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You want Dirty Beats at your wedding because you DON’T want to hear Uptown Funk, Cha Cha Slide, or all the same flaccid songs you’ve heard dozens of times. You want something unique and you want to hear something new and exciting.

Dirty Beats was forged out of the desire to bring a sophisticated club vibe to Niagara’s most discerning ears. I will create a nostalgic musical experience for you and your best friends. Beats for your wedding, stag, doe and doe, and more. Dirty: because the best nights are spontaneous and a little rough around the edges.

My approach is to include tracks that you’ve never heard before, along with a fresh take on some familiar ones. I may play tracks at your wedding that I discovered (or produced) only days before.

I was classically trained as a violinist but I also play drums and synths. I developed a deep appreciation of the structure, form, and emotional content of music. Although I spent years exploring acoustic forms, for me, there is nothing else like electronic music: The unmatched textures, the unique sounds, the driving basslines. The way it can hold you in a balance between high energy dancing and a dream-like trance is unlike any other musical genre. I want you to experience the same rush I feel when that final chord resolves…or when the kick drum drops back in.

See you on the dancefloor.

Services Offered

Serving Niagara, Grimsby, Hamilton, and beyond, Dirty Beats serves up the good stuff whether you're planning an intimate gathering of close friends or a massive party with everyone you know. Dirty Beats can provide top-of-the-line sound for indoor or outdoor events. With up to 12 hours of service, I also offer dancefloor lighting, long range wireless microphones, and special effects including:

Sound at your ceremony (indoor or outdoor)
A wide range of lighting options
Fog machine
Bubble machine
Custom lighting packages
Mc Duties

Don't see what you need? I probably have that too!

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