Finessence Photography


This is how it all begins. The first glance, kiss, dance, smiles & laughter, with vows made to keep and love meant to share. A day that all seemingly happens in an instant, but a story that will last a lifetime.

You’ll spend months pouring over every detail, from dresses to deserts, colours to cocktails, it’s all about your day reflecting who you truly are. However, after the dances have been danced, and the cake has been cut, all that remains of your special day are memories and photographs. Therefore, choosing the right photographer will become one of the most important investments you’ll ever make.

Finessence Photography is a multi-award winning studio who specialise in modern, personalised, wedding based storytelling. Our team of seasoned pros, believe in delivering photos that capture who you truly are, in ways you never imagined.

Our collections start at $3,450.00, however we encourage couples to organise a time to come see or Skype with us in person, so we can better tailor a package to suit your very specific needs.



  • Australia / New Zealand