Robb McCormick Photography


Meet Robb McCormick, a passionate and experienced Wedding and Commercial photographer from Columbus, Ohio who has dedicated his career to capturing timeless and emotionally rich images. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Robb strives to make each photograph a true reflection of the essence and feelings of his subjects.

As a self-proclaimed purist, Robb adheres to traditional photography methods, using light meters and shooting in manual mode to ensure precision and artistic control. His deep fascination with both light and the human form allows him to craft photographs that go beyond mere snapshots; he believes that great photographs are not just taken but meticulously crafted with the right elements.

With over 500 weddings under his belt, Robb has become a seasoned expert in wedding photography. His ability to anticipate and capture the subtle moments of the day has made him a sought-after choice for couples looking to immortalize their special moments.

In addition to weddings, Robb's portfolio extends to include various local and national events, commercial projects, headshots, and advertising photography. Notable clients such as Google, Facebook, AEP, Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase, Victoria’s Secret, GQ Magazine, Panera, and more have entrusted him with their photography needs, a testament to his skill and professionalism.

Throughout his decade-long career, Robb has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed organizations and entities such as The Ohio State University, COSI, City of Dublin, City of New Albany, City of Westerville, City of Reynoldsburg, and many more.

Robb McCormick's photographs speak volumes, capturing the emotions, stories, and beauty of his subjects in a way that resonates deeply with all who behold them. With a passion for preserving cherished moments and a dedication to his craft, Robb continues to create visually stunning and heartfelt images that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.



  • Midwest: Michigan, Ohio, Chicago