Botanical Coasters

This pressed botanical coaster project from Apryl Ann Photography is such a fun and easy gift, or a pretty way to display tidbits from a bouquet. Click ahead to read how to make it.

You will need:

- Acrylic
- Pressed flowers, sequins
- Acrylic glue, like 100% silicone sealant from Home Depot

Step 1: Cut acrylic down to desired size.

Step 2: Press your flowers.

Step 3: Place pressed flowers or sequins on one side of acrylic, which will be the bottom layer.

Step 4: Add glue in corners of the acrylic.

Step 5: Place a second layer of acrylic on top and hold down; you may need to put books on top for 15 minutes until the glue sets.

And here is the finished product! In addition to flowers and leaves, you can also try herbs, flower petals and more. This would also be a good way to preserve petals from your wedding bouquet!