Let's Frolic Together


Let’s be friends! I’m Jasmine, a playful photographer telling stories of love and adventure throughout Southern California. We believe that people matter to each other. And something hopeful and tender and dazzling happens when they get connected, like fireflies twinkling in the trees beside a silent river. But comforting, too, like PB&J, or mac & cheese.

There's magic in each of us. Optimism, possibility, and all those quirky, embarrassing things we do with our favorite people when the world isn’t watching. When we pick up our cameras, we see people extending this tangible wonder out to one-another, criss-crossing like the lasers from the photo day backdrops of our schoolgirl years. That’s where we come in. To preserve the fleeting moments that are intangibly connecting people, and to tell the ridiculous and amazing story those moments add up to. Let's consume copious bowls of mac & cheese. Let’s throw caution into the wind. Let’s get connected. Let’s frolic together!



  • Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, San Diego

Let's Frolic Together features on 100 Layer Cake