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I fancy myself a lover of d.i.y. looks, but when it comes to making things, I have the attention span of a two year old. I need something quick and easy…sort of semi-d.i.y. So when I discovered these flower pins and realized how easy it was to make them, I thought they would be a perfect item to make in bulk for my own wedding last June.


I wanted to give my close family and friends an opportunity to feel part of ‘the story’, so making custom flowers in our wedding colors was the way to go. And like I mentioned yesterday, it resulted in amazing wedding footage from our photographer and videographer, where many of the shots were people I wanted to see in them, not my distant cousins third wife who got crazy on the dance floor.


You’ll need very basic items to actually make the flowers: Scissors, needle and thread, felt, a candle, and polyester fabrics. The fabric can be satin, charmeuse, chiffon, but it MUST be polyester, since poly melts, not burns. Lastly, you can use feathers, gemstones, or other findings to taste.


1. Cut out several squares of fabric in descending sizes to make the various layers. Your largest circle should be about 4 to 5 inches in diameter and the rest should be about 1/2″ smaller. This will vary based on how full you want the flowers to look. More layers, more full.

2. Round the squares off into circles. Don’t worry about getting them perfect as they will melt down unevenly anyway.

3. Slowly rotate the circle about 1 inch from an open flame. Go slowly as the edges start to melt. Get closer to the flame for a more dramatic edge effect.

4. For a modern flower that is more flat, only burn the edges slightly. For a more ruffly and girly look, hold the flower at both edges and slowly bring the middle of the fabric to the flame.

5. You can see the effect here as the middle starts to melt and create a rippled look.


6. Layer the circles together largest to smallest and put a few hand stitches in the middle to keep them together.

7. To stabilize the flower, add a small circle of felt to the back with fabric or hot glue. You can then glue on any number of items (like a hair pin or stick pins) depending on where you want the flower to go. These also look cute glued on a hair elastic for your flower girls.

8. To take the personalization even further, glue or stitch something fun in the center. I love the idea Summer from Grey Likes Weddings had last week and think personalized findings would be an adorable element.  Imagine giving your ‘study abroad in Paris buddy’ one with an eiffel tower center. C’est Chic!

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Social Love

Michelle {Things I love} on Mar 31, 2010

The flowers themselves are simply gorgeous, but I love love LOVE that you used them to include your loved ones in your wedding story, even those not in the bridal party. Such a wonderful idea!

Jenny on Mar 31, 2010

That's beautiful, but I'd have to definetly have help from more creative friends of mine;)

Dognbird on Mar 31, 2010

These are super cute and pretty easy! Great idea.

Anni {Lovely in Love} on Mar 31, 2010

Gorgeous, but I'm definitely not up to that level of craftiness. :(

lydia {ever ours} on Mar 31, 2010

these are super sweet and look to be pretty easy to make! thanks for sharing!

Meg Sylvia on Mar 31, 2010

Awesome! Didn't realize how easy that was...I'll have to try it now!

Album Boutique Team on Mar 31, 2010

These are stunning and definitely perfect for a DIY bride. Thanks for sharing how to create them!

kerry on Mar 31, 2010

thank you for this post! i have been trying to make these for my upcoming wedding and now i know how : )

kerry on Mar 31, 2010

thank you for this post! i have been trying to make these for my upcoming wedding and now i know how : )

WeddingChannel_Marlisse on Mar 31, 2010

Hey Lanie! The flowers are simply gorgeous! It's a great way to save money, have fun, and include others. Thanks for posting this!

Emily Porter on Mar 31, 2010

I am so not crafty enough to pull these off, but they are really adorable and lovely and it's always great to see a pretty DIY project featured.

hena tayeb on Mar 31, 2010

the flowers look lovely.. who knew they could be so simple to make..

Nicole Kluthe on Mar 31, 2010

These are simply adorable....I have been looking for something softer for my wedding and especially for the flower girl to wear. Such a good post! Thank you!

SimaG on Mar 31, 2010

B E A U T I F U L !!!! LOVE it all,thank you for sharing this DIY project,i can not wait to try that. {Thank You}

Lanie @ Lovely on Mar 31, 2010

Thanks gals, it was a fun experience, and so cute to watch my fiancee, now husband, make some with me!

Amberdawn on Mar 31, 2010

Wow, very creative. I didn't realize polyester melts. Very creative (and brave).

Jamie on Mar 31, 2010

**NO-SEW TIP** For those (like me) who cringe at the thought of having to thread a needle or sew a knot, you can use a small metal brad to stick through the layers of fabric to hold the flower together. All you need is a small hole "jabbed" into the center of each layer of fabric, and just push the brad through, Fold the "legs" of the brad back, and you're done. You can find brads in the scrapbook section of most stores, or even plain silver ones in any office supply store.

Mel on Apr 1, 2010

I am so sad that I can no longer see your images in Google Reader. :( What happened?

amanda on Apr 2, 2010

i made these for all of the women that attended our wedding! (we had 45 guests, so special things like this were doable). i attached them to the place cards on the tables. my girlfriends were gracious enough to cut all the circles, and i put them all together. i put both a pin back and a bobby pin on my backing so it could be a hair ornament or a pin, and i had something similar on my necklace. each was a little bit different, so it was a really nice touch, we were all from the same tribe, but each with a different vibe. it was also a really nice keepsake (and i see the ladies wearing them all the time!)

Budget Bride on Apr 3, 2010

Here's some more tips to make your wedding day beautiful, but not quite as expensive. Take advantage of all the FREE offers too! Bridal magazines, makeup samples and more!

Angela on Apr 4, 2010

I' have been searching for these flower directions for the longest time! Thank you so much!!

EvaBabeDesigns on Apr 6, 2010

These are gorgeous & so easy! I love it!

ivis on Apr 10, 2010

Love these flowers, can look great on anything. Thanks for the great ideas

Natasha Baker on May 10, 2010

Great instructions! I followed them word for word and my flowers came our gorgeous!!!! Thanks

Ruthie on May 13, 2010

Love the flowers! I was wondering where you got your Eiffel Tower charm? So adorable!

Wedding Florist on May 25, 2010

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christian louboutin on Jul 11, 2010

These are simply adorable….I have been looking for something softer for my wedding and especially for the flower girl to wear. Such a good post! Thank you!

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I’ have been searching for these flower directions for the longest time! Thank you so much!!

GHD on Aug 19, 2010

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Tereza on Dec 17, 2010

Great idea! I made some and love them. Thanks!

Wilmer on Oct 16, 2011

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Amber on Jul 23, 2012

Just made a bouquet for my wedding with these flowers and pearl pins! I love it! Thank you for your post!

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