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Juliet is the next lucky winner of our colorboard contest. We loved reading about her unique wedding venue (airplane hangar, really? woweee) and theme. Read what she has to say about their fun plans for their wedding below…


{photo sources clockwise from the left: Martha Stewart, stylist Jane Roarty, next two – flickr, Lucas Allen, middle: It’s the Little Things that Make a House a Home

From Juliet:

We are getting married and having the reception in a very unique venue. We have chosen to marry in the airplane hangar of the Kansas City Airline History Museum, essentially a large domed warehouse, where we will be surrounded by restored 1930’s and 1940’s airplanes, along with a beautiful view of downtown Kansas City through the hangar doors. We met on an airplane, so this venue reflects that as well as our love of history museums (my favorite places!) Also, my fiance’s grandfather worked for TWA for years, and TWA was once based out of the downtown airport where the museum now is, so the museum features lots of TWA stuff including a large restored plane exactly like one his grandfather once flew.

I want the wedding (likely in spring) to have a 1940’s dance hall/block party theme, with lots of paper streamers, globe lights, flag bunting, and tissue balls and fans. Think over-decorated 1942 New Year’s Lion’s Club dance. There is a large dance floor is the middle of the hangar, and the reception will be centered around it. I would love to incorporate airplane/TWA stuff (his grandmother has quite the stash), but I want to keep a vintage feel without it becoming a USO/military theme. Because the venue is SO big, it can really be decorated like an outdoor ceremony. I want to make the large warehouse feel cozier with tons of fun, kitschy, vintage decorations, but Im afraid if I go with very bright colors it could look too overwhelming and cluttered. Im so excited about this idea, and I hope I am lucky enough to be chosen to get your input!

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Social Love

miss fancy pants (the bride) on Jan 21, 2010

What a unique set of ideas! And I looooooooove the Cerulean blue, there is no better blue in the world. I don't think you'll have to worry about using too many bright colors because, like you said, it's a big space so it'll be easier to avoid it feeling too cluttered.

Camille @ STYLE NOTES on Jan 21, 2010

So vibrant & playful...I would normally be a bit hesitant to pair red with bright blue, but it works here in a way that makes such a unique statement! The wedding sounds like a complete blast-

Martha on Jan 21, 2010

Gorgeous palette! And the wedding sounds fab!

Michelle on Jan 21, 2010

so pretty, that red and white skirt is perfection, this would be a great theme for a room too.

two brunettes on Jan 21, 2010

this is JUST GORGEOUS!!!!

Sarah @ Foglio Press on Jan 21, 2010

I love this inspiration! I would just use the Daffodil, Charcoal, Cerulean, and Bone on their own too - but the red adds that pop of energy and 40's flair perfectly. Beautiful!

Sharon on Jan 21, 2010

Congrats Juliet! I am a Kansas City resident and know the hangar. It's a pretty awesome space. I love the ideas you all came up with.Those colors and ideas will certainly transform the space into something like no other!!

alyson on Jan 21, 2010

wow... I can't WAIT to see the photos from this wedding!

heather-one love on Jan 22, 2010

Another one of my Favorite color boards from you guys! This makes me super happy!

Tessa , Utah Bride and Groom on Jan 22, 2010

What fun! Love these colors! The red-and-white striped skirt is fabulous!

Juliet on Jan 23, 2010

As another Juliet from Kansas City I had to comment! I think your ideas sound excitingly different! As for making it cozy, maybe you could bring in some rugs and ottomans? It would take away from the vintage dance hall feel but if you kept it to a certain area it might not matter since the venue is so large. Have fun!

Secrets Wild Orchid on Jan 23, 2010

Congratulations! Fun and vibrant colors!

Heather on Feb 1, 2010

Your wedding sounds beautiful! I am in Kansas City as well. I have never been in the museum, but it sounds perfect!

Tara on Feb 4, 2010

Thanks for posting this colorboard. I have been struggling with the idea of having "wedding colors" but needed to make a decision of some sort especially for our invitations. I saw these and loved them and then sent them to our designer (the great ellothere) and they are perfect for our design. Thank you!

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