PIA Photo & Film


Meet Pia:

Jeremy Jonas said “We all have our time machines, don’t we? Those that take us back are memories… and those that take you forward are dreams” — and I’d add that both memories and dreams live in photographs.

Ever since I was little I’ve been obsessed with preserving moments. I would collect the most absurd things just to take me back to an important day I wanted to remember forever. I had so much fun organizing my collections, staring at them in awe, and feeling inspired.

Coming from an Italian family that immigrated to South America, but was born and raised in Mexico and later moved to New Zealand (crazy life turn of events!), people, cultures and places have had a profound impact on the way I notice moments and express stories.

I adore how photos & videos preserve memories of relatives who may soon pass away, or serendipitous moments that mean the world to us. I get to gift you moments, reminding you how insanely beautiful you are when your guard is down. I can’t even express how passionate I am about couples celebrating their day as an expression of their full story, and their images becoming a collection of moments they will look back on forever and one day show their grandchildren.

In the short two years of documenting weddings, I’ve had the joy to photograph and film weddings all over New Zealand, Italy, Paris, Spain & New York. It’s a true honour to be welcomed into my couples’ world with such open arms. I absolutely cannot wait to tell your story in all its true forms!

“Pia, you are one of a kind! Some kind of angel sent to make our wedding more full of love and light than we thought was possible!! Thank you so much for your beautiful gift of photos but also for your gifts of laughter and enthusiasm and joy! You gave us much more than a sneak peek!!! We’re just so overwhelmed by how beautiful these photos are and how precious the memories are! So much love flowing your way girl!!” - Cam & Britt, New Zealand



  • Australia / New Zealand: New Zealand, Melbourne
  • Europe / UK: France, Greece, Italy, Other EU, United Kingdom
  • New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island, Upstate New York