28 Jun

Roaring 1920’s wedding: Ginny + Ed

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Good morning dearest readers! We have a quite lovely treat for you to start off the week. So lovely in fact that we’re inspired to start every week off with a perfectly styled 20’s wedding shot by the very talented Josh Goleman. Okay, it doesn’t have to be 20’s inspired, but we’d like it to be something this well thought out and this beautifully photographed.

It’s just so perfect, there’s not much we can say. Except that these two certainly have vision. And exceptional taste.




(omg. headpiece!!!)











Photography: Josh Goleman / Venue: Serenbe in Palmetto, Georgia (which looks so amazing!)

You can see more amazing photos on Once Wed (here, here, here, here, and here), plus their super cute telegram invites.

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  1. aww man that looks so amazing!

  2. What a fun wedding…love the style!

  3. lovely, absolutely lovely.

  4. So pretty and romantic. It’s a lovely wedding for a lovely couple.

  5. hello.. GORGEOUS! wow, talk about a serious vision. Ginny’s blog is adorable and I was wondering when we’d see details of the wedding. worth the wait ; )

  6. This is so creative and charming. I love that they poured so much personality into it. Really incredible.

  7. I love the photos, the theme and the dresses, the dresses! wonderful! so romantic so perfect.

  8. wow. the styling for this is amazing. Josh has been photographing some amazing weddings lately.

  9. Wow, this beautiful wedding cured my case of the “Mondays”, thanks for the pick-me-up!!

  10. Absolutely stunning!

  11. I just don’t think you could ask for more personality in a wedding. looks so fun and fresh. love this!!!

  12. DIVINE!!!!

  13. This wedding is perfection! I am definitely saving it for furture inspiration!

  14. such fun bridal party attire! Love the throw back to another era. Love love love the color palette! thanks for sharing!

  15. I really like the bridal gown, the square flags and friendly atmosphere in these photos. Cake??

  16. what a fabulous wedding! love the image of the bride with the crowd around her.

  17. Serenbe is such a beautiful place…it’s kind of like stepping into a whole other world…it looks like this wedding was a perfect fit…the palette, the style…everything!! Gorgeous!

  18. This one of the most beautiful, creative weddings I have seen in awhile.

  19. love, love, love … fabulous!

  20. For the last two years, I have been combing through wedding trends and this is my favorite one yet! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your day. . .

  21. I keep seeing more of these photos all over, I LOVE the black and white ones.

  22. Where is her beautiful shrug from?

  23. Love the vintage vibe of this wedding! Looks like it was a fantastic time.

  24. It’s so nice to see all their friends and family supporting the theme! Love the bridesmaid’s details and the hats for the boys.

    Tara [at] Pacific Wedding Guide

  25. I was hoping to see pics from this one; I’ve read her blog for a while. I ADORE the pile of straw hats — so sweet. Looks like F. Scott and Zelda will wander in at any moment.

  26. OH. STOP. first of all, serenbe is dreamy (i got married there, too!) and it’s truly magical. i adore the 20s. this is just beautiful.

  27. Josh, could you please talk about that wonderful table of photos? Were they taken digitally and printed on site? Also, I’ve seen this backdrop a couple of places (maybe it was yours!). Could you tell us how you did/found it? Any specifics much appreciated!

  28. I love this theme! thanks for sharing :) the color palette is eye candy! the black and white 4×5’s are a great touch, too! LOVE IT!

  29. outstanding photography. best yet I have seen

  30. We had the pleasure of working on this wedding and it was fabulous. Ginny and Ed are the sweetest couple and all of the details were perfect. I felt like I was in a dream land the entire wedding!

  31. Is it wrong that I want to run away from my real life and live in the fantastical, magical world created by this wedding?

    In all honesty, I haven’t seen such a stunning celebration, like, EVER.

    Have a gorgeous holiday weekend girls!

  32. Absolutely stunning wedding. So fun, so classy, so original. Thanks for posting!!!

  33. Oh, I just adore this wedding. The twenties never looked so glamorous!

  34. Awesome! Right out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel~ just splendid.

  35. I ADORE this wedding theme!!! I will post a link to this post on twitter now! xo

  36. So Great Gatsby! I love it. And what a charming-looking couple.


  37. I’m just fascinated with all the beautiful stuff you post here. I can’t believe I haven’t stopped by any sooner….

  38. o my God! the wedding is so adorable! love the theme!

  39. I literally… get goosebumps everytime I look at pictures of this wedding. It is so perfection… not on purpose. Just dreamy. I adore every last bit.

  40. My mom and my sister were lost for words when I showed them the pictures…
    We all Love Love Love!

  41. Wonderful pictures and such a charming couple! Love the guest book idea!

  42. Hello! I just wanted to let you know you were featured on my blog!


    p.s.- I am in love with this wedding!

  43. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE This wedding! I love the guestbook table and the photo booth and the fact that the guests were all willing to dress for the occasion.

  44. wow!! what a great idea, and theme!! i want to go to a wedding like that!

  45. This is an amazing wedding!!! Wish I was there!!

  46. I didn’t want to get married until I saw the video of this wedding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trQpzPn9SW4

    utter perfection :)

  47. you all look amazing, im getting married in sept, and i love the 1920s style dresses, where did you get all the dresses from? thanks

  48. It looks soo nice, simple, natural and beautiful. I will be getting married this year, I want my wedding to be just like that. I love everything about the wedding.

  49. I love these photos!, this style wedding in general!! i too am planning a 1920’s themed wedding if you don’t mind me asking where did u find such authentic looking dresses? or if anyone knows that would be great!

  50. What a fantastic theme!! xx

  51. I am dying to know where they got the hats from?? I’ve been looking everywhere! PLEASE HELP!!!

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