Sareh Nouri


When Sareh Nouri was young, she’d have loved it if you’d told her that she’d grow up to design her own bridal collection. She loved wedding dresses. But then, what little girl doesn’t? The difference with Sareh is, she never outgrew the phase. In fact, at her nuptials in 2009, her father joked in his speech about her ongoing obsession with wedding gowns. So perhaps it’s fate that the search for her own dress is what really set her down the path to create her own line. As her wedding day approached, Sareh grew ever more frustrated, for she couldn’t find “the one” — a dress that was at once sophisticated and traditional, ethereal and elegant. In desperation, she decided to design her own gown.

Fortunately, Sareh had the background to back up her daring gamble: She’d graduated from George Mason University with a graphic design degree, so she understood how to work with patterns and layouts. A native of Iran, Sareh has been extremely successful in her design career and utilizing traditional Persian art, her work on numerous commercial and nonprofit media ads have gotten her profiled in a number of magazines and books. So she wasn't just able to conjure up a nice dress, she was able to create the dress of her dreams.

Shortly thereafter, a move close to New York City allowed her to pursue her newfound career and passion in the bridal industry. The newlywed realized that, if she had trouble finding the perfect gown for her sensibilities, hundreds of other brides must, too. And, following her stints working with a high-end bridal salon, modeling bridal gowns, collaborating with couture dressmakers and consulting one-on-one with brides-to-be, a new business was born. Sareh Nouri's first collection was launched at Exquisite Bride in New Jersey. Today, in select US boutiques, Sareh is proud to unveil her labor of love, a collection that is not only romantic and feminine but timeless as well. Her couture designs consist of luxurious, fine imported French lace and Italian silk, a handmade production so light, traditional and elegant for today’s modern bride. Sareh Nouri designs have been featured on top TV shows, such as TLC's Brides of Beverly Hills and key influencers such as, Miss America.

“I believe finding a wedding dress is like finding a true friend; you should be able to trust it, you should never regret it, and whenever you see it… it should always make you smile.”  



  • New York