Jan Faye Captures Moments


Nothing makes me more excited than when I find out that you adore creativity, fun, and appreciate an artistic style to your photos. I don't want to be the photographer you hire because of my prices, or because of the packages I offer. I want you to hire me because you love my style of photography!

You're the type of couple that just "gets it" and appreciates something a little different (with a bit of traditional mixed in, of course). You trust my vision and I listen to your needs. We have a great relationship and we click right from the start!

After the vows have been said...after the cake has been cut...and after you hop on the plane to that gorgeous honeymoon spot; I want you to trust that you'll be getting the most amazing memories from me. It's about evoking emotions as you reflect back over the years, remembering this special day.

Jan Faye Captures Moments is about documenting your memories in art. It's just that simple.



  • Northern California