this into such a fun celebration.

  12. seriously, super fun wedding…tons fo color and i love that wedding cake!!

  13. amazing! I love it all. Cool, creative, off-beat weddings are my absolute favorite ever.

  14. Super creative and fun!

  15. Bravo!!!

  16. Her Dress, the Details all so creative and beautiful!!

  17. Amazing wedding – the details are stunning and so much fun. And that dress … wow, just wow!! Thanks for sharing :)

  18. Yay! So glad to see all the details in one place. Congrats again J and J!!! Thanks for throwing the greatest wedding on earth :) Love you guys.

  19. The pictures are amazing and worth the wait! Thanks for sharing!

  20. She might have the prettiest bouquet I’ve ever seen!

  21. The most colorful wedding I’ve ever seen…in every sense of the word. Must have been super fun just looking at everything. LOVE it!!!

    ~ Lizelly

  22. that bouquet is sensational!

  23. I love the cake, the dress, the lockets. I LOVE the chuppah – I am totally stealing it for a wedding next year. Also, is Galapagos where the first B List was? I think those round seating areas are amazing.

  24. WOW! What a GREAT wedding. They seem like such a fun couple. Congratulations!

  25. Wow! How absolutely fun! The cake is the best part!

  26. AMAZING! I LOVE this wedding. Every little detail is perfection. I’m a fan of the releasing of the balloons over the NY skyline. That circus chuppah idea is to die. Big bright colors rule.

  27. Gorge everything, LOVE the flowers. Jenna and Jon are so so so darling.

  28. That cake is outrageous! And a 6 month honeymoon is the best idea I’ve ever heard!

  29. AMAZING….INCREDIBLE…BEAUTIFUL….congrats jen and jon for pulling off the wedding of the decade.

  30. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw Monsier Donny V’s nail in the nose pic! O_O But other than that this wedding has a lot of beautiful quirky things I just love. Very colorful and festive and must be loads of fun for both the couple and guests. OMG a 6-month honeymoon! I agree, the best idea yet. Congrats Jenna and Jon!

  31. oh so awesome. love love love drooool 😉

  32. Oh just wonderful, perfect really. This post way better than the feature in MS magazine. I loved seeing all the little details. Hands down this is my favorite wedding yet.

  33. The ticket details everywhere are amazing. This wedding looks like pure fun!

  34. Love this wedding. I love how personal and customized weddings are today. I am a sucker for all things wedding…and thus this blog!

  35. fun AND quirky, love it! And holy cow, her bouquet is SO amazing.

  36. I love the pathway of hearts that leads to the ceremony and tells the couple’s story… so cute and romantic! This is such a fun and cooky idea for a wedding and I loved looking at the pictures…great colors too!

  37. Absolutely fantastic! Reminds me particularly of the children’s book The Boardwalk Princess.

  38. i love that banner – how did you do it?

  39. Really this must have been a super fun wedding. And the Efficient, wow, he is serious about his job and really knows how to keep the guests attention.

  40. this is amazing! I love how creative they are! and uh, sign me up for a 6 month honeymoon!

  41. Ahhhh, yes, these are the pics I”ve wanted to see! Martha didn’t do the wedding justice, or perhaps she was only aloud those few snap-shots to publish while ya’ll hung on to the really good stuff? clever.

    A party I would have loved to have been at!

  42. This is the most amazing wedding I have ever seen! This couple is so creative to plan out everything, I don’t think they missed a detail. I loved seeing everything, I just wish I could have been there!

  43. Wow amazing colors, such a pretty wedding! Love the great ideas

  44. Pretty sure this is my new favorite wedding…EVER. So colorful, unique, and creative. Unlike any other wedding. I love that they break all the “rules” but still manage to infuse some traditional wedding elements. I may have to borrow the kazoo idea. So adorable and cool! Congrats guys!

  45. i’ve been hearing about this wedding for a year from maureen (my sister) + trish (my college friend) of domestic construction. so glad to finally see the photos! what a beautiful day!

  46. most creative wedding ever! i love the perfectly round balloons! any idea where one can find them?

  47. Bravo to 100 Layer Cake for doing a fantastic job featuring Jenna and Jon’s wedding!!!! You definitely captured every detail perfectly!!!! Beee…uuuu…teee…ful!!!!!

  48. Hi Rachel, The balloon vendor is BalloonsFast (http://www.balloonsfast.com/) They seem to have quite a selection. Good luck!

  49. BEAUTIFUL!!! Any suggestions on what material to use for those hearts on the path? Anyone know where to buy something like that? Thanks!

  50. This is possibly the cutest, most creative and fun wedding I’ve ever seen! I’m so in love with the colour coded table placement…I may have to borrow that idea for if and when ever I get married!

  51. this is by far the most amazing wedding i have ever seen. ever.

  52. Love all the colors in this wedding.
    Creative and Fun celebration!!

  53. This is the most BRILLIANT event I have seen in a long time!!

  54. This wedding looks like it was so much fun! I love the detail! My favorite is the necklace and the pin they are wearing with their grandparents pics. I have to share it made me think of my Great-Grandparents wedding portrait circa 1905. My Great-Grandfather wore a portrait pin on his lapel of his new wife. And my Great-Grandmother wore a broach on the tied bow of her victorian wedding dress of her new husband. Both today and in yester-years it’s very romantic. I love it!

  55. I really love the idea of getting married under the brooklyn bridge. did they have to get a permit for that? I’m on the hunt for a great location!

  56. thank you for sharing this absolutely unique wedding! i’ve shared it with my readers (the few there are!) and hope they’ll be inspired too :)

  57. Jenna and Jon, this was one the most beautiful weddings I have had the pleasure of being a part of except for my son David and Courtney. (a little partial). Your unique style has been one of the best experiences that one could imagine. My best memory of this was the Locket of my Mother and Father that you wore. How beautiful and also somewhat emotional for me. They would have so loved to share your special day. The other memory was bringing the Cheese Curds all the way from Wisconsin. How cool was that. You both brought out your own little flair and we all got to be a part of it. It was an honor to be there to witnes such a blessed event. Congrats to you. I love you both!

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