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Happy Monday, lovely readers! Boy do we have a gift for you! It’s been a big year over here at 100 Layer Cake and we’re so thankful for all your amazing support. We’ve noticed over the year that our color “inspiration binder” boards have been a tinsy bit popular across the world wide web. So as our gift to you, we’d love to create a custom color board for 3 lucky soon-to-be brides. All you have to do is post a comment here (by Friday) with your mega creative wedding theme idea and we’ll pick the theme that inspires us the most. Good luck! We can’t wait to read your ideas!


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sandra on Dec 14, 2009

i am getting married in October (10-10-10) and we are doing a bicycle theme. we met on a group bike ride and he proposed on that same ride almost 2 years later. we are also very much into hiking and the woods, even though we live in the Arizona desert, so we would like to use natural resources of tree branches, that also brings in the ring he got me, from blockpartypress, i am having trouble picking the exact colors i want. i know for sure i want mustard yellow and i love the fall colorboard with the yellow and fig. please help!

Jenni B on Dec 14, 2009

Here's my theme: lemonade the Hamptons. I love the sweetness of pastels (pink and yellow, in particular) but I don't want it to look childish or birthday party-ish or (shudder) easter-egg-ish. I want it to be fresh and young and sweet and pretty and I want people to say "wow, I never thought these colors together could be so sophisticated."

EncoreBride on Dec 14, 2009

We will be doing a southern meets latin event to reflect both of our cultures. I've been brainstorming to find ways to incorporate both of our cultures, any help would be appreciated!

K+K on Dec 14, 2009

I'm getting married in June in Kentucky. Our reception is going to be on my parents farm and our wedding will be at the church that I grew up going to. I want to do blue with white and pink flowers and have sort of a vintage feel. I want tons of candles- lanterns over the dance floor. We also want lots of DIY accents (we're both pretty crafty!)It would be so much fun to see what you come up with!

Emilia on Dec 14, 2009

This is a FABULOUS giveaway! We are having a "60s boho French flea market picnic chic" wedding in my parents backyard in July. Our colors are the colors of the end of a sunset - the dark blue of the land with the pastel blues, pinks and purples in the sky.

Sandra on Dec 14, 2009

My fiance is American and I'm Dutch, so we're gonna have 2 weddings next year. We just decided to have a small wedding in the Netherlands in March first, and we love to incorporate his roots in it. He's a Louisiana guy, and our "theme" will be Rockabilly in the Netherlands. We would love to see your ideas for our wedding!

Alexis on Dec 14, 2009

I swear this post was written for me. I have a pretty clear idea of what we want our wedding to look like but when I try to explain to family, friends, vendors what my vision it's clear they don't "see" it. This would be the perfect thing to pass along to those people. Our wedding will take place Memorial Day weekend inside an old library that has recently been converted into a mansion/venue. Essentially, the theme is "words of love": we are combing my love of books and my fiance's love of music. Candles will have etched song lyrics and book passages that remind us of each other. Sheet music will be envelope liners, and books will be stacked on the tables. The whole feel will be clean antique romance (and hopefully that makes sense), and we plan to use a lot of peonies and script writing. The most troublesome part: the colors. I would like the colors to be muted - focusing on grey, white, butter yellow and turquoise (much like the colors of your blog site), however, I'm worried it isn't "springy" enough and that my wedding will look dreary. I would love some help!

Cai on Dec 14, 2009

We're getting married Sep. 25th, 2010.. and we're actually having a little difficulty trying to combine all the things we love into one theme. We're both HUGE fans of the 70's with all of the owls, mushrooms and Fall colors but also want to include a Peter Pan feel with acorns and thimbles. Most of the wedding will be hand made by my family and I and I couldn't be happier about that because I love being crafty! We're getting married in an art gallery in downtown Charleston and our colors are going to be a burnt orange, olive green, tiffany blue, mustard yellow, grey and black. You're help would be SO appreciated!!

Cindi on Dec 14, 2009

This would be amazing! It's as if you get engaged and suddenly should be an expert on party planning / design! Our wedding is in June at a small lodge on the Colorado River. We are going for a rustic theme with bluegrass and a cowboy cookout. Our save the dates looked like a vintage postcard - but I don't know where to go from here! Thanks for this opportunity!

lidia on Dec 14, 2009

What a fun contest! I'm enjoying reading about everyone's ideas. Since some of our guests couldn't travel to a destination wedding on a tropical island (Grandma turned 101 this year!) we are planning an urban tropical wedding in the city. Nothing over the top, but subtle touches of the tropics. The colors are pale green with pops of orange/fuchsia. We found an indoor tropical garden venue, so to start with I'm envisioning orchid plants and bonsai trees on the tables, as well as table cards highlighting our favorite beaches. Flowers in my and the girls' 'dos -- and a mini key lime pie wedding "cake". If only we could bring in some sand!

Anne-Catherine on Dec 14, 2009

We are getting married in October 2010 for Thanksgiving weekend (in Canada). We choose the apple as our wedding's theme since I'm baking the best apple pies of my neighborhood (I won the contest 2 years in a row). The ceremony will be in the morning and we will have a brunch, because we want to have all our nephews (10!).

Cristina Bogdan on Dec 14, 2009

Hello! I'm getting married in may 2010. I would like a french bohemian inspired wedding. I love the colors of Claude Monet 's paintings (flake white, cadmium yellow, vermilion, deep madder, cobalt blue, emerald green, pale pink). I want something romantic and intimate. Oscar Falk sort of pictures and light. or Bersa's I'm looking forward to see what you come up to.

julie on Dec 14, 2009

What a great giveaway. We are actually having a small destination wedding in Tuscany this fall. We don't so much have a theme, but the idea is a small garden wedding with lots of lights hanging from the trees and one long table with a yummy rustic Italian family-style feast. All the colors I can come up with on my own seem too obvious and I would love something unexpected that still fits the old world charm of the Italian countryside. We're going for a modern spin on a traditional rustic outdoor Tuscan dinner party.

MM on Dec 14, 2009

We are getting married in September at a Vineyard under the largest and most beautiful Oak tree. Flowers will be predominately white with green and brown accents. Think rustic, yet chic. Birch cuttings for table number holders, old wooden crates to hold the escort cards...cupcakes displayed on top of a wine barrel...burlap table overlays...mason jars with votives lining the perimeter of the event..

Sara on Dec 14, 2009

Neither my fiance nor I fancy winter, but in an effort to save money, that's exactly the time of year we've chosen. The goal - beyond saving - is to make the winter months more pleasing by having an anniversary to celebrate each year. That said, I don't want a Christmas theme - and while the all-white "winter wonderland" is beautiful, I've always believed in color. So, somehow, I need brights (and whites) in mid-January - with not a touch of Christmas, if I can help it. I hope this inspires you because I'd love to have the help!

Heather on Dec 14, 2009

For our first date, Matt asked me to climb a tree with him. Six years later, after camping and taking a tree-climbing course in Oregon, we stayed at a terrific Bed and Breakfast...that was a treehouse! Matt proposed to me in the treehouse. And thus, our wedding is at a WV State Park. There will be kayaking, a keg catalyzed whiffleball game, and our beautiful families and friends. And handmade everything: from whimsical invitations to s'mores party favors.

mellissa knowles on Dec 14, 2009

I love this idea! Our theme is a mixture of playful and serious, past, present and future, Brazilian and American - Think sangria inspired Carnival in Rio for colors, festive fuschia, caribbean blue and saffron orange/yellow/gold with hints of green. Think Let Love Grow with homage to ancestors and mother nature - family tree, literally, instead of a wish book and eco friendly and plantable favors and service ware ( plates, cups, etc). The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception are taking place on the grounds of an historic mansion. Ceremony in a grape arbor under the sky with DIY flower arrangements, personalized vows and biodegradable confetti. Cocktails hour in the mansion honors family and our love of photography. DIY photo booth - complete with leis, hats, party beads and mustaches. This ties into the theme of using pictures of our ancestors for the base of our family tree (DIY wish tree with manzanita branches) which we hope will be filled with wishes and advice for the future. Eventually these leave will be paired with pictures from the photo booth in a wedding album Reception - lots of colorful flowers in recycled bottles to go with the recycled, biodegradable wine and sangria cups, Samba lessons, donation to buy an acre of rainforest plus plantable paper round out our favors, splashes of brightly colored lanterns and ribbon against the high top of the white tent, lots of homemade Sangria and Brazilian desserts. Lots of love as we honor our family, our friends and the earth.

chaya on Dec 14, 2009

we are planning an indian / southern wedding in tennessee this october. we are conducting two ceremonies and would like to incorporate the eye-popping colors of bollywood (purple, pink, gold, and yellow) with southern style accents, such as mason jars, barbeque, and whiskey. i am having a little trouble with visualizing the color collision of these two traditions,so winning this giveaway would be very helpful! thanks!

Natosha Haskins on Dec 14, 2009

Our wedding day is 10-10-10 and will take place outside Nashville, TN at an historic home. If I had to describe our theme, it would be "classic, Southern soiree with a modern twist." The men will be in classic one-button tuxedos, the bridesmaids in beige and black. We are having an outdoor wedding/indoor reception. Our colors are black, ivory, shades of cream and white, accented with dark reds, crystals, pearls and metallics. The home is bricked and so is the reception hall. I have purchased tons of antique Anchor Hocking cut glass bud vases, votive candles, lights to string and crystals to scatter. I want everything to twinkle!

Courtney on Dec 14, 2009

The theme of our wedding is Green. My favorite color is green and thus all shades of green are welcome at our wedding. But the theme green also stands for the fact that we are attempting to plan a very "earth friendly wedding." All paper products will be printed on recycled paper, save the dates were postcards to save paper, most of the lighting will be done through candlelight (with soy candles) to conserve energy, etc. We are a very outdoorsy, animal-friendly couple. Thus, we will be having an outdoor June wedding in Michigan with our three chihuahuas as attendants! I would love to have a colorboard created to give me inspiration regarding what greens go best together and what "pops" of coordinating colors work best.

Kate on Dec 14, 2009

My fiance and I live in Chicago by necessity but our hearts are in Galena, IL. If you've never been there or heard of it, please look here: My family has had a home out there for a long time and we wanted nothing more than to host our wedding out in the countryside but ailing family members and unemployed friends wouldn't be able to make the trip. Our solution is to bring Galena to them! This enchanting town is brimming with history, art, delicious food, wine festivals and even a few haunted sites. Inspiration galore! Our date is October 2, 2010 and we found the perfect cottage-like venue just outside the city. Our ceremony will be in the gardens in late afternoon and the reception will be in the spacious cottage and on the wrap-around patio (weather permitting). The Galena mantra is "Vintage Charm, Contemporary Spirit" and that's exactly what we're looking to recreate.

CM on Dec 14, 2009

Me! Pick me!!! I am OBSESSED with the color boards. I printed three of them from 100 Layer Cake for my florist meeting October wedding in NYC I want Black Tie, Vintage, Fall-ish meets Winter. Taupe, Champagne Metallic Silver / Pewter Lavender to Eggplant Grey to Charcoal ... think J.Crew jewelry meets a cloudy day, candlelight, a classic tuxedo, on the water, washed out colors that are not even colors, but feel warm, easy, sparkly, and cool....a little bruised, a lot of glamour.

Ashley on Dec 14, 2009

My guy and I are having our wedding in NYC at the Queens County Farm Museum Labor Day 2011. We are thinking "It Happened One Night" meets "Bonnie and Clyde" ... or more appropriately "the Great Gatsby" really experiencing the "Great Depression." We're planning the wedding on a pretty tight budget, but I don't want to sacrifice style for lack of funds. So, I think with outdoor lights and candles we can make it look lush and elegant and with color -- we were thinking muted or aged jeweled tones-- appropriate for a farm setting outside of the city. As for style, Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable are scrumptious-looking in the movie; I hope that we can re-create their look for a day with both fashion and decor.

Alex on Dec 14, 2009

The theme I've been mulling over is sort of hard to put into words, but I guess it's closest to "Victorian laboratory meets hobbit hole" with a splash of old-fashioned typography. Quirky antiques, moss, letterpress everything... slightly steampunk, perhaps, but lighter and softer. I have to say, I'm loving reading about all these other ideas though...

Vanessa Williams on Dec 14, 2009

Me: I grew up in southern california. Him: he's from a small town in Oklahoma. How we met: Graduate school getting our doctorates at UT Austin. (Hook 'em!!) We are planning on getting married in the fall. Our families have never met, so I want this to be a family sort of affair. He grew up in the country, and I had horses and other stereotypical "farm" animals growing up so that is a unifying theme between our families. I have always wanted a very intimate wedding, in a rustic sort of setting. I love the idea of having it is some sort of orchard on a farm, then retreating to a warm barn in the chilly evening for the reception to celebrate and enjoy the time with the ones we love. Simple. earthy. romantic. I hope I win. THis is such a cool giveaway! Thank you 100 layer cake!

Tamara on Dec 14, 2009

Our wedding theme is kind of unclear, we can't seem to picture it. We want to have an elegant evening reception that pulls in the sun, moon and stars. See he is the sun that has come along to brighten my days, I am his moon that he dreams of and our children are our stars. We are a blended family and both have been married before. Neither of us had a reception the first time around and are having trouble getting it to work. Our colors are red and turquoise but having trouble picturing it. We want a cocktail hour, dinner and a romantic dance afterwards. We are older than most couples but young at heart. PLEASE help us fix the second time around what we both lost the first time around. Best of luck to everyone!

Katie on Dec 14, 2009

Help!!! I need advice on a beach wedding that isn't tacky. I am getting married next fall on the coast and I want something that is more white/ tan/ moss green/ merlot but beachy. Not the typical beachy... just rustic and beautiful, simple and we are crafty! Thanks!!!!

Katherine on Dec 14, 2009

My fiancé and I are holding both the ceremony and the reception at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial in the fall. The hall where we're having the reception is made up of lots of granite and giant glass windows looking out into the surrounding forest. For the tables, we are wanting to do white linens with pine and spruce greenery on the tables, white pillar candles in tall hurricane lamps, and cream colored roses. My inspiration was a sort of rustic victorian with colors being cream-ish/champagne-ish, charcoal grey, and a nice dusty light purple. My fiancé has given me pieces of Black Hills gold jewelry in the past and I would love to have my wedding party wearing some to celebrate the location. For invitations, programs, etc., I'm going with filigree and nice, curly, calligraphy. My bouquet will be all shades of purple with some cream colored flowers here and there.

Meghan on Dec 14, 2009

Our theme is all of our loves: Our colors are bright and vivacious: UCLA Blue (Go Bruins!) and Lime/Bright Grass Green - very bold, not girly. Our style is a little bit modern and little bit vintage (clean, but detailed and organic is a better explanation, perhaps?). Lots of summer, sun, blue skies, blooming gardens, green grass...all on the 4th of July with some vintage charm without being super patriotic or kitschy. Finally, we are incorporating all different kinds of fonts into our STD, invites, table numbers, signage, etc. so that there's a little bit of a vintage/modern twist and look to tie the whole thing together.

Kelaine on Dec 14, 2009

We are getting married Oct 15 2010 and thought we had settled on a kelly green and black color palette, but since we are having the reception at the zoo, I'm trying to consider other options. We want to embrace the zoo venue but NOT have a "zoo themed" wedding reception. No animal prints and such, but more so...inspiration. I still want to use green and black, but would love some insight for accent colors. This is a really fun giveaway! I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Thanks!

Erin on Dec 14, 2009

I dearly love these color boards and have used them for inspiration for everything from helping friends plan weddings and showers to decorating and cooking. My fiance and I are getting married next November at our local farmer's market. The building is brick w/ barn doors and is basically a blank canvas as there are no required vendors and very few restrictions on what we can do with the place. DIY till I die! :) Although he was recently laid off [ tear :( ], my dad used to be in the floral business. On my summers off I would work with him doing general bookkeeping as well as cleaning out the rose cooler daily. The roses needed to be shelved for the day and then dropped in fresh water at the end of the day. My favorite thing to do was neatly organize them by color. I would spend hours bundled up in the freezing cooler making sure it was perfect. It was in that rose cooler that the inspiration for my future wedding was born. All roses. Everywhere. But which roses? Surely not all the colors of roses and I'm not much for the red ones and don't want everything to be all one color. I'm looking for a cohesive color palette that draws from the many shades of the rose and feels romantic yet whimsical. I also need complementary colors that can be worked into the printed materials. I love all things eclectic but without some clear lines I fear that I might go overboard. Please help!

Michaela on Dec 14, 2009

Ooooh, what a great contest!! My fiancé and I will be getting married this April in Boston at one of our favorite restaurants (Rialto). We love to cook, and having great food is very important to us, so a restaurant made perfect sense for our venue. I really wanted to get married during the spring and I love the juxtaposition of fresh blooming flowers against an urban landscape. We have a contemporary aesthetic but I love the classic green and white color scheme for a wedding- especially in the spring time. I envision large vases filled with blooming white cherry branches to compliment the streamlined design of the restaurant. There are so many gorgeous vintage inspired weddings in magazines and on blogs, but I'm having trouble finding such inspiration for a modern wedding. Please help, I adore this blog:)

Crystal on Dec 14, 2009

Lace + burlap. It's the perfect blend of romance and natural textures. It's our wedding theme!

Casey on Dec 14, 2009

When I was little I loved to play outside in the woods. I would spend hours climbing trees and wading in the creeks. I picked wild flowers for my parents and made mud pies in frilly dresses. So it seemed like a no brainer to get married in my family's orchard among all the trees. Our wedding is all about the little things that make us happy in life. My fiance travels as a guitar tech and sends me postcards from the different cities that he has been too. I have kept every single one of them and plan to incorporate them in our May wedding. Because he is a musician we also plan on giving guitar picks as favors. :) Because I make hair accessories my bridesmaids are all wearing something I've made especially for them out of my old parking tickets. I love anything handmade! I've been collecting glass jars, fabrics, and tins to incorporate somehow. We plan on getting married in the evening and stringing up the trees with tons of different white lights. I love soft yellows, blues, greens, and pinks. We want the guests to see these little details and say "this looks exactly like Casey and Evan!"

Courtney on Dec 14, 2009

My fiancee and I are getting married Labor Day weekend next year at a gorgeous club in San Francisco's Presidio. Given the venue and our mutual love of Spanish food we are going for sort of an old Mexico kind of feel: red tile rooves, candles, the ocean, chorizo, flowers, lace, tarnished silver. We have been dancing around the idea of aquamarine and ruby, more elegant than feminine, but haven't quite nailed the perfect colors, yet. Hope 100 layer cake can help. It has been a constant source of inspiration over the past few months.

Kristin on Dec 14, 2009

My fiance and I own our own business together which we actually opened up before we were even engaged! When we started out on the craziness of opening the business I knew he was the man I was going to be with for the rest of my life. So, making the decision to completely jump off the path I was headed down (I had just finished grad school with a degree in neuroscience) and open up a sandwich shop (yes, a sandwich shop!) with him was the only choice for me. As we began the insane project of a complete renovation and re-make of our shop, I knew that this shop was exactly what I was meant to do in my life. We opened our doors this past June, followed quickly by a proposal in August! As we began planning our wedding the theme pretty much jumped out right at us without even trying..... sandwiches! We're now trying to pull all the details together, but the plan is to have a "picnic lunch" theme....but without the picnic setting! We are having a church ceremony with a semi-formal reception in late August of next year, with a seated dinner in the evening inside of a vineyard (actually an old airplane hangar that has been converted into a vineyard!). But even so, we want to have all the details revolve around something that is just so *us*..... lunch! Even though it sounds crazy to most everyone else, for us it is exactly perfect and couldn't make any more sense :-) For colors, the bridesmaids will be in slate gray (JCrew 'graphite') and flowers & all other details we would like to be bright orange and yellow (we're currently making all of the dinner napkins which are all different fabrics of bright orange and yellow!).

Nalie on Dec 14, 2009

It's an eastern theme...kinda bohemian...with peacock feathers, elephants, big fabric flowers, paper lantern, and jewel toned colors (teal, purple, green mixed with bright green and turquoise).

kendra on Dec 14, 2009

We're having a Friday morning wedding with a tea party after. It will be on the grounds of a New England Historic Home. The ceremony will be in the garden and the tea party after will be on the grounds. We can't technically do a 'high tea' since that is traditionally in the late afternoon, and an Alice and Wonderland Tea party is a bit too wild for our taste. Help!

Nichole on Dec 14, 2009

Hi there, I'm the South Florida girl that emailed you to help with a venue. Thank you for your suggestions. We are getting closer, thankfully, and have found a few gardens and historic mansions to consider. Phew! Overall, we are looking for a garden theme. Bobby is Scottish (came to the US when he was 5) and his entire family lives in Scotland (they will be coming to the wedding, :) in Florida) so everyone...all the men at least - (about 30) will be in kilts. (Insert squeal of excitement here!) The colors of the kilts we found are navy and forest green. Thankfully, navy is a color we wanted in the wedding. More of a midnight blue perhaps, and a deep plum purple, accented with pale pink and white (lillies of the valley are a favorite?)...of course there will be Scottish Thistles for bouttenieres. The bridesmaids will be carrying lanterns, as opposed to floral arrangements. The wedding will be in the evening. One of our favorite movie's title, "Everything is Illuminated" comes to mind when we discuss the decor. We are hoping to find a venue with lots of beautiful landscaping, so that illumination will be the main decor effort from us. We were engaged in Paris, more specifically in Montremarte on our way to visit the grave of Jim if possible, we would like to incorporate a little bit of Parisienne into our theme somehow. We are both artsy and love details, I know he would love to see how this would all come together...but I haven't had much luck putting together an inspiration board. It would be amazing if you could help us. Thank you so much.

Kimberly Williams on Dec 14, 2009

Uptown Chic meets Shoestring budget and what a pair they make!! Keep it simple but elegant and classy they say.... But elegant and classy cost more than we want to spend And simple...well let's just say it isn't enough in the end. So our colors have been chosen. yellow + grey plus black and white too. Choosing the theme? Well, this is a difficult one to do An afternoon wedding in the middle of July Most folks will want to stay inside So after searching and searching for just the right theme We decided to go with monogramming...from the cupcake stand to the invitations we send...We will proudly display our newly formed union!

Quinn on Dec 14, 2009

I love your color boards! We are having a hard time coming up with a theme, but we both love everything vintage and we are getting married at the Lincoln Park Zoo (In downtown Chicago) for our love of animals and nature. We know we are having an original vintage photobooth and the grand room is designed in a Frank Lloyd esq theme with lots of windows, hard wood floors and a beautiful atrium glass ceiling. We want lots of candle light and we were thinking about purple, brown, green and maybe a hint of gold. I am a clueless bride though and need help!! Thanks!

Laurie on Dec 14, 2009

After struggling to find a theme that seemed to fit us both (since it felt like a lot wedding themes were skewed toward being too feminine for my guy) I threw up my hands and said, "Well, I don't know. We're just good together," and my guy from the other room said, "like peanut butter and jelly." It just felt right -- I ate PB&Js until I was 18 and my guy and I are pretty different (a pr-gal and a biologist) but seem just right together at the same time. From there the theme became food pairings that you can't think about one without the other. We are using the pairs for the table names and in the invitations. We wanted a bit of fun with a foodie flair for our wedding at a winery.

Megan on Dec 14, 2009

Our wedding is taking place September 25, 2010 in the small town in Southern, CA where I grew up. (Claremont) The theme, if I had to describe it, would be romantic southern California Indian summer wedding. It is also a little rustic, the venue (Padua Hills Theatre) is set right in the foothills of the mountains and covered in a forest of olive trees (there are tons of them, we are literally getting married right under them). The venue is an historic theatre that was built in the late 1920s as a Mexican dinner theatre and today most of the original architecture and style remains or has been restored. I have already chosen colors that I would like to use, a reddish (wine like) purple and bright granny-smith apple greens, but want for everything to feel very natural in that setting. I could definitely use your help and inspiration! Thanks!!

Emma on Dec 14, 2009

How exciting! We are getting married in the summer of 2011, and are just starting to think about the big day. We have recently become interested in the Quaker tradition and would like to be married in the Friends Meeting House near my parents' home in a beachside town in eastern Massachusetts. I grew up vacationing in the area and I have always associated its sleepy and rustic feel (think old barns, farm stands, homemade ice cream, one grocery store) with the closeness and happiness of family. We would like our wedding to center around the importance of family, both biological and created, to honor the traditions in which our families and close friendships raised us. As is the Quaker tradition, members of the congregation will all sign a certificate indicating their consent to the marriage. We would like to incorporate family traditions and memories through all aspects of the day - from the selection of the favors, flowers, music, and food. I have visions of creating some sort of "family tree." As I still have four living grandparents with over 120 years of marriage between them, it would be nice to honor this deep tradition. My fiancé’s family is Australian and mine is Irish, so perhaps this idea could find a way into the considerations. Some reference points for us include: mason jars, white lanterns, fresh raspberries, beach/waves, bicycling, and homemade ice cream (we make our own at home) We are very open - just want to be sure to let all of our guests know that we wouldn't be doing this without all their love and support over the years. thank you thank you!

Jessica on Dec 14, 2009

I LOVE your colour boards, and I check the site religiously!! To have a colour board made for our wedding would be absolutely PERFECT!! Our wedding is still a ways away (2012), and after changing our minds twice on the colour scheme, we've finally settled on on a classic black and white affair. I have a love for damask print and the flair of vintage Paris: effiel tower, wire/metal dress forms, romance and texture, texture, TEXTURE!! break up the black and white, and to appease my fiance, we've also decided to throw in a splash of bright fuschia pink! {Yes, really, his only request was PINK!!} We also love pictures, capturing moments, and finding a way to display them. If a colour board was made for us, it would be included amongst our photos/displays at the wedding reception!! :) Thank you so much for giving myself, brides, and wedding-obsessed people a venue for indulgence! Please pick myself and my fiance!! :) ...

jayne on Dec 14, 2009

My fiance proposed while we were on a month long trek through china. He popped the question at Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet! -- How great is he?! I would love to bring the exotic Tibetian flavor to our friends and family for our October 2010 wedding. I hope to incorporate versions of the colors and geometries found in the art, sculpture, & prayer flags to our flowers, cake & decor. The Dalai Lama's summer house had enormous dalhia's in the garden, and poppies in the Himalayas--so gorgeous! I cant wait to dig in to the details, and a colorboard will be a great inspiration.

Heather on Dec 14, 2009

Our wedding is May 22, 2010 in Snohomish, WA down in the farmland area. Our theme is mountains because we love hiking, backpacking, nature, photography and the outdoors. The colors are amber, blues, grey/silver and white. I've already designed our invitations with silhouettes of mountains, small white flowers with yellow centers and amber envelopes. My bridesmaids will be wearing indigo blue dresses and the men will be wearing grey suits. Flowers will be white and yellow with a touch of blue. We are doing centerpieces of mason jars with flowers in them and candles. Thanks for the opportunity!

Christena on Dec 14, 2009

We're having a small casual quirky wedding on Michigan lake in Chicago, Memorial Day Weekend. I have always been obsessed with sea glass and love all things green and blue. We're having large blue glass vases and milk glass punch bowls (that i've been collecting from goodwill!) filled with bunches and bunches of white ranunculus. We're having two long tables with simple white linens and a kraft paper runner. We're getting married early in the morning and serving a brunch (made to order crepes!) afterwords.

Tricia on Dec 14, 2009

I am getting maried to a New Zealander (Kiwi), we live in Vancouver, BC and we are hosting the wedding in my home state of Michigan in July. Since we are both from fruit growing places and love summer we are hoping to expand off of Peaches and Blueberries as a bit of a color theme. It's going to be on a lake in a historic and rustic venue so we are hoping to have our guests feel right at home although they will be from all corners of the globe. Mmmmmm Peaches and Blueberries....

Jessie on Dec 14, 2009

My wedding will take place in late Feb/early March of 2011. My boyfriend is a farmer, i'm a city girl. nuff' said. we have to get married that time of year for it to be convenient for the farm. No winter blue/silver/ valentine's day theme for the love of God....

Pamela Cuthill on Dec 14, 2009

We are having our wedding ceremony on April 17th 2010. Our reception is going to be held in Scotland's most famous 1930s Ice Cream Parlour, called Nardini's. It is in a seaside town that holds a special, nostalgic place in our heart (and probably, any visitor to the scottish west coast). My fiance is from Colorado (US) and we can't wait to share this little treasure with his family! Nardini's has strong Art Deco interiors and inkeeping with the 1920/30s feel, we are having a dinner dance with fish ' chips and knickerbocker glories/banana splits/sundaes for desert. oh, i just can't wait! Our theme keywords - Art Deco, 1930s glamour, "the american smooth", oh and the most delicious ice cream you have ever tasted...

Pamela Cuthill on Dec 14, 2009

.... forgot to mention, all the guys will be in kilts and each in their own family tartans. my american husband-to-be is very excited about the prospect of a 'braveheart' moment aand of course the girls will be glam and fabulous. let's all pray for sunshine, ok? it is scotland after all...

Taryn on Dec 14, 2009

Morocco. On an organic farm. I dare you! LOL

The Soon-to-be Brittany Fisher on Dec 14, 2009

If I were to describe my wedding in two words: it would be a little bit vintage and a little bit rustic. This stems from my love of all things vintage (I have a love affair with the stories and people connected to the things of the past) and my groom's love of all things rustic (growing up, he and his dad singlehandedly built a beautiful log cabin for their family). My dress, which I found on a black friday sale, is a Maggie Sottero lace gown in the most perfect of candlelight ivories. I like to refer to it as my nostalgic, prairie chic gown. It is beaded lace and hugs my curves to my hips then ends with layers of lace and tulle ruffles (an exact replica of my mom's gown, which was originally my grandmothers-- it pretty much set the tone for the whole wedding! My most basic colors are a slate grey, creamy beige, and espresso brown. Just a few of the details I am incorporating these colors into are my bridesmaid dresses (found them from nostalgia on etsy), the boys' grey suits, the groom's champagny-beige silk tie, birch bark wrapped vases, wheat and rice in mason jars, sandblasted manzanita, and burlap table runners. Then I come to the lovely use of soft, creamy peaches, light pinks, and yellow. Most of this will be in my flowers (One of my bridesmaids and I are doing them the day before the wedding) but also in some vintage china patterns for the various dessert tables, fabric covered jam jars (filled with my future mother-in-law's famous strawberry freezer jam) and lots of wonderful amber lighting flooding the walls of our venue: our local farmer's market! Overall, with my wedding being 3 months out, I just want a wonderful, memorable day that gives myself and my guests the warm fuzzies for years to come when looking back on it: full of joy, life, and a little treasuring of the old.

Mandy on Dec 14, 2009

We're getting married on October 2nd, 2010, on our 5th anniversary as a couple. We're trying to create a theme based on the black and white romance movies we adore: It Happened One Night, Bringing Up Baby...... but we definitely need a little help. The problem ends up that we're all ideas and we just need a little tiny bit of editing. :)

kelsey on Dec 14, 2009

This is fantastic and just what I need help with! The big day is 9/18/10 at a ranch in colorado. Already have BM dresse that are gray with a hint of purple and am having trouble going from there. I love the soft, subtle, muted colors, but feel like I need a punch of something to spice things up a bit. Please help!

Marlena on Dec 14, 2009

Oh fun! Our big day is June 26, 2010 in the heart of Boston. The hotel roof top where we're hosting both the ceremony and the reception overlooks the Boston Public Garden and the Common, so we're aiming for a garden feel for the roof top. Lots of greens (plants and flowers), some strung lights, and candles will help the guests feel as though they are outside in the garden while being 17 stories above the city. We are envisioning a ceremony with friends and family standing around us. Things we won't have: a bridal party, a cake, or color themes driving every element (at this point). This classy contemporary wedding will be full of lots of love.

Eunji on Dec 14, 2009

Date: Aug. 28, 2010 Venue: Foxglove Farms in Sawyer, Mi (It's a private residence that the owners occasionally rent out during the summertime.) Story: A world-weary suit of armor retreats to the woods to write a novel based on his travels. Upon completing the book, he invites his friends and family to celebrate. Curios and collectibles acquired through his travels are on display. The items betray the suit of armor as an eclectic mind - who enjoys luxury and refinement - but prefers simplicity. Why a suit of armor? I want to use it as a stand-in for a DJ (saves $$!) - and have the suit of armor wear a set of headphones behind an ipod setup (which would be set-up like a DJ booth). I will dub this suit of armor: Sir Mix-A-Lot. Inspiration Board: Anne of Green Gables, Butterfield 8, Dan-ah Kim ( Awash in estates sales and too many fabric swatches. Alp! Oh -and he's a Russian Jew - I'm a Korean Catholic Jew (mid-conversion).

colleen on Dec 14, 2009

We're trying to combine a few things into some sort of coherent feel: Dior New Look, the ballet, and Dorothy Draper. I love the elegance of the New Look shapes, the accoutrements and romanticism of ballet (tulle, satin, ribbons), and the vividness of Dorothy Draper's designs (stripes, florals, bold yet feminine color combos). I'm feeling glamour, easy elegance, big skirts, and pink. We're getting married this June in an Indiana courtyard and I have my dress (a lovely tulle mess). A color palette that actually reflects the vision would be perfect.

London Tierney on Dec 14, 2009

This is the best giveaway! My fiance and I will be getting married on 9-18-10...the Five year anniversary of our first date! The ceremony will be intimate and we hope to find a historic/old movie theater to serve as our venue. We share a love for Movies, photography, coffee and the fall season. We want a less traditional ceremony and reception that will allow us to share the things that make our relationship unique and fun with our guests. Things we have thought of incorporating: 10 minute movie clip created by us we will have playing before the ceremony, a candy bar, photobooth for reception, cupcakes instead of a cake made by the groom's sister... Right now i could REALLY use some inspiration to help pull these ideas into a cohesive theme and color palette. We really want a rich purple color like Eggplant or plum (NO PASTEL!) and my fiance loves green. I love all the deep tones of fall and would love a large palette of colors to work with. I'm having a hard time with ideas for foliage/boquets/centerpieces especially. Since the colors we want are dark and bold. Please help! We love a mix of modern and vintage! Thank you !!!!

Anne on Dec 14, 2009

What a great idea! We could use some help with more colors and inspiration for our wedding. Our wedding will be 9.11.2010 and will take place at a historic barn in Michigan. Our theme is Michigan's harvest. We will be decorating with farm market fall flowers, pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, cranberries, apples and other fall themed and natural items. Our theme includes a local-first emphasis with our food and drinks coming from local farmers/vendors. We know that orange and brown will be two of the colors but i could use some help getting inspiration for some other colors to go with these two! I also want to somehow incorporate in a vintage or historical theme which I haven't decided on yet, could be anything from 1920s, to 1890s, to 1960s-70s.

Erin W on Dec 14, 2009

Modern/Clean Our wedding (which is next August) will be modern and clean. We are having it at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. It is beach-chic-y. Colors are currently a medium grey and lime/spring green. Our flowers will be all white and green---lots with rich green stems (lillies, tulips, etc) I don't know what other colors besides white/grey/green should be incorporated, or exactly which shades of these colors would be best. Help, please!

Nicole Renee on Dec 14, 2009

Love this idea! I am getting married in June and my theme is vintage paper. I have been collecting vintage papers for a while and I am going to transform my parents backyard into a beautiful paper garden. My budget is tight so it made since to use paper since it can be so inexpensive. I want to make tissue paper flowers, vintage paper strings and paper lanterns. I want the evening setting to be luminous and unforgettable. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to share my passion, and my wedding ; ) With others!

Neelima on Dec 14, 2009

I am getting married in October of 2010, therefore I really want to incorporate fall colors into my wedding design. I am from India and my fiancee is American but has a Scottish background. We plan to have two wedding ceremonies to honor both our cultures. As I was looking at options for color themes I fell in love with the peacock blue color in combination with a metallic green. This suits well with the vibrant colors found at an Indian wedding. When I started looking into my fiancee's Scottish heritage I came across his family tartan which has the same colors that I listed above but with a touch of orange. This was perfect and so meant to be! I will be able ton incorporate both cultures into the wedding with one unified color scheme. So I plan to use the colors of the peacock (blue, green, bronze) and the Scottish tartan (blue, green, orange) into my wedding design. I think it would be great to mimic some of the plaid work in the tartan into the design also. This will make it an absolutely fusion wedding.

Catherine on Dec 14, 2009

Out wedding will be held in September in downtown Portland, Maine. We are having the ceremony at a public park that overlooks the bay. Our reception will be held at an old warehouse where train cars and boats were once built. The room itself is rustic and untouched with large windows that overlook the working waterfront. We'd like our wedding theme to pay homage to the old brick buildings of downtown Portland while also incorporating the ocean and the outdoors. We plan on using colors like eggplant, merlot, pumpkin and yellow. We'd love help pulling all of these ideas together into a color board! Thanks for the opportunity.

Liz on Dec 14, 2009

Our theme is sort of split in half. Color wise, the theme is the Brightness of Fall (ie, the bright, gorgeous colors). For everything else, our theme is a Secular Celebration of Love and Awesomeness. It's all working out to be pretty rad together, I think. (I hope.)

Renee on Dec 14, 2009

Oh this is so wonderful! I have so many ideas floating in my head of how I envision my wedding day so having a color board to call my own would be a dream come true! Our wedding is next Fall; its our favorite season and the time of year we met. For flowers and decor I'm picturing the ads and commercial directed by Sophia Copolla for Miss Dior Cherie perfume (my favorite scent). The whimsy and colors of the commercial scream romance to me! I love the pretty perfume bottle with the silver bow. (My dress has a bow detail.) The color scheme will be taupe, blush, champagne, rose and gold. The playlist at the reception will be loaded with Blossom Dearie songs and for dessert - cupcakes galore!

Lynne Lockwood on Dec 14, 2009

We are having a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy inspired wedding. Hitchhiker's Guide was the first book we ready together, so we picked our wedding date (10/10/10) because in binary (00101010) it is 42, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. We are picking heavily from fall colors: deep reds, browns, and blues, with a bit of yellow.

Charmaine on Dec 14, 2009

As a child growing up in Singapore, my father would pull his lovingly collected nature books and poems from the shelves of our study and read me a woodland poem by Robert Frost or a fairytale, and juxtapose it with facts and pictures about the natural world. Though we lived on the equator and were surrounded by tropical weather, on those nights, my imagination came alive with the woodland autumns, haystacks, soaring mountains, undulating hills and gurgling brooks in temperate countries far away. The magic of woodland forests lived in my mind, while in our tropical paradise I had the joy of playing in jungles full of lush raintrees and ferns, watching ants and other insects wind their way up the trunks of trees, and finding orchids and glistening spiderwebs among the tall grass. Having moved to the U.S. 6 years ago, I now have the joy of walking amongst those haystacks and hills and laughing brooks I had always dreamed about, but I also miss the warm, drenched rainforests of my childhood. Mark and I fell in love while trekking in Indonesia, and our love for the great outdoors later took us all over US national parks and to Peru, where he proposed by an Inca ruin under the stars, halfway on the hike to Machu Picchu. So our wedding theme is going to be inspired by a field journal collecting nature's wonders across two continents! We want to take our guests through a magical walk in the woods and rainforests, incorporating beautiful poems and magical stories about the woods with botany and flower illustrations, grassy moss on the tables, butterflies, drawings of beetles and other beautiful specimen, tropical, succulent and evergreen terrariums, and rustic wooden troughs of water with paper boats floating in them... all interspersed with pops of color of wildflowers: yellow daffodils, buttercups, snowdrops and baby's breath. We want to fill our guests with the joy of discovering nature's wonders as they celebrate with us, but I'm having trouble pulling the colors together so that the them won't appear too dark and full of moss greens or browns - I want there to be light, airy elements and vibrant pops of yellow and dusty pinks too. How do I pull it together? Please help!

Emily Krebill on Dec 14, 2009

Another 10-10-10 wedding here! A easily remembered date as well as an incredible time of year in the southeast to host an outdoor garden wedding. My father has a ridiculous theme garden somewhere between a zen garden and a theme park. Abstract dragons made of stone, carved torii gates, waterfalls, truly over the top beautiful... My fiance and I decided to keep with the Japanese feel and have a Japanese themed wedding. No, I won't be wearing a kimono - but we will serve sushi and have big hot pots of miso on the tables. White lanterns will hang about, colorful origami centerpieces will decorate the tables and we'll hang some paper crane chains in there some where. I want the vibe to be more old world Japan, vintage, and woodsy. And not at all resemble a Japanese restaurant. I am having a hard time picking out colors though! I first looked at bold reds and blues, but that seemed too obvious and uninteresting. Please help! I am open to anything and I am so often grazing over your color boards trying to pick out the best - but there are all so awesome and considerately compiled! Thanks for this!

Lea Hart on Dec 14, 2009

So I am a Southern girl living in New York. I'm getting married O2 July 2011 (I know, it's quite a while away but I'm very plan-y and need lots of it is a perfect non stress inducing date for me) Anywho, back to the challenge. We are getting married at my fiancee's family Cattle ranch in the middle of nowheresville New Mexico. It is absolutely beautiful and his family has had this land in their family for 7(!) generations. So I want something Traditional (that's the Southern) and Edgy( that's the Brooklyn, baby!) and Rustic (because this town is so tiny it doesn't even have a grocery store) I love color and I want a super fun wedding because my family and friends will be coming from far away. Oh and did I mention that the reception will be at the No Scum Allowed Saloon? yeah, that's right, a bride in boots, beer and burritos... have fun with this one! xo Lea

marisa on Dec 14, 2009

I am getting married 12-18-10! I love a vintage chic but a little rustic feel! My colors are red, ice-blue, and gray. Since our wedding is the week before Christmas I want to incorporate pinecones, ornaments, and wreaths but I have no idea how to! I would love some ideas!

prairie girl on Dec 14, 2009

I'm entering this for my friends! Colours: orange + grey Theme: vintage with hints of steampunk Season: Springtime the invites will feature keys and bookmarks (and Le Menerve dirigible for the Steampunk touch)!

Diana R on Dec 14, 2009

Wow thanks for this AMAZING opportunity! My fiance and I are very excited about our wedding on July 10, 2010. we'll be hosting 100 people in an outdoor courtyard. My fiance and I want the feeling of our big day to reflect us: Fun, Silly, and a bit quirky . We're fans of The Simpsons and thought about bringing a smile to everyone's face with a couple of the characters and their famous lines. We're huge Fans of Ralph Wiggim ""Me Fail English? That's Unpossible!" I'd love to bring in the bright yellow, oranges and turquoise, with out being too literal.

Shannon on Dec 14, 2009

Next May, I'm getting married on the Texas ranch where I grew up riding horses and playing make-believe. Our ceremony will be on the wide, green banks of the Brazos River, under 200 year old pecan trees and right across from old San Felipe, the original capital of Texas. My fiance also spent much of his childhood on a ranch in Montana, but he was born and first raised in bustling, urban Hong Kong. In fact, many years later, it was on a busy street corner in Hong Kong where we first met. Our family and friends will travel from China, Europe, Australia, San Francisco and New York to join us in this tiny, tiny town. We want the wedding to be festive, vibrant and welcoming for a truly global bunch. We'll serve Tex-Mex food, with bottled beer and Coca-Cola in galvanized tubs, then dance the night away to an old school Latin swing band. The tips of faded red cowboy boots will peek out from under my dress, but beyond that we have to find a color scheme that will also allow us to honor our rustic backgrounds, organic style and Chinese roots. I love California poppies (we live in San Francisco now), chunky turquoise and anything vintage; he loves motorcycles, fly fishing and great design; we both love our yellow labramutt, Maisey. Can you help us put all this together to make our May 15th 2010 celebration a cohesive, stylish affair? Our save the date video in the URL I posted will give you some idea of our style, too. Thank you.

Debra on Dec 14, 2009

We are getting married over Memorial Day weekend- Sunday evening May 30, 2010. We don't feel we need a "theme" per se... as we have the Pacific Ocean as a back drop. We are getting married at Scripp's Forum in La Jolla and want the beauty of that to play an undeniable role in an elegant wedding! Otherwise, we're open!! Color pallete thoughts so far? Bridesmaids will be in a dark charcoal gray, while the flower girls will present the softer "popping" color of cornflower blue. And we are CLUELESS when it comes to flowers! Unfortunately, we've both been incredibly busy at work- and besides our venue, have NOTHING planned!! This is a fantastic opportunity and is much needed help! Any and all ideas will be welcomed with open arms!! Sincerely, Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Martinez <3

KariAnne on Dec 15, 2009

Oh wow, what a fun giveaway. I cannot even bring myself to purchasing a bridal magazine because nothing in any of them represents my fiancee and me. He proposed to me underneath the tree we have decided to married under while on our annual deer hunting camping trip. We have decided to forego a fancy venue, expensive caterers, expensive flower arrangements (we will be making our own with woodland wildflowers) and what everyone else thinks a wedding should consist of. We chose to get married under that crooked old pine tree standing alone in a meadow covered with woodland grasses that we will spread wildflower seeds under in the early spring. Our reception will be at our campsite with my iPod wedding playlist playing in the background as our friends and family spend the weekend camping with us. Friends and family will be invited to bring their campers and/or tents, play yard games and enjoy tasty BBQ for dinner, drinking iced tea from mason jars, with gunney sacks as table cloths and a s'mores station around the campfire. The camping theme will be a Little House on the Praire meets, vintage romance in the woods. Our colors will be natural colors found in the woods that reflect the sky, the pines and the earth. The best part will be our Wall tent bridal suite complete with wrought iron bed, glass chandelier with candles, antique dresser, vintage rugs and adioronack chairs on the porch. All I can say is think Jessica Claire in a camping setting. Simple, beautiful, natural, romantic, perfect.

Fiona on Dec 15, 2009

Stars, modern, blue, pink, origami, and crystals.

A+B on Dec 15, 2009

A chance to win a custom colorboard - what a treat! Our wedding is August next year in a small cottage on the Chatsworth Estate of the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire in the Peak District of England, because this is close to where we live now, and also to where my fiance grew up. Its a gorgeous setting - a 'Hansel&Grettel' style cottage on a lake - and we're having 30 of our close family & friends for an afternoon tea/garden party. It's going to be small but perfectly formed :-) I am making the save-the-dates (with the help of my borther who is an Illustrator ) on my Gocco, incorporating the last chapter of Jane Austen's Emma, and so far the colour theme is the Liberty print fabric 'Betsy' in blue. Your amazing creative talents would be much appreciated!

Susie W on Dec 15, 2009

Oh I ADORE your colour boards and my own custom-made board would help me out so much! I'm getting married at the ZOO. The house itself that we get married in is an old Georgian English manor house in the Zoo grounds so I'm trying to incorparate some vintage English with some wild africa! My theme is "Vintage Safari Chic". I like soft peach, pink, minks and lace but my H2B is determined to wear a characol gray suit. It's also in the height of summer so want to keep it fresh looking. Would really really appreciate your help! Congratulations on a great year of inspiration and wedding lovely-ness!

Emilie on Dec 15, 2009

Frenchies: Emilie + Cédric, are getting married September the 4th 2010... in France We've decided to host the whole thing around my family house in the tiny south Britany village: Piriac-sur-Mer. Wedding style is: Guinguette, Retro (40's France), easy and colorfull. Engagement Ceremony on the beach and Civil ceremony in the village City hall. Transportation of the newly married ... on my grandfather's Moped. The food will be a giant mechoui (Lamb bbq) party and the day after a beach pique nique. Eat, Drink and Dance under a tent decorated with many lanterns and guinguette fanions... Thank you very much in advance if i have the chance to be choosen. I'm a big fan of your web site that inspires me a lot...every day.

Amber on Dec 15, 2009

Our wedding theme is simple - it's a celebration of all that is good. Our love, a summer night in July, the most whimsical 1930s dairy-barn-turned-wedding venue, our families, our friends, delicious food, a packed dance floor, laughs and tears, the Lake Michigan shoreline, s'mores by the fire pit, romantic lighting, fresh flowers, music that makes your heart swell... all the best things. My bridesmaids are going to be dressed in navy and the guys will be wearing gray suits. I'm looking for bright colors to go along that can make it all just pop. It's going to be rustic and elegant. A day to simply love!

mismikado on Dec 15, 2009

This is such a fun giveaway idea :) And I love reading about everyone's amazing weddings in their comments. We are planning a "1930's Lower-Middle Class Affair" for our wedding. We are tying little aspects of vintage diy flair to a whole industrial era twist to really convey both our personalities. While alot of people think of 1930's glam we are going for the more family oriented fresh out of the depression feeling of the early 30's. We are alot of recycled and repurposed goods and family heirlooms to accent all the tiny details.

Melissa McGuire on Dec 15, 2009

My fiance is Scottish and I am American... We are getting married at the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow July 1, 2010. I am whimsical and he is more streamlined. I would love to incorporate the tradition of the tartan plaids (since he will be wearing a kilt) and my whimsical nature. I have red flowery shoes and a classic twenties dress already picked out! We are both architects and love art and would love our personalities to be reflected. so i think the theme would be " A Twist on T(art)an and Tulle"

Rebecca on Dec 15, 2009

humble loveliness + joyful whimsy + responsible spending. merriment against a backdrop of warm light and lucious Santa Ana winds. a ceremony in the park, followed by a celebration in a café. twinkle lights overhead, à la the town of Spectre in the movie Big Fish. groom in his dad’s old 3-piece suit. bride in a Holly Stalder number (she hopes, she hopes…) an abundance of food and wine, with a little bit of whiskey thrown in for good measure.

Alexis Harris on Dec 15, 2009

My fiance and I are getting married on July 31, 2010. We feel a connection to central mexico and would love to do a sort of Vintage Central Mexico theme that reflected the cities that we love like San Cristobal de las Casas and Guanajuato. I could really use ideas of how to tie everything together because right now I'm all over the place! The colors are bright and rich but also somehow mellow, muted and aged. Our last trip was for Dia de Muertos so we'd love to incorporate things from that holiday like marigolds, flags, and maybe even candy skulls.

Britta on Dec 15, 2009

Owls, Antlers and Lanterns.

belinda on Dec 15, 2009

aw this is too cute, I'm not getting married, but one day soon I will :)

Caroline on Dec 15, 2009

Oooh, I hope I win! Our "theme" is Asian garden, and our colors are purple (lavender) and silver (grey). We got inspired by our reception location - a real Asian pagoda given to our city as a thank you years ago. It had fallen into disrepair, but a foundation formed to renovate it and make it beautiful again. And boy is it! It's right on the water, and it has a bridge and stream, and it's so pretty. I'm so excited to get married there!

Diana on Dec 15, 2009

I would love to have a colorboard inspired by 'Wicked' the musical - My fiance and I are from Kansas, and it would be a nice nod to our home without being overly cliched and "Wizard of Oz". I love that bottle green color!

theresa on Dec 15, 2009

This is such a fun contest!! I am having so many waves of inspiration just reading these posts!! My fiance and I are getting married on June 26, 2010 in Yosemite. Our ceremony will be held in the stone ampitheatre at Glacier Point, overlooking Half Dome and the Valley below. Our reception is at a cabin in the park near the Wawona Hotel. The cabin which was built in the 40's is very charming-- surrounded by forest with a creek running next to it. We are aiming for a vintage rustic look with a southern flair since my fiance is from New Orleans. We are serving southern-style bbq with ribs and slaw, cornbread and gumbo! Our rings are from a jeweler in New Orleans and both incorporate a fluer de lis, so this will be a reoccuring theme in the invitations, menus and cake. Our decor will include lots of white lights and mason jars tied with ribbon and filled with wildflowers. To reflect the setting, I want to include as many rustic and woodsy elements as I can in the decor, including an arch made of branches for the ceremony. We are planning on renting a Model T for our getaway car!! Our budget is the ultimate shoestring, so we are DIYing almost everything.

Allison on Dec 15, 2009

My fiance and I are getting married in Spring 2011. We are planning to have a destination wedding in Jamaica so I'm hoping to just use the landscape and have a tropical themed wedding. However, I'm not looking for typical seashells and ocean blue everywhere. My favorite color is purple and my boyfriend's favorite color is green so we're hoping to incorporate those colors in a major way. We're just at the beginning of our planning stages so an inspiration would be so greatly appreciated!

Lauren on Dec 15, 2009

We're having an August wedding in a sort of industrial building that was converted museum (exposed white painted brick walls, exposed floor structure, dark floors) with a rough outdoor patio/garden are (it's an empty lot from a burned down building so there are some recessed areas and permanent sculpture's a bit of a ruin). I want our wedding to be relaxed and a lot of fun but also sophisticated. No sit down dinner so that everyone can graze and mingle. I think Funky Chic could be a good way to describe it. I would love some bright/saturated colors to pick up the late summer energy but also some dark/muted colors to ground it and add some sophistication. Would love to see what you guys come up with.

jasper on Dec 15, 2009

Our wedding is this June in our backyard and neighboring field. The them is very DIY rustic/chic/country with our chickens running around the field! We will have local food, lots of music performances from our very talented family and friends and touches of whismy with a popcorn stand and a photo booth. And if I get my way (which, of course every bride should) a cotton candy machine too. Colors are Cream, brown, navy and pops of orange! I found awesome bridesmaids dresses in these colors and want to have orange chinese lantern flowers in my bouquet. I only wish I could put together a gorgeous inspiration board for my event!

Jamie Lowe on Dec 15, 2009

ok sooo theme... are you ready... vintage english garden with a twist... fiance and I love movies especially old movies... colors... navy, lavender, j.crew warm wisteria, ivory and grey... think tons of flowers, candles, pearls, birds, and old movie posters.... hope to see what you can throw together!

Cassie Brehob on Dec 15, 2009

This is so exciting! I love to look at your color boards. I've been engaged for just over a year now and my fiancee and I have finally decided on a location for our destination wedding. We'll be getting married on the beach in Exuma, Bahamas in March 2011. We envisioning a laid-back natural coastal theme, and definitely would like to include blues and greens in our theme. I'd like to see navy blue, green, and some sort of turquoise or teal together. Thanks for having this contest! I'm really looking forward to see what you come up with :)

Sara P. on Dec 15, 2009

My fiance and I have a wedding planned for August up in Door County Wisconsin. The ceremony will be outside overlooking Lake Michigan, but our reception will be indoors. The area we will be having our reception in is covered in Norwegian Rosemaling. Neither one of us are Norwegian, but love the funky, folksy feel of that painting. We have a lot of singer-songwriter and bluegrass musician friends, and want to keep the feeling of the event as authentic and homemade as possible. We love our ties to the Wisconsin area, and want something that feel relevant to the area. Think:cherry orchards, pine trees, state parks, guitars, fish boils, etc!

Andrea on Dec 15, 2009

We're planning a fall wedding (10/09/10) and, I've been obsessing over my colors! We're an NYC couple having a quasi-destination wedding on a tiny island off the coast of Maine. Guests will by flying in from all over the country to take a quick ferry ride to the island for both the outdoor ceremony and indoor reception at a small inn. My father's family is originally from the area, so we are thrilled to share Maine with 100 or so of our closest friends and family members. We want to bring Maine in the fall to life at our wedding - incorporating local products (such as lobster, locally brewed beer, homemade fudge) and My initial color inspiration: lobsters and blueberries, Maine's license plate, and of course, the ocean. My favorite color is red, and we love the idea of blue - but we are striving not to come off too American flag. We're striving for a laid-back yet sophisticated event -- casual lobster bake meets fun, city dinner out. We're so excited for our wedding - and would be so excited to get a dedicated Colorboard!

Stephanie and Josh on Dec 15, 2009

If we are chosen, this will be the best wedding gift we could possibly hope to receive! We are very clear on what we want our wedding to feel like, but we are having difficultly visualizing it, especially when it comes to the colors! We are tying the knot May 29th, 2010 at Radonich Ranch in Los Gatos (the same place as Lianne and Jeong!). Our theme is rustic and romantic. We want to emphasize the rich 100 year history of this quaint fruit ranch as well as the lush natural surroundings. However our difficultly comes when we try to develop a color palette that strikes the perfect balance between pastoral and formal; we don't want our wedding to feel too casual or too ceremonial. Aside from the white of the bride's dress and the black of the groom's suit, the only other color we have decided upon is pink; not hot, baby, or salmon, but a true "pink." A strictly black, white and pink palette always seems to feel too modern, as does chocolate brown and pink, and apple green and pink. However, browns, oranges, yellows, and tans always seem too casual! As a result, we have been left scratching our heads in confusion for the past eight months trying to come up with the perfect palette! We really need help! Our Flowers: Primarily ranunculus, but lots of others too! Our Food: local, organic and sustainable. Our Decor: flowers, mason jars, weathered wood planters, vintage fruit crate labels, and basically anything vintage (appropriate for the venue) that we can get our hands on! Our Goal: An intimate gathering that pays tribute to our love and the bountiful history of the ranch. We hope you chose us and can't wait to see what you come up with!

Lisa on Dec 15, 2009

We are getting married this coming June on the water in Newport Rhode Island. We are excited for a colorful, vibrant wedding. Our colors are yellow, orange and teal. We want to incorporate color in a bold and modern way without losing any elegance. The room has an amazing panoramic view of the ocean and we want to incorporate this into the theme without being too beachy. We want to make a bold, modern statement with color without flashy lights or too many bells and whistles. It would be great to see how you can help us do this in a way that is dramatic without taking away from the beautiful location and view.

Thelma on Dec 16, 2009

I'm African American and my fiance is Norwegian.I want to have something in our wedding from his culture also.We are getting married July 2010 by the Wynochee River in WA.I met my fiance April 08 a few weeks after his father died from Cancer.It is my idea to get married by the river where they laid his dad to rest by spreading his ashes among the river..I have a rustic vintange theme.Our colors are pink,fuschia,brown and white,We are getting married at a campground and our reception will be in the clubhouse.I love candles,paper lanterns and many wooden things.We are planning our own wedding.We are getting married on beautiful rocks.I have a thing for rocks.I would like a wooden Arch covered in beautiful pink flowers.My decor also includes doves my favorite bird.I also have the bling look..i guess you can call me ecletic.I love different and unique things that stand out and turns heads.I love the attention.i just love to decorate.I will be wearing pearls for the first time in my life.I want pink uplights and a white cake with pink flowers.We will honeymoon in Vegas since my fiance has never been there.

Emily Dunn, (soon to be Rabbi Emily Segal) on Dec 16, 2009

My fiancee and I will both be ordained as (Reform Jewish) rabbis on June 5th, 2010 and we are getting married just over 2 weeks later on June 20th at my home synagogue in Virginia, with my childhood rabbi officiating the ceremony. I don't have one word to represent the "theme" of the wedding. But there is one scriptural verse that we keep coming back to-- "I have found the one my soul loves." We are having a very traditional Jewish wedding, with feminist/egalitarian innovations, and fun elements to reflect our casual, quirky vibe. (We are very focused on making sure our ceremony & reception also reflect our values of social responsibility and responsible spending.) Decor and atmosphere-wise--even though we will probably end up having the reception in a ballroom )because of availability/cost/tempterature control for our older relatives)-- we want it to have an ethnic, antiquey/vintage feel with the warmth of a summer backyard party. Like a thousand yellow daisies and summer evening glass of wine -- a bright but not overstated look that reflects our complete joy in uniting as husband and wife and celebrating with the most important people in our lives. Our wedding is all about sharing our great love with the people we love, and so we are trying to make the wedding as personal/DIY as possible within the bounds of how many hours there are in a day. :) Hope this catches your interest!

Katie on Dec 16, 2009

What a great idea! We are considering having our wedding in a sunken garden - has a feeling very like an outdoor church; urban but serene. The reception venue is an art deco style restaurant, and I am considering a dark purple dress with a minimalist style, probably in chiffon / silk. Both of us are ballroom dancers, and would love to incorporate this in our style somehow... bit of a mixture, but I would love to find a style that fits our individual tastes... Would especially love ideas for coloured dresses that are elegant rather than simply quirky...

Lacey on Dec 16, 2009

I'm getting married May 15, 2010, and my wedding theme is NBC's "The Office". My colors are Blue, teal, and orange! I have some really creative ideas, but it'd be interesting to see what someone else would come up with!

stephchows on Dec 16, 2009

So cool! We're getting married June 19 2010!

Didi on Dec 16, 2009

I've been following your blog since last year i think. and I love all your wedding ideas :) My boyfriend of 7.5years (it's our anniversary today!) and who is in dubai (while I am based here in the philippines) plan to get married on june 16, 2010 or okay we are still debating about the final date. But i have a few ideas of our personalized wedding: 1. sunset and hammocks theme since our love story was born on hot summer afternoons out in our garden on the hammock while watching the sunset in the horizon. 2. bright, colorful round Japanese paper lanterns - aqua yellow fuschia white purple orange which i really just adore 3. fun, cheerful celebratory mood - we really want to CELEBRATE! because finally we are tying the knot after long rollercoaster ride 4. casual and relaxed wear - i love slippers and he loves rubbershoes so we plan to wear these on our wedding day I do hope I win :)

Dana on Dec 16, 2009

Our theme is 1940s Japan. I am fluent in Japanese, have a flair for vintage clothing, and our first date was to a sushi bar. We are planning on taking our honeymoon in Kyoto, Japan. We haven't set a date yet, so we're still in the dreamy planning phases... The wedding will be full of vintage and Japanese touches. Nothing has been finalized yet but we have lots of ideas: Orange blossoms worn in the hair, Ikebana-styled floral arrangements, favors of carved sandalwood fans, bridesmaids carrying vintage asian rice-paper parasols in dresses made of vintage kimono fabrics, a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, sushi, light desserts made with sweet rice, green-tea cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. I am also an experienced swing dancer, so all of the music will be 20s-40s big band (my fiance is a trombone player so he loved the idea of vintage swing and jazz!), and we're bringing in two pro swing dance teachers at the beginning of the reception to teach some basic jitterbug steps. Our guestbook will probably be a vintage typewriter, and he'll most likely be in a pinstripe suit. Our colors? The only color we would entirely exclude is pink. The whites will be less pure and more yellowed and vintage-creamy shades like ivory or champagne. Other than that, we love shades of aqua, seafoam green, and teal, as well as pale peach. Thank you so much for this beautiful idea. I loved reading about the myriad weddings that are going to happen (esp. the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy one!)! The comment section is a mini-celebration of the love that's all around us!

Jessica on Dec 16, 2009

Get this: THEME: downtown romantic COLORS: navy, aqua, champagne, and cream VENUE: refurbished tobacco warehouse POSSIBILITIES: endless (I'm realizing this is both a blessing and a curse!)

Juliet on Dec 16, 2009

What an exciting contest! We are getting married, and having the reception, in a very unique venue. We have chosen to marry in the airplane hangar of the Kansas City Airline History Museum, essentially a large domed warehouse, where we will be surrounded by restored 1930's and 1940's airplanes, along with a beautiful view of downtown Kansas City through the hangar doors. We met on an airplane, so this venue reflects that as well as our love of history museums (my favorite places!) Also, my fiance's grandfather worked for TWA for years, and TWA was once based out of the downtown airport where the museum now is, so the museum features lots of TWA stuff including a large restored plane exactly like one his grandfather once flew. I want the wedding (likely in spring) to have a 1940's dance hall/block party theme, with lots of paper streamers, globe lights, flag bunting, and tissue balls and fans. Think over-decorated 1942 New Year's Lion's Club dance. There is a large dance floor is the middle of the hangar, and the reception will be centered around it. I would love to incorporate airplane/TWA stuff (his grandmother has quite the stash), but I want to keep a vintage feel without it becoming a USO/military theme. Because the venue is SO big, it can really be decorated like an outdoor ceremony. I want to make the large warehouse feel cozier with tons of fun, kitschy, vintage decorations, but Im afraid if I go with very bright colors it could look too overwhelming and cluttered. Im so excited about this idea, and I hope I am lucky enough to be chosen to get your input!

Ayesha on Dec 16, 2009

We are getting married late spring (May 23) in a quaint rustic tree house on stilts above the water. There is a long white wood boardwalk and trees surrounding the small structure. The flowers will be in bloom, birds will be chirping and the air will be warm. We are outdoorsy people obviously BUT we are also modern. We want something whimsical, fun, and visually as stunning as our backdrop. We want to accentuate nature. Can you help? The Specs: We are 100% open. The only thing laid in stone is the date and the venue. We are thinking are colors maybe chartreuse, light blue, and chocolate brown

Erin on Dec 16, 2009

I would love some help as I am trying to tie together water lilies and vintage/swiss dots. We are planning a summer, backyard wedding. Ceremony will be in front of a small lily pond. (Water lilies are hardy flowers that can thrive in a variety of places, even in swamps, and open anew each morning--i feel it is a great symbol for marriage). Bridesmaid dresses are J.Crew "deep rose" (shade of coral) with ivory polka dots. Hopes to be mad men-esque. Junior bridesmaid/flower girl dresses will be light yellow (possibly with swiss dots). my dress is an ivory lace. hobnail vases for flower arrangements with water lily floating candle centerpieces. i am excited to be doing this planning on my own, with the help and inspiration of sites like this, but i would love the concrete guidance and vision of a color board. thanks for reading...

Bridget on Dec 16, 2009

Palmetto trees and fleur de lis. Society South meets "Meet Me in St. Louis". Washington, DC is the "State of Our Union", where a Show Me state girl met a true Southern gentleman from Charleston, SC. Almost two years to the date of our first meeting, my fiance proposed to me in Lafayette Square, near the White House, with his great-grandmother's 107 year old diamond engagement ring. This August, we will be united in marriage at St. Matthew's Cathedral, four blocks from the White House (not only the site of our engagement, but our first date at the White House Christmas Trees too) and in the same neighborhood where we first exchanged business cards (in true DC fashion) at Porter's. With a State of Our Union theme, we will highlight DC as the site of our love story, as well as emphasizing our heritage. I envision an Irish piper outside the cathedral greeting our guests. My fiance and I will take our pictures before the ceremony, at some of our favorite local hangouts and capital monuments. St. Matthew is the patron saint of civil servants and we are both career civil servants. We plan on reading the Beatitudes for our Gospel reading as it is the basis for my career in government and social work. To honor my family, we will have an evening nuptial mass with a presentation to the Blessed Mother. My priest will officiate with his Presbyterian pastor. We will exchange rings and my wedding band will be the same band his great-grandmother wore for her 1903 wedding with his great-grandparents' initials and April 16, 1903 wedding date engraved in it. I may wear his mom's Belgian lace cathedral veil, the same one his sister wore for her wedding. As we exit from our 7 p.m. ceremony, our guests will wave DC, Missouri and South Carolina mini flags in honor of our roots and the place where we feel in love. DC is known for many black tie events and my fiance plans on outfitting his wedding party in white tie (he owns his own!). Our cocktail reception at the National Press Club will take place in a ballroom surrounded by the flags of all 50 states, with views of the White House and Washington monument. I'm a political news junkie, so it's the perfect place for me! To honor my parents' marriage, my bride's "babes" will wear navy evening gowns and carry mixed hydrangea bouquets which remind me of DC farmer's markets. Our menu will feature foods from St. Louis (like pasta and toasted ravioli) and Charleston (raw bar). We plan on dancing all night to a live band! Beyond everything, our main focuses is our union. We will be united together in the sacrament of holy matrimony, combining two families, two faiths, two foundations in the city where we met and fell in love!

Sarah on Dec 16, 2009

Our wedding planning has been fraught with difficulty from the very beginning. We originally planned to have a spring wedding in my parents' backyard, using sort of a vintagey Mexican picnic theme, but due to financial constraints we had to move it to the fall. Then, my parents decided to sell their house and move out of state before our wedding. So we had to find a new venue and pretty much start from scratch. We put a deposit on an art gallery, and we're going from there. A color board would be very helpful for me, since I feel like I'm completely starting over. I love bright colors and feathers, and gold confetti stars. My dress is short and my shoes are hot pink with red hearts on the toes. I'm trying to pull all of this together without it looking like a crazy mish-mash of madness. My fiance is wonderful and only wants what makes me happy. We are very different, he's very minimal and clean design oriented and I love glittery glamour. I'd like to be able to make this work for us and show both of our personalities. It seems like a puzzle to me, but I'll bet you guys can figure it out!

kailie on Dec 17, 2009

We're getting married on a working farm in May, one that was a regular supplier to the restaurant in which we both worked (him chef, me waitress). Getting married on a farm speaks to life of our relationship to current. It's how we eat - by what is growing, how we preserve in the winter and how we mark time during the year. We now have a working farm in Tennessee and are forever inspired by the amazing Inn at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. The theme is based on farm essentias - burlap, hay, brown kraft/butcher paper and early Spring produce, as well as hydrangeas (an ode to my mother - my rock)

Kirsty on Dec 17, 2009

We are getting married in late spring on the South Perth foreshore, close to the spot where my fiance proposed. We are having a lunchtime reception, again on the foreshore, at a venue called the Boatshed, a very aptly named restaurant! The Swan River and the City of Perth will be our background. The water is special to my fiance, he loves fishing and diving (scuba) for crayfish. We are building a house so that we have room to park his boat! I love the river as a picturesque venue for exercise, running along the river and riding my bicycle. My favourite colour is blue... so our theme would be the water, the river, the ocean, the foreshore. Something simple and elegant is the plan!

Erin S on Dec 17, 2009

Here's the challenge- I'm attempting a "Pride and Prejudice meets Varsity Blues Wedding"... (themes from our two favorite movies) and it's literaly driving ME mad! I need it to be romantic and sophisticated but also southern and comfortable. After attempting to figure this out on my own by combining colors from some of your already maped out colorboards, I'm waving my white flag and shouting "HELP!" A custom colorboard to narrow my focus would be most welcome!

Lauren Wilde on Dec 17, 2009

My fiance and I are getting married in August in Houston however, most of our relationship has been long distance and in many cities. we are having a "dual citizen" theme as I am American (And TEXAN) and my fiance is Canadian. Both VERY proud of our heritage we want to incorporate the theme into everything including a signature cocktail, table names, and buffet style. We also want to do a funky dance for our 1st dance featuring songs that tell our story. We met in Calgary Alberta, and kept in phone and Skype contact but, didn't see each other for 4 months until we booked a resort trip to Mexico. There...we fell in love. He played pro Hockey and at the time we met had just quit due to injuries so...he went back to finish the last year of Cornell that he left behind when he was drafted. SO...we were long distance from NY to Texas for almost a year. We have learned so much about different cultures by traveling together and we want our guest to have a taste of what our journey has been like. My Dress is Kenneth Pool... Ivory tulle with a simple rhinestone spray down the center of the bodice. i was thinking i wanted gray, navy and a bright salmon color but...I am kind of lost.... A color board would be the greatest gift!!!!!!! Thank you a million, Lauren

Jazmin on Dec 17, 2009

Both of us grew up on the farm and then moved to the city. The farm is our background, our backbone and can be felt through us. Therefore, getting married on a farm only seems natural. We're trying to have an elegant yet simple farm styled wedding. Fun fall colors, as it's a September wedding in Saskatchewan. Full of harvest themed ideas. Harvest is such a plentiful and bountiful time in Saskatchewan, the fields brimming with beautiful golden wheat, flouring blue flax, beautiful yellow mustard and all sorts of crops growing in the fields. What better time to get married than when the efforts of hard work and dedication are in full bloom around us? Keeping some elegance along with our simple BBQ theme is becoming quite the issue. It's hard to have people envision an elegant wedding on a farm that is also simple at the same time. A color board would help us bring it together, the farm, harvest, BBQ, simple, elegance and the romantic qualities that we want in our wedding!

Sherisa (L'elephant Rose) on Dec 17, 2009

Hi :) This is super exciting. Our wedding is Oct 10, 2010 and our main colors are gray and pink. They are our favorite colors. But no set shades. He's Indonesian Dutch and I'm Jamaican American and trying to incorporate a bit of all our favorite things is super important. He proposed via an online mixtape (which so cleverly spelled out "Do you want to marry me Sherisa" I said "yah!" We met in New York (where I live) a few years back, while he was on holiday and have had a long distance relationship ever since. It's been difficult, only seeing each other for a few wks sometimes even once a year. And now that we're saving for the wedding, we won't see each other til he flies here for the wedding NEXT OCTOBER! Thank Heavens for video chat! We're getting married in Brooklyn and it's just going to be a love fest. I want romance, comfort and joy. I'd be sooo stoked to win! :)

Surealm3 on Dec 17, 2009

wow this is great! We are getting married in March in New Orleans. I am trying to balance the vintage mansion and gardens with a romantic spring feel. I can't wait to parade with everyone in a traditional Second Line, have an oyster bar, and piano bar reception!

Angela on Dec 17, 2009

My fiance and I will be tying the knot in May, 2010, with only 6 months of planning thrown in there. Our wedding will be 2 days before our college graduation- fitting as we met during orientation! We have only just begun planning (he proposed a week ago!) But we have a few guidelines in place. We want the ceremony to take place outside, and, in honor of the summer (and two of my favorite summer fruits!) we'll be having a peach and raspberry colored wedding! While I love the colors and the idea, I'm having a hard time making the colors look summer-y (as opposed to autumn-like.)

liz on Dec 17, 2009

i was incredibly inspired by a picture ( that you posted in november -- i loved the plum/wine with pops of red, orange, and green so much that my fiance and i are using those as our wedding colors. we'd love to see a colorboard based on this picture and palette!

Sita on Dec 17, 2009

Hello Ladies, You're post inspired me to write a little bit about my day! I am having a winter wedding, in Jackson Hole WY. March 6th (yes that's still winter here). Although my fiance and I are serious skiers, we've decided winter's romance is far exceeding the feeling of skiing. So, our theme is feathers and fur and a little western rustic cowboy in there too. Our ceremony is taking place in a really old, but real barn that was used for horse and cow stalls, with the poop to prove it left behind. A horse and carriage will bring guests to the barn on the snow in a sleigh. The matrons are carrying lanterns down the aisle instead of flowers, and are all wearing some sort of fur accessory. We'll have a bonfire after the ceremony, with hot coco, schnapps, and Kahlua, coffee and baileys! Yum!! The color themes are winter green, ivory, barn wood brown, and recently I've decided that I need a new bright color in there to make things pop and come alive in the drab of melting March a little more. Fuschia peonies are a favorite, or I've tossed around the idea of citrus. Anyway, thought you might enjoy a little winter wonder full in here somewhere. Good luck with the choice. You gals are giving love to brides everywhere, everyday! Hope you enjoy dreaming up ideas for this as much as I do! Cheers.

Sita on Dec 17, 2009

You're post inspired me to write a little bit about my day! I am having a winter wedding, in Jackson Hole WY. March 6th (yes that's still winter here). Although my fiance and I are serious skiers, we've decided winter's romance is far exceeding the feeling of skiing. So, our theme is feathers and fur and a little western rustic cowboy in there too. Our ceremony is taking place in a really old, but real barn that was used for horse and cow stalls, with the poop to prove it left behind. A horse and carriage will bring guests to the barn on the snow in a sleigh. The matrons are carrying lanterns down the aisle instead of flowers, and are all wearing some sort of fur accessory. We'll have a bonfire after the ceremony, with hot coco, schnapps, and Kahlua, coffee and baileys! Yum!! The color themes are winter green, ivory, barn wood brown, and recently I've decided that I need a new bright color in there to make things pop and come alive in the drab of melting March a little more. Fuschia peonies are a favorite, or I've tossed around the idea of citrus. Anyway, thought you might enjoy a little winter wonder full in here somewhere. Good luck with the choice. You gals are giving love to brides everywhere, everyday! Hope you enjoy dreaming up ideas for this as much as I do! Cheers.

J.S. on Dec 17, 2009

Spring in the Eastern Sierra Mountains We're getting married in the spring where we met, at a ski resort in northern California: We'd like to celebrate the gorgeous natural setting (trees, mountains, lakes, snow--but in the spring the earth will also be coming back to life) as well as honor our love of writing, literature, and all things vintage. The more romantic and artistic, the better. The ceremony will be in a quaint little church at the base of the mountain, and the reception will be on top of the mountain in a restaurant with 3 walls of windows overlooking the snowy peaks. So yes, guests will ride the gondola! We had some ideas about color and decor, but it seems those same ideas are now everywhere on the web, so we're thinking of starting from scratch. Would LOVE some help!

Kristina Johnson on Dec 17, 2009

Hello folks! My guy, Gabe, and I love living here in Portland, OR, and this is where we want to wed. We're thinking about the woodsy Leach Botanical Garden (with original 1930's Arts and Crafts Manor house). It has an awesome outdoor fireplace a little ways down a path, and a creek with a bridge, too! From perusing your blog (and..ahem...many others), I decided that I LOVE the idea of a casual picnic / tea-and-coffee-party wedding, with the addition of outdoorsy stuff (Gabe is part of the Search and Rescue group based out of Mt. Hood, and I love going hiking and camping with him!). Portland has a huge coffee reputation, and I grew up loving tea--hence the drinks. I've also discovered that there are movable coffee shop/stands to rent! So--I'm thinking flowers in vintage teacups, teapots, mason jars (Gabe also loves to make preserves and pickles! He's versatile), and other repurposed vessels. Perhaps burlap tablecloths with handmade napkins from left-over quilt fabrics? Our families are made up of quiltmakers and knitters and needlepoint folks, so any diy projects related to these skills is just peachy! Striped ticking fabric makes me go weak at the knees. As for colors...I adore all shades of sunny yellow. I've also fallen in love with the blush-pink peonies I'm seeing everywhere in blogs! Gabe's favorite color is (of course) dark evergreen. I love all kinds of flowers, but love the blowsy, soft and wild look that I've been seeing lately. How do I put our disparate interests together? I appreciate any and all help. ~Kristina and Gabe

claire on Dec 18, 2009

cakettes, if your eyes haven't fallen out from all these GORGEOUS stories coming in, here is another one!... he is from rome, italy, i am a northern california girl. we met in nairobi, kenya. we live now in singapore. we lived for a while in Sri Lanka (beautiful Indian Ocean island, majorly devastated by the Tsunami and years of civil war) and decided that Sri Lanka is a place that holds meaning, hope, reality, beauty, inner-peace and promise! what a great place to have a wedding. we will be on the coast - so the wedding will be themed by the environment around us - crashing sea, lush tropical gardens, frangipani trees galore, and lotus flowers to boot. the idea is minimalist - architectural, and people friendly. less is more, and clearly with a tropical wedding we are all about the surroundings. we are about to press "yes" on a glorious bella figura design called provenance (yay for your links!) and my dress will be a simple jcrew number. what i am after is an ACCENT. all that green, white, blue sky, sea... does this call for an accent, some drama? we will leave that up to your much respected expertise...

Rachel on Dec 18, 2009

my plan is a bit hazy at the moment, but what we're thinking of going with is a very cool evening based on the theme of 60s mod. Both of us love the Beatles and want to incorporate that without going too Beatle-mania, so we thought a tribute to 60s Mod would be a great way to go. I'd love to see a unifying pattern in either a crimson or royal blue, but I think it's paramount to have plenty of black and white as well. I LOVE texture so anything to add an extra little pop, like feathers or different fabric pairings, is just where I want to go with it. I already have a few mod looking dresses picked out (Rosa Clara if you care to check them out) and he loves the tailored suit and skinny tie look. You're help would be SO appreciated. Love you guys!

michelle on Dec 18, 2009

me and my sweetheart and getting married on september 5th 2010. we met in middle school, and have been in each other's lives ever since, first as acquaintances, then friends, lovers, and confidantes. almost 18 years later - we are returning back to the place we grew up, first held hands, kissed, and fell in love to get married. (and no - we haven't been dating for 18 years! we met in 6th grade - dated for 2 years in high school and college - remained friends and travel buddies over the years - and eventually found each other again at the right place and time to fall in love all over again. we have been together for the past 3 and half years - living out west, in latin america, and now in dc). as far as the theme for our wedding - we are planning to make everything handmade with love. we also plan to respect the earth as much as possible in the process - using and re-using paper, fabric, and cardboard. i love bright colors and we want everything to be fun, comfortable, and happy! we love simple designs with a creative details, rather than chaotic over-indulgence. i love bright jewel tones like magenta and teal - while he prefers more muted colors like charcoal and cream. however we haven't completely decided on anything yet - because we have been more focused on the who and the what rather than what it will look like. basically we want to focus the event on our love for each other and all the important people in our lives. we would appreciate any and all of your ideas!

Yvette on Jan 7, 2010

He's Egyptian and I'm Mexican. Our reception is at the "Cosmopolitan Nightclub." We like deep rich colors like blood red and egg plant. We are going for a gothic spanish elegant feel. I don't know what other colors to incorporate, but I want the feel to be mysterious, regal, elegant, young and fun. We'd also like to add some of ethnic flavor to the mix.

Kelly R. on Jan 7, 2010

My fiancee and I are getting married in late October in Wisconsin (cool & crisp evenings) and our reception is in a gorgeous rustic (think wood beams and a fire place) building overlooking a creek. We want it to feel like a cozy, fall evening in (we are homebodies): lit fireplaces, candles, board games, hot chocolate, etc. We are using blues and browns for certain (can one do blues in fall?) and debating between champagne and burgundy for an accent color. I've struggled over how to give my vendors, family, and friends a true feeling over this and none of my inspiration boards demonstrate exactly what I am looking for! I'd love help with this - I really want our guests to feel right at home the moment they walk in.

100layercake on Jan 8, 2010

Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for sharing your wedding plans with us. Unfortunately, we've already chosen our winners. We wish you all the best, 100 Layer Cake

Andrea on Jan 22, 2010

HOMESTEAD GARDEN WEDDING, MOAB, UTAH: This couldn't have come at a better time! I am at such a loss for what color palate to choose for my wedding (Spring 2011). For some reason, I'm just having a terrible time visualizing the entire day. Despite the fact that my fiance and I only got engaged last week, we've known where we were going to get married for years: in the red rock valley of the Colorado River near Moab, Utah. It's a really special place to us; we've backpacked all over Southern Utah yearly since we met in 2002 The vision is to have an old-fashioned, western homestead-themed wedding at a lovely little B&B just off Main Street. It should have a casual, summerey, evening garden party vibe. We'd have mason jars for drinking glasses and long, rustic wooden tables for dinner with the food all served family-style under the intimate garden's canopies. We'd serve home-style comfort food, prepared with the freshest, seasonal ingredients from local producers at sundown. At dusk we'd light hanging lanterns from the tree canopies. After dinner, we'd drink whiskey punch and dance to the live bluegrass band on the outdoor deck. And under the full moon, you'd be able to hear the sounds of Colorado River and see the spectacular silhouette of the impending Fisher Towers rock formations in the distance against the bright night sky. And that's all fine and great, but I almost feel like we shouldn't introduce any colors to the wedding because there are already going to be so many! I just can't wrap my mind around it - the natural hues out there in Southern Utah are already so vibrant, and I want to make sure that whatever color palate we land on subtly compliments the sumptuous, rust-colored dusty environment without overwhelming the senses. OK I understand that that was slightly long-winded. If you've made it this far, kudos. And if you're on my level here with this one, if you can envision my wedding the way I am, and think you have an unbeatable color palate, help a sister out. Thank you and goodnight.

Kim Larsen on Feb 8, 2010

I met my fiancee, Tom, in law school in Rhode Island. We are moving to Seattle, WA (his hometown) but we have decided to have the wedding in Newport, RI. So our quaint theme is "A Seattle Wedding in Newport." Our idea is to fuse the east coast and west coast through food, favors and of course, color! We have so many ideas to bring this fusion to fruition (i.e. pics of the bride (me) lifting her wedding gown to reveal rain boots, pics of our wedding party under umbrellas and the bride and groom (us) tossing our umbrellas as we kiss in the rain, food of both regions (read clam chowder and clamcakes, raw bar, signature cocktails - perhaps a "hers" cape codder and a "his" dark and stormy, etc.). Plus (on a humorous note) our east meets west theme works on a second level!! I am of Korean-Danish descent and Tom is a blue-eyed, blonde cutie! I love gray and citrus (or maybe mustard?) as two sort of primary colors, but I'd like a way to balance these colors with some shades of blue (steel blue, storm, etc. ?) or purple (plum, mauve, etc.,?) or maybe peach? As you can see I am unsure of how to balance these colors and/or accentuate them. I would be more than grateful for a little professional advice!!!!!!!

Raymond on Oct 16, 2011

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