27 May

California mountain elopement

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Gia Canali sent over this stunning elopement this week and because the couple is moving to Northern Canada to go goldmining this week, which means they won’t have Internet, so we wanted to get it up right away.

Jillian and Dax got married on April 10, 2010 at a bend along the Kern River, near Kernville, California. Their closest friends came to the wedding, and everybody pitched in to pull it off! In Gia’s words, this wedding “is heartening proof that couples can wed last minute and still have a (small scale!) beautiful, totally romantic and deeply meaningful tying-of-the-knot.” Well said!

Jillian made her own dress, including the pattern for it. She deconstructed a vintage dress to create a pattern for the bodice (the green part); sewed that, and then crocheted doilies madly for three weeks straight. She used over two miles of crochet yarn. Apparently they were still working on the dress the morning of the wedding (!) and Jillian had to be sewn into it, Project Runway style.

She found her heels at David’s Bridal and had them dyed, then used a pair of vintage earrings that belonged to a friend (via the friend’s grandmother) as shoe clips. Such a clever way to sass up your outfit and make it your own!

Jillian made her own bouquet with fresh pink hydrangeas, Stars of Bethlehem, and soft flowing greenery from the LA Flower Mart.

You two (three!) are so adorable! Thanks for sharing your wedding with us and we wish you all the best on your journey to Canada.

Photography: Gia Canali / Cake toppers: Goose Grease Undone

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  1. i love the kelly green in the dress and the idea of vintage earrings used as shoe clips…such a craft bride

  2. I gasped, I did. It made me gasp! I love it, I would do almost anything to shoot a bride in that divine gown. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I adored this post! A very sentimental wedding, w/simple yet decorative touches! :) I can feel the heart-work gushing out of these photos! Thanks for sharing! :) blessings to the new couple! xx Jenn

  4. Totally *not* an elopement. Just a small wedding. But, adorable nonetheless

  5. HOOOMMMGGGG!!! I am DYING over that dress !!! It is soooo adorable! and the fact that she even crocheted all the doilys is even more awesome!! plus green is my favorite color

  6. The cake toppers hurt my heart. In a good way.

  7. Yay!!! Yay for weddings at river bends and two miles of crochet yarn and yay for vintage earing shoe clips and little babies at the formal birth of baby families! Yay!

  8. That dress is amazing!

  9. So creative and beautiful I gasped too. And the shoes are just amazing.

  10. OH MY GOD I LOVE HER DRESS. The dress with the flower in her hair is perrrrrfect. Looked like a beautiful day to elope!

  11. LOVE IT.

  12. So pretty – I love the mountain setting and the green and pink in the bride’s attire. Stunning!

  13. oh what a beautiful dress!

  14. That dress is absolute perfection … I’ve been browsing the various blogs this afternoon and this shoot is a breath of fresh air. The apple green and the rosy pinks are such a hit combination. Thanks for featuring such fantastic style – you’ve made my day!

  15. Absolutely devine! Her dress is incredible!

  16. So Sweet and romantic!

  17. That Dress is so amazing! The green color under the lace is just fantastic!

  18. That is so incredibly lovely. Brilliant choice to go with that green under the crochet. Gorgeous!

  19. love love LOVE the dress!

  20. Love this dress. It is beautiful and really shows the art of crochet. I also like the cute cake toppers which I recognize as being from an Etsy shop.

  21. Holy doodle, that dress is outstanding. What a labour of love!!!

  22. The dress! The dress! The dress. What else can I say? It is absolute perfection.

  23. She did AWESOME with that bouquet and her dress is so unique! I love to see bride and groom’s creativity fill their most important day!

  24. What a stunning dress!!

    And can we please please see an up-close of her shoes???

  25. Stunning dress and bride!

  26. What an adorable cake! And what amazing shoes! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Hi Jennifer! I’ve updated our post so you can see a better shot of the shoes. That was a good call b/c they’re pretty fabulous.

  28. Three weeks straight of crocheting to make an amazing dress for a very special occassion is proof of Jillian’s dedication.

  29. i like the cakes toppers, really cute.

  30. Oh wow that dress is beautiful, I would love something like that. And it looks like such a sweet ceremony, too.

    In my Google Reader, your pictures never show up until after I’ve been to the website. Weird. But it’s a very pretty website so I don’t mind visiting. :)

  31. That dress is AMAZING!!!

  32. Okay, this is insane. The images in the posts refuse to load… what the heck?

  33. OH, you look divine!!!!! Fabulous dress! Fantastic

  34. So gorgeous! What creativity! And Felicitations!

  35. Incredible! That dress is STUNNING! Crafty yet elegant, truly one of a kind. What a gorgeous wedding, thanks for sharing :)

  36. The most amazing dress. I really really love it!!

  37. This is one of the prettiest wedding dresses I’ve seen – that girl is amazing! I love the colours and the cake toppers are the cutest!

  38. OMG, what an adorable dress!! Love the bouquet and great ideas for dressing up the shoes! Love it!

  39. The first thing I though was “where did she get that out fit?” That is one talented bride right there

  40. That dress is incredible. I have gone back to it about 5 times. I love it!

    What a great little elopement!

  41. I saw this dress on craftzine and had to come over to 100 layer. LOVE IT! My favorite is the picture of her holding her shoes. She looks like a vintage barbie doll. I just want to be her friend. I crocheted a lot of my wedding (veil, handkerchiefs, and garter), but her dress is simply amazing.

  42. That is two miles of crochet yarn well spent! What a talented and beautiful bride.

  43. That’s the most darling wedding (and dress) I’ve ever seen – I absolutely love it!

  44. absolutely love her dress! the detail of the crochet layer is absolutely stunning!

  45. OMG how amazing is this dress!!

  46. And how ’bout that matching ascot?!

  47. What a stunning dress, and those shoes!!!! LOVE THEM! Beautiful bride, and what looks like a beautiful ceremony. Congratulations to the bride and groom.

  48. Amazing. Easily the most beautiful bride (and bride-lette) I’ve seen – EVER.

  49. Wow! What a talented lady :) Looks very lovely.

  50. That dress should be on the cover of every bridal magazine around. If this doesn’t catch the attention of the Martha Stewart types, I will be very surprised. This is gorgeous. I am so glad I got married 4 years ago, otherwise I would need to make this dress. What a vision! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  51. i absolutely love love love her dress. probably one of the prettiest and most original dresses i’ve ever seen. i keep coming back to look at it <3 adorable family picture and very cute cake :) NOW, i need to learn to crochet!

  52. aww what a lovely story and the dress is gorgeous but i really REALLY adore the personalised cake toppers!

  53. beautiful dress! i think i love the bride…i used to do alterations on dresses, she sounds like the perfect bride! what a lovely wedding!

  54. very nice work! Beautiful photos!

  55. Love the adorable cake toppers. Very cute. I think a wedding elopement is very romantic especially if it took place on some mountain.

  56. What a fabulous wedding dress! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  57. Sooo gorgeous!! I love her dress, the location, the cake toppers! Really fun & unique. :)

  58. What a beautiful wedding. The photo’s are absolutely beautiful and the setting was gorgeous, I definetely wouldn’t call this wedding an elopement! The photo’s show a wonderful story. The dress was gorgeously different. This wedding was a breath of fresh air.

  59. Absolutely love the dress! All of it is lovely!

  60. LOVE the dress !! Perfect !

  61. This had to be one of the most perfect weddings I have ever seen. I hope you stay as happy as you look

  62. Everything about this Wedding is all CLASS!!! Beautiful!!!!

  63. Congratulations, Jillian! Your dress is gorgeous!!!

  64. Ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous!!!
    How beautiful…and so individual. WoW!

    I would love a pattern to make a summer dress or dress on more simple terms….
    Hugs Karen x x x

  65. I love your gown… it’s really nice….congratulations and best wishes :)

  66. piekny ślub i sukienka cudo ,

  67. the dress is amazing. So inventive and creative to crochet doilies and join them together for a dress! Congratulations. The cake toppers are fantastic too!

  68. All the work that was put into the dress and shoes paid off, I adore the dress. Awww, the bebe is sooo cute!

  69. That is a STUNNING dress… but in the picture of you guys kissing… am I the only one noticing the “revealing” moment??? Or am I looking at it wrong?!

  70. wow. That dress is AMAZING! I can’t imagine spending 3 weeks to crochet the dress and then having to be sewn into it. That dress is love in yarn form.

  71. I saw this awhile back and have become so obsessed with it I hunted it down again. This style gown is now my personal mission. What a beautiful dress and wedding!

  72. This is one of the prettiest wedding dresses I’ve seen – that girl is amazing! I love the colours and the cake toppers are the cutest!

  73. SUCH a Cute Wedding Dress! It’s just TOO Unique- You killed it Jillian!!! Totally adorable. 😀

  74. I was just floored to see such a beautiful wedding dress. The bride is just as beautiful as the dress. I know she will cherish the dress forever. You can see all the love in her groom and bride on their wedding day. Congratulations to you both and many years of happy bliss for you!!!

  75. Wow, what an incredible dress! Love the shoes too. Beautiful style! Wishing you lots of luck and happiness.

  76. Love!Love!Love!
    I wish I knew how to make that dress :-(

  77. The dress is truly beautiful!!! I love it!
    Is it possible to contact the bride to have info about her crocheting job?

  78. Splendid!!… just felt in love with the dress an want to marry (… again!)) just for this kind of treasure!…. what a work, congrat*…

  79. your dress is beautiful and you are splendid in this photos

  80. your smile is so sweat and I love it

  81. Seu casamemto foi simplesmente magico,doce,e perfeito.Com muitissimo bom gosto . Meu estado tem uma tradição muito forte em croche todos aqui que viram o seu vestido , ficaram encantados .se puder mande-me o graficos e trocaremos receitas se gostar tenho algumas coisas de minha vovo que são lindas e preciosas tambem. um abraçao seje muito feliz fique comDeus.

  82. The dress is very gorgeous. I love to see the bride dress like that.

  83. Ah very nice photo blog and nice photo shots. Makes it very interesting and relaxing to read posts like this

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  86. Is there any way to ask the beautiful bride a question about the construction of her dress? I’m getting married in a year, and would love to recreate this in my own way, but would really appreciate some advice about how to design the crochet layer, It appears that the front is constructed of a whole piece, with the back consisting of several larger doilies sewn together at the edges? I’m very slow at crochet, so I doubt I’d be able to weave anything this spectacular in 3 weeks time

  87. I can feel the heart-work gushing out of these photos! Thanks for sharing!

  88. 完美了婚纱

  89. I really liked your dress, I’m just crazy otnego not mogliby you share schemes, I would have had you a grace, I have long searched for a wedding dress themselves and that’s by chance I found your blueviolae@gmail.com beforehand thank you

  90. IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS!!!!!!! So few catch my attention enough to say that would be something I would gush about wearing. Thanks for making something so stunning that me and other want to emulate that wosh of beauty.

  91. Just found this post now – and so pleased I have!

    Love it.

    There’s lots of little bits and pieces to take from this – the colors are stunning.

    Many thanks.

  92. This wedding is beautiful. I absolutely adore the dress, will be recreating something similar for my own dress this year

  93. Which patterns was used for the dress? i read somewhere that it was from a book. which book? :)

  94. I never comment of these things, but I feel in love with these pictures, WOW!!!!! Amazing, love the dress, the cake, the flowers, the hair, the shoes, the setting, everything just beautiful, Love, love, love it!!!!!

  95. Really like that green dress very cute would like to have that made like yours very simple

  96. Could you email some information about the dress that you wore thank you Susan from ny

  97. This is my email suwarren45@gmail.com

  98. I realy like this wedding dress

  99. Love the concept and photography. People now take more interest to make such moments special and to be remembered!!

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