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  • Amy writes: June 6, 2012
    “If there was a way to give Christina more than five stars I would. Christina far exceeded my expectations. Her photographs are amazing - she has managed to make even posed photos look unposed, her style is so naturally beautiful, the way she works with light is genius, and she makes you look so good. I would also highly recommend getting portraits done before your wedding, which is a little extra but completely worth it. The portrait session put us at ease and seeing the photos gave me even more confidence in her skills before the big day. I absolutely loved our portrait shots and am so thankful we will have them forever. As for our wedding photos, I am blown away by them. She completely captured the essence of the wedding - and of me and my husband. Nothing seemed forced. In fact, I don't even recall any photos where it looked like people knew there was a camera - which leads me to her personality/presence. Christina blended so seamlessly into our wedding - guests came up to me after and commented on how nice she was. I felt like I had an extra friend there that was looking out for me. She was so unobtrusive and yet, I always felt confident that she was getting the right shots. Bottom line, I really like Christina as a person, which is so great when working with a wedding vendor. You know its a good sign when I was on my honeymoon saying to my husband, damn I wish Christina was here to take pictures of us. As for cost/value, Christina is a steal. Hire her now, seriously. I would have zero hesitation recommending her to everyone. Unless you like cheesy, posed pictures - then go somewhere else.”
  • Liza writes: August 24, 2012
    “That would be more fun to watch than the show .I'd buy a ticket! And I am gunesisg there are other mom's who feel the same way about her-it could be like a big cat figh! Thanks so much for letting me share this fun with your girls-they did a beautiful job. But four nights is silly-they must be sick of it by now too!”

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