Handmade Details

Heirloom is the inspiration of Ashley Garmon, one of Austin, Texas’ most prominent wedding photographers. These hand-crafted hangers are the result of Garmon’s years of expertise and her realization that one of the classic, must-have wedding photographs was usually missing something critical: a dress hanger as beautiful and unique as the bride and her gown.

Unable to find an existing product as deserving of the spotlight as it needed to be, Ashley decided to create a more appropriate hanger – beautifully crafted and customized for each client, providing not only a photo-worthy support system, but a keepsake as well.

“I wanted to create something that would enhance the portrait of the dress as
well as an heirloom for the bride. We’ve accomplished that, as well as giving brides a gift option for their bridal party. Our first order was for six hangers, one for the bride and a gift for each bridesmaid, customized with their names.”

The hangers she has created are made entirely by hand by a team of designers in Austin, Texas. Special attention is paid to all details of the hanger, particularly the hook, which has been designed to turn in all directions (for hanging the wedding dress in various locations) and to bear the weight of the heaviest of ball gowns.