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WOW. We are ruuuullllly late posting today. It’s practically nighttime for you east coast readers. Sorry about that. Sometimes weeks are busier than others, as you all likely know.

But never fear, we do have something. And it’s a really great thing. Sara and Mark were officially married last November in a small Central Park ceremony. This May, 6 glorious months of wedded bliss later, they threw a party for their family and friends to celebrate their marriage. Aww.

They did everything themselves (which we obvs love). The flowers and fruit for the centerpieces came from Whole Foods and Sara arranged them herself using vases and vessels from the Dollar Store and Ikea. Mark designed their invites and their website. They made super cute Motown lyric buttons and had a huge display of homemade cakes. But you know what’s the best? Games! They had croquet on the lawn and in our opinion every party is better with group activities. Nothing is more fun than sipping cocktails and engaging in leisure sport.


Congrats, Sara and Mark on your awesome lawn party! And of course your marriage.

Venue: Woodlawn Manor / Photography: Cassidy DuHon

You can also see Sara and Mark’s beautiful NYC post-wedding shoot in the Brooklyn Bride archives.

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Social Love

nole @ oh so beautiful paper on Jun 11, 2009

I thought I recognized that gazebo - I got married at Woodlawn Manor! So nice to see our venue on 100 layer cake!

Amy on Jun 11, 2009

That looks like a very fun celebration!

paula on Jun 11, 2009

how fun and lovely.

kaitlin on Jun 12, 2009

i love the buttons. were they ordered, or DIY? and if they were DIY....can you point me in the direction of a tutorial?

Jenn on Jun 12, 2009

Good photojournalism! from Jenn and Glen

Truly Smitten on Jun 12, 2009

oh! i love the yellow gingham pattern details!

RhiannonM on Jun 12, 2009

This looks like a fabulous idea! Thanks for passing this along!

dandelion muse on Jun 12, 2009

i can't decide if i love the button placecard idea or the croquet more!! this looks like such a sweet wedding

Rebecca on Jun 12, 2009

I'd love to see some more photos of the bride's dress- or do you know who made it? Thanks!

Karen - The Last Detail on Jun 12, 2009

Now THAT is a party I'd love to attend. LOVE those motown buttons. Nice touch.

Sara* on Jun 12, 2009

Hi all: I'm the "former" bride here and I am so happy to be getting the 100 Layer Cake treatment! Thank you all so much for your compliments -- it really was SUPER fun! To answer some of your questions... Yes, the buttons were designed by my husband and then the images uploaded to and you can order 100 buttons for $30! It was a great deal and they were a huge hit! By the end of the night people were wearing like 8 or 9 each. Secondly, my dress is J.Crew but I'm unsure if they have it still. It was more of a party dress than a wedding dress and that's what I like about it. I bought it back in February too, which may make it harder to track down.

Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop on Jun 12, 2009

What a fun wedding! The couple is adorable!

nole @ oh so beautiful paper on Jun 12, 2009

Hey Sara - your dress was the "Melody" from Jcrew, right? It's currently on sale via the Jcrew online store: Just FYI for anyone interested...

Sprouted Kitchen on Jun 12, 2009

I NEED that child in the jumpsuit with the croquet stick! I love him! and i love the splashes of color in this wedding ~

Sara* on Jun 12, 2009

Yes, that's the dress! It has pockets which I loved...

a Dish of Fun with a Side of Sass on Jun 12, 2009

This looks like a fun wedding, I would have loved to attend!

Sarah on Jun 14, 2009

I love the croquet idea! how fun!

Jassie on Jun 15, 2009

Awww man! The dress is only left in yellow! Such a rad wedding! I'm jealous...

Mary Kidwell on Jun 16, 2009

Wow, this is so beautiful. Like the previous posters, the buttons are absolutley precious!! I love the wide variety of cakes, such an original idea!

brooke on Jun 16, 2009

oh my gosh! i was JUST looking at this venue yesterday to use for a party! its beautiful! thanks for the post, its confirmed...its definitely on the list! :)

sarah on Jun 18, 2009

The wedding looks real instead of a fabricated assembly line wedding. Love the button idea. Especially if you can get your guests into it and by the sounds of your response they were! Who made the cakes? Were they all homemade?

Sara* on Jun 19, 2009

Sarah -- Yes, the cakes were all homemade. My mother and sister in law are both amazing bakers and I came to them with a proposition -- luckily for me (and our budget) they agreed! We had a total of 11 cakes baked by my mother, mother in law, and sister in law (and just in case the caterer brought 2 extra). People really enjoyed all the different flavors. There was a red velvet, a lemon pound cake, vanilla, chocolate, some with raspberry jam layers, some without, etc. 11 cakes for 125 people, there were PLENTY of leftovers too.

carolina on Jun 19, 2009

I'm looking for yellow Gingham runners or tablecloths for my wedding I like the ones you have in your pictures?... can you tell me where you got them??? Thanks.

Sara* on Jun 19, 2009

Carolina, we did all of our linens through our caterer, she actually had them available. I looked for some to purchase all over the place and what I'd recommend to you is to go out and buy yellow gingham fabric and either you or someone you know/love/trust sew what you're looking for -- I think you'll save time and $$.

kelly on Jun 23, 2009

ok, that's what i'm talking about. what a great lawn party! i could really use some advice, ladies. i've been trying to explain this concept to my girlfriends. they are sooo not getting it! i'd like to have a wedding in the same spirit but minus the dancing. sara etc, do you guys have any advice on the flow of events for a great afternoon on the lawn sans dancing? picture croquet, horseshoes, musical entertainment... thanks for sharing you day!

Sara* on Jun 24, 2009

Hi Kelly. I think your idea could totally work especially if it's an afternoon type of thing. It was like clockwork that the minute the sun went down, people were ready to dance and it didn't matter what music was on, so it may be hard to control the dancing. We had bocce ball and croquet, we had bubbles for the kiddies, too. I had wanted hula hoops but it's hard to find the classic ones these days, so I skipped it. Horseshoes would've been good too. To be honest, people enjoyed just standing around and visiting since the weater was so nice. Good luck!

kelly on Jun 27, 2009

thanks, sara!

Marie on Apr 24, 2011

Your wording is perfect !! I am going to borrow it for my daughter !! Thank you !!

Warta Ponsel on Feb 3, 2015

wow perfect and very romantic..... so cool... hmmmm like it

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