Mandi Roach Photography


Mandi Roach Photography is an elopement and wedding photographer based in The Woodlands, serving all of Houston.

I sort of fell into wedding photography 12 years ago and it’s been the happiest accident of my life. Over a solid decade of photographing weddings I’ve learned how to navigate many unexpected challenges that might arise on a wedding day, and I've been in just about every type of environment. No two couples are alike; no two weddings are alike. What I do is show up with open eyes, ears, and heart with my camera ready to document the unfolding. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's quiet, sometimes it's playful -- but it's always honest.

At the end of the day, most any photographer can deliver good photos, but I strive to give more than that - I stress the importance of connection and I hold space for you to show up completely yourself. My main focus above all else is that you find our time together easy and maybe even fun. Forget the poses and expectations of what photos "should be." Rather, we'll create beautiful images together that authentically feel like you, preserving this milestone of your life, no matter how big or how small.



  • Texas: Houston