26 May

DIY: knob bouquet by Simply Bloom

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A few months ago Simply Bloom shot a beautiful styled session full of splendid décor ideas; one of the most original details was a creation by their bride, Tori. She with the help of her new husband, Devin crafted—a vintage inspired cabinet knob bouquet!

The unique bouquet had an overwhelming response from our readers so we decided to show everyone exactly how you can create your own unique knob bouquet!

Step 1. Scavenge antique shops, thrift stores, your local Anthropologie, as well as craft stores for a collection of knobs that are just your taste.

Step 2. Acquire lace, fabric and trims to adorn the stem & circumference of your bouquet.

Step 3. Be sure to have a Styrofoam cone, scissors, fabric glue as well as a mini glue gun on hand! *Suggestion—you can “carve” your Styrofoam cone on the sides to make the shape less solid.

Step 4. You are going to want to cover the flat surface of your cone with some thin fabric. Draw the circumference on the fabric. This fabric must be thin because you will later press the knob through this—lace is ideal!

Step 5. Glue the thin fabric you’ve cut around the cone.

Step 6. Now with new thicker fabric of your choice alternate ruffling and gluing all around the cone. You can choose to go around the cone twice with ruffles for a fuller effect!

Step 7. Wind ribbon around the cone starting three quarters of the way down from the tip.

Step 8. Decorate with additional patterned fabric of your taste!

Step 9. Begin to push knobs through the lace and Styrofoam. You can secure the knobs into the Styrofoam by adding a small dollop of hot glue.

Step 10. Voila’ your own cabinet knob bouquet is created!

Thanks, Simply Bloom, for sharing your beautiful DIY project with us!

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  1. Omg this is just amazing! I just saw on another blog someone using an Anthropologie curtain to make the brides gown!! Yay Antho for being the inspiration to such creation and thanks for sharing this beautiful diy idea!!

  2. Do NOT toss this one to your single ladies!

  3. What an amazing idea and execution!! I adore this look :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. this is so neat. i’ll definitely try this out!

  5. Pretty but isn’t it heavy? If so, I would see it more as a table decoration.

  6. What a great idea! I have never seen this…I love the metal bouquet ideas on Etsy, but that’s a new one for me! Thanks!

  7. This is adorable!!

  8. WOW this is so creative!!! Love it…

  9. Wow, what a wunderfull DIY idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Best regards from Germany…

  10. I love it… very simple, elegant, and chic!

  11. What a great way to take something old and reuse and repurpose it into something new and beautiful. Much good was done with this knobb boquet project.

  12. what a beautiful idea…i love it !

  13. How creative! It’s beautiful, but not for a bouquet toss…

  14. It’s nice..Aside from helping the environment by being a recycled bouquet, it also helps conserving money. This can be used by another bride, if they are saving money.

  15. It a great idea. I will also try…………….. Thank you so much for sharing .

  16. What a creativity………I like it

  17. I love this idea! Would it be okay if I took a photo or two form this post so that I can feature the post on my blog, FasterCraft.com?

  18. I love a good knob, and those look particularly fine. I can imagine all the old aunties scrabbling over them, like giant, fecund rats in Macdonald’s car park.

  19. Una idea genial, adorable!!

  20. This is Marvelous !
    Thanks for sharing a great post .

  21. Thanks for your sharing, this article is very good, I like it very much, as you learn a lot!

  22. It’s too late for me – already married for years. But how adorable. I agree with Lanie though, definitely don’t want to toss this one to the bridesmaids – ouch! Maybe keep it on hand for the first argument you have as a married couple :-)

  23. I would definitely use that on my wedding. Nice

  24. very well done. Your ring is beautiful too

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