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I have a fun do-it-yourself project for you today that you can use for practically any occasion from weddings and bridal showers to engagement dinners and backyard barbeques.


1. Fabric: with patterns (make sure fabric design isn’t too busy if you plan to print your graphic on it)
2. Simple cotton canvas fabric (if your fabric design is too busy, you can use this side for your graphic)
3. Fabric Spray Glue or Xyron Machine (with Permanent Adhesive)
4. Scissors (I like to use picking scissors, but straight scissors will do)
5. Ribbon/s
6. Hole Puncher
7. Optional: Eyelets & Eyelet Puncher
8. Iron-on Transfer Sheets for LIGHT fabric (at your local crafts store or Staples)
9. Dinner Napkins
10. Iron
11. Home printer

Let’s get started:
Prep: Create your menu design (there’s an Illustrator and Word template, as well as a JPG of the design I’m using, at the end of this post). Set up your printer to print as a “Mirror Image” (very important, otherwise, it will iron on backwards). Then print your design onto the iron-on transfer using your home printer.


Step 1: Cut both pattern and canvas fabric to a little larger than your desired tag size making sure there’s enough room to trim.

Step 2: Adhere the 2 pieces of fabric together with fabric spray glue. I like to use a Xyron machine (with Permanent Adhesive). Either way works!

Step 3: Iron the fabric to get wrinkles and any extra moisture out.

Step 4: While your fabric is cooling off, trim around the menu design that on the iron-on transfer.


Step 5: Then place the trimmed design (graphic side down) on the desired side of your fabric. Be sure to leave enough room around the sides and top to trim the shape of your tag later on.

Step 6: Iron the graphic for 45-55 seconds with strong pressure.

Step 7: Carefully and slowly peel off the graphic starting from one corner. Make sure to do this while it’s still hot – if it cools down, you might end up with bubbles.

Step 8: Using scissors, trim around the border. Be sure to leave extra height at the top of the Menu for the ribbon and tag shape. I like to do this by hand because I like the rustic feel, but if you want something more exact, you can make a template and trace the shape onto the fabric.


Step 9: To make the slanted sides of the tag, I gently fold the top of the tag in half and cut diagonally (this keeps both sides even).

Step 10: Cut straight across the top of the tag to desired height (if needed).

Step 11:
Fold the top of the tag just like you did in “Step 9” and punch a hole about half an inch from the side (it should punch two holes since you folded the tag in half).

Step 12 (optional): I like to add eyelets to finish off the look, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have any eyelets on hand.


Step 13: Place ribbon through holes on each side.

Final Step: Tie around napkin, and Voila! You’re done!

I love using all different fabric patterns, colors, and ribbons – it brings the whole thing to life! The great thing about this project is that you can apply it to practically anything: escort cards, program covers, favor tags – just let your imagination run wild! It’s also a great alternative to expensive printing methods that you can do at home.

Enjoy and happy crafting!!!

xo, Mimi

Download Mimi’s template here.

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Social Love

Audrey on Feb 23, 2010

I love the idea! Looking for the Illustrator and Word template, as well as a JPG of the I missing it?

Dear Evie on Feb 23, 2010

Wow - these are gorgeous. I love the bright yellow pattern with the black and white grosgrain ribbon. So pretty. But I can't find the menu download either. :'(

100layercake on Feb 23, 2010

Sorry for the delay can download the template now!

Hilary / Lovely and Gracious on Feb 23, 2010

What a fantastic idea! And your instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Aimee on Feb 23, 2010

I'm so doing this!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Erin on Feb 23, 2010

Hi! Do you know the name of the yellow fabric you used? I am looking for yellow + white fabric for table runners and love this one! Thanks!!

Hanna on Feb 23, 2010

Wow...that's the best idea ever! I just need to come up with a reason to use it now...

Sarah @ Foglio Press on Feb 23, 2010

Such a cute idea! I love how customizable they could really change the look and feel of the whole project depending on fabric choices, different types of scissors to trim, the actual printed menu design - really fabulous! on Feb 23, 2010

Love this idea!! I love anything with fabric!

Olga Wilson | Dott Photography on Feb 23, 2010

Such a FAB idea!

mika78 on Feb 23, 2010

Hi everyone. Hope you have fun with this project - it's so versatile, which I love! Erin, I purchased this fabric in NYC at a fabric store called Mood Fabric (Project Runway Fame). I'm not sure what the name of the fabric is called though. Sorry I can't be more help! Check online - there are lots of fabric shops that have tons of swatches you can peruse through. Good luck! :)

Style Revolution on Feb 23, 2010

WOW incredible!

Limousine hire Melbourne on Feb 23, 2010

Very creative! Is there any way we can get the fonts used on the menu?

Lizelly on Feb 23, 2010

LOVE IT!! I hadn't thought about using fabrics this way instead of actually printing out the entire design. It gives the tags a more tactile feel which I love. My mom is a quilter and on one of her visits to the fabric store i discovered a large array of patterned fabrics which would be great for this. I'll certainly be using this for my niece's upcoming first communion decor!! Thanks Mika for the great ideas!!

sarah on Feb 23, 2010

That is a really cool idea. Looks simple enough. Great colours for the fabric choices.

Brittany on Feb 23, 2010

I love this idea and would like to use it as a way of letting guests know about our photo booth. I am just curious about how much fabric you would need for about 150 of these tags? Thanks so much for the great idea!

mika78 on Feb 24, 2010

Hi! Here's where you can download the font: Happy Crafting! :)

mika78 on Feb 24, 2010

Hi Brittany, For 150 Tags, you'll need about 25 sq ft of each fabric (front and back). Square yards, about 2.8. I usually get fabric on the roll from the fabric store, but fabric is always sold in different ways/widths. If you go to the store and ask them how much fabric to purchase for 150 - 4x6 tags, they'll measure it out for you. Hope this helps! -Mimi

Tova on Feb 24, 2010

Beautiful and so much fun! Mika - question: What type of hole punch are you using for the fabric? Many thanks!

mika78 on Feb 24, 2010

Hi Tova, The hole punch I used in this project is an eyelet puncher. It's by Crop-a-Dile, and I can't live without it! It has two sizes for hole punching and snaps eyelets in place in a jiffy - so easy to use! You can get it here: Thanks! :)

alexandra on Feb 24, 2010

So this may be a completely dumb question, but why is there only an adobe option when I click the link? I'm hoping to download the Word template so I can manipulate it. Any help is appreciated!!!

Pamela Cuthill on Feb 25, 2010 in the spirit of pretty tags....

Ruth on Feb 26, 2010

Love the idea, but would also like to download a template that can be worked in/on. Thanks!

mika78 on Mar 1, 2010

Hi All! If you'd like a Word template, please email me at I'll send one to you directly. Thanks! :) -Mimi

Rock Paper Scissors Events on Mar 4, 2010

Just had to comment on what a unique and fabulous idea this is! Seriously love it. xo, Ara

Amma on Mar 15, 2010

Very, very, very clever... I so need to experiment with this. Excellent idea.

Cristina on Sep 12, 2010

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I'll be using it for my kid's birthday next September 23rd. And I'd love the word template. I'm sending you an e-mail requesting it. Thanks so much!

Christian Louboutin Slingback on Jun 2, 2011

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Pat on Oct 16, 2011

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Sarah on Jan 25, 2012

Can you please send me the word template so It is easier for me to edit? My email address is Thanks :)

melissa on Jun 18, 2013

Very informative post.... crafty people will surely appreciate this like me. I've been doing tags and labels using a glossy label paper.

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