Val Marie Paper

Invitations & Paper

I’m Valerie Metrejean Woerner, but you can call me Val Marie.

I see beauty all over and literally wish I could capture it, stick it in my pocket and pull it out on a rainy day. It just makes me feel good to look at pretty things. And if I can make you smile by making something pretty for you, I smile too!

 I learned how to design in college while earning my Journalism degree. We designed newspaper pages, and as you know, newspapers aren’t all that glamourous design-wise. Imagine my surprise when I opened Southern Fete in September 2008 and realized those tools I had learned could create something beyond, simple newsprint and headlines.

After designing wedding stationery for four years now through my design company Southern Fete, I am thrilled to expand my offerings beyond weddings with my new company, Val Marie Paper. It just means I can be there to hear more of your story from weddings, babies and every holiday season in between!