26 May

Real Wedding: Lorena + George

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A beautiful wedding in Carmel, shot by one of our (and everyone’s?) favorite photogs, Max Wanger. How lovely. As always.








Thanks so much for sharing, Max. We love everything you do!

**update. Here are the details of the wedding. Thanks, Lorena!

Lorena’s silk taffeta dress: Abigail Bridal Couture. They don’t have a website, but they are based in LA and you can find their contact info over at Project Wedding. Lorena bought the dress at Mon Amie in Costa Mesa, CA / Ceremony/Reception location: A private estate in the Carmel/Point Lobos area / Food: Chef and owner, Colin MacLaggan of Avenue 5 Restaurant & Bar, of one of the restaurants Lorena represents in San Diego / Lorena designed the flowers and purchased them wholesale through various growers in the Monterey Bay area. Melody King with Fleurish in Carmel helped to put them together.

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  1. They got married in the forest? *dies*

  2. Oh the atmosphere. You can really feel it in these photographs. Swoon.

  3. Gorgeous photos! They capture the mood, the environment, and the joy perfectly. <3

  4. those pics are completely and utterly dreamy! what a wedding…

  5. Makes me wish I still lived in California! But only a little…Tennessee has better real estate! :)

  6. so stunning!

  7. I also love this pictures! congratulations.

  8. Beautiful wedding! Any idea who the dress is by?

  9. As if I didn’t miss Monterey enough already! Gorgeous.

  10. love love love. and i would really love to know where the dress is from……

  11. Dress info please!!

  12. These photos are beautiful and breathtaking. Absolutely fantastic

  13. Thank you for posting these. Where was the venue?

  14. Any details on the dress? I absolutely adore it.

  15. Dream like :)

  16. That flower in her hair is GORGEOUS!

  17. such a magical day!

  18. LOVE!! I’d be so happy if Lorena can share her best advise about their gorgeous wedding. I’m also having my wedding at a private estate and plan to do my own flowers! GULP!

  19. As if I didn’t miss Monterey enough already! Gorgeous.

  20. love love love. and i would really love to know where the dress is from……

  21. Oh my darling that dress is beyond fabulous. And I don’t say that lightly.

  22. Wow…that’s the only word that maybe can describe what’s going on in my head looking at these photos! 😀 stunning..so simple and stilish!


  23. Thank you for posting these. Where was the venue?

  24. Any details on the dress? I absolutely adore it.

  25. Dream like :)

  26. beautimus max!

  27. the pictures captured the moment! beautiful! loved the dress!

  28. Your whole site is just too cute, i want to live in your blog!!

  29. Love max’s fresh and clean images with a dash of grit, stoked that you guys featured his work for us all to see!

  30. lovely pics, i’m gonna marry in a old mexican hacienda in january, so the pics just gave me great ideas! 😀

  31. beautiful!

  32. Love the dress too! Any news on that? Looks amazing on you! Would love to know the designer! thank you

  33. Hi,

    For the few that passed over the dress info in our post, the details are at the bottom of the post. It is by Abigail Bridal Couture. This dress IS so beautiful!


  34. Hi,
    You look absolutely beautiful!!! I don’t know who you are, but I would like to speak to you. Abbie asked me to contact you to see if she could use the photo(s) of you. Can you call us at 213 239 8887 or reply via e:mail?
    Thank you for your consideration.
    I hope you are happy in your new life with your husband…

    Abigail Bridal Couture

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