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Registering for help with your honeymoon has become standard practice on the wedding scene. There are lots of sites to choose from, but Traveler’s Joy is definitely on top. At the very minimum, they have the lowest service fee of any options out there and there’s absolutely no set up cost. Done deal, right?

Traveler’s Joy lets you ask for any portion of your dream honeymoon; from flights and hotels to snorkeling trips and couples massages. Literally anything that will make your celebratory love trip extra memorable. Your guests get to give you what they like and Traveler’s Joy transfers the value of the gift to you via bank check or transfer. So super easy. And your guests get to feel like they’re actually giving you something other than straight up cash.

Check ’em out!

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Ellen on May 26, 2010

I think this is a fantastic idea and have seen it utilized for 2 recent friends' weddings! However, I was having a discussion about this with some other (older) friends and they were offended by the idea. I'd love to know people's opinions on whether this is a bit taboo or if it's just a sign of our generation gap!

100layercake on May 26, 2010

I most certainly don't think it's taboo. Depending on your situation maybe the honeymoon is all you need. You could be a very adventurous couple and this registry suites you to a tee. Or, you've been living together for quite sometime and getting a new dish set or blender isn't high on your list for gift items. It also could be a generational gap so it is important to still have a traditional option for your more conservative friends and family. I say go for it! xx, Jillian

F @ on May 26, 2010

We just recently posted 2 honeymoon posts on out blog! One about Grecian honeymooning and the other about choosing locale. I agree that this is a wonderful feature, but definately encourage people to keep traditional options as well as some may find the idea a bit too new age! on May 26, 2010

Love travelersjoy! We used them for our Honeymoon and it was the best thing!!

That Girl on May 26, 2010

Has anyone in Canada used Travelers Joy? I'm considering them but I don't want my guests to have to pay an exchange rate on their gift and also not sure how fast I'd get the funds....

sarah on May 26, 2010

We used them for our gift registry and it was so awesome. We even lost the check they sent us and they very quickly sent us another. Totally worth it in my book! And I thought more people would maybe think it was weird, but they didn't at all and we had a wonderful hooneymoon we could have never afforded otherwise.

Bloom on May 27, 2010

We combined Traveler's Joy with our REI registry for a honeymoon roadtrip across Canada and the US. Our guests loved it and we extended our honeymoon 8 days! 'That Girl' - We have a Canadian bank and we had them transfer our gifts to our PayPal account. I don't think guests giving a gift outside of the US have to pay anything extra.

melissa on May 27, 2010

How is their 7.5% fee cheaper than free? I spent ages looking around for a registry site that a) let me put items that weren't from their affiliates, b) didn't charge any fees whatsoever and c) let me have the money directly from the guests without using them as a middleman to take fees again (honestly, was the most blatant fee-grubber out there). We finally settled with as it ticks all the above boxes and is FREE (they just rely on site ads and trying to get you to upgrade)! So to all the other brides out there, don't settle for 5%, 10% whatever fees, because it all adds up and free stuff does exist!

Carrie Richard on May 27, 2010

The first registry we did was actually with Traveler's Joy! SO much fun...we're hoping to have some help with our honeymoon so we don't end up in such catastrophic debt as we enter our marriage. lol I mean, we definitely want a new set of pans...but to have our family and friends have a hand in picking what we get to do on our's pretty darn cool. Y'all can see how we itemized our trip! Enjoy.

Brandon Warner, President & Co-Founder, Traveler's Joy on May 28, 2010

Hi! This is Brandon Warner, President and Co-Founder of Traveler's Joy. Thank you for the compliments and feedback on Traveler's Joy. I would like to to quickly answer a few questions that appeared within these comments. First, sometimes it is a good idea to have a second registry in addition to a honeymoon registry. This will help guests that are not comfortable giving a gift on a honeymoon registry to easily find a gift from a traditional retailer. My wife and I had a registry at Crate and Barrel and Traveler's Joy for this very purpose. Giving your guests a choice is always a great idea! We have had thousands of Members use our service that are based outside of the US. Any potential additional fees depend on the Member's bank since we send gifts in US dollars. Our international Members can redeem their gifts via check or PayPal for free, or a wire transfer for a fee. Since we are based in the US, if most guests that give gifts are based outside of the US, they may be charged a foreign exchange fee by their credit card company. Once again, this all depends on the credit card company. Finally, to respond to Melissa's comment about our service fee and, we agree that 0% is cheaper than 7.5%! We love and think they are a great company. That being said, we believe that Traveler's Joy is the best honeymoon registry because of its design, user functionality, no ads, and less hassle when it comes to accepting credit cards and redeeming gifts. We encourage potential Members to research all of the honeymoon registry sites available but are confident most will come back to Traveler's Joy. I've included a link to a sample registry page and a registry with Traveler's Joy so you can get a better look. Finally, keep in mind that if you want to accept credit cards on your registry page, you'll have to pay a fee to PayPal of about 3%. Thanks again for the wonderful feedback and compliments. Wishing you a wonderful wedding and amazing honeymoon! Brandon Warner President and Co-Founder Traveler's Joy, Inc. Skip the blender. Register your honeymoon.

Leona Morelock on Jun 6, 2010

Thanks for the great recommendation. I am a wedding planner and am always looking for great tools my brides can use. Thanks for all you do for the wedding community. Leona

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