Kraft Paper Table Runner

This is a super cute table runner made from black kraft paper, neon ribbon, and rustic lace. We cannot sing the praises of kraft paper loud enough. Brown or black, it’s a most excellent material for all sorts of projects. And, best of all, it’s super cheap! We bought a 200 ft roll on Amazon for $27.00. 200 feet! You could make A LOT of table runners with just one roll.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend making 20 of these. They’re a little fussy. VERY cute, but a little fussy. You could however make a few… say for the head table and the dessert spread?

Our kraft paper roll is 48 in. wide, so in order to fit nicely on our table, we folded the 9 foot length in half vertically so it’s 24 inches wide. We just left ours double thick, but once you’ve made the crease down the center, you could always cut the length of paper along the fold.

Next, cut the ribbon and lace into 4 strips: two 9 foot pieces and two 2 foot pieces. You should have 4 pieces of each material in two different sizes.

Pin the corresponding sizes of lace and ribbon together. The ribbon should be on top of the lace. Then sew each strip together.

The next and last step is the trickiest. Tape a strip of ribbon and lace under one edge of the kraft paper runner. Now you have to sew the strip onto the runner. It’s not hard, it’s just awkward because the paper doesn’t fold as nicely as fabric around the machine as you go.

You could always use a glue gun instead of sewing the runner together. But we wanted to see the pretty white stitches on the black paper.

Sew the remaining three strips to the runner and then trim the ends of the ribbon so they’re neat.

DONE! Not complicated, but it does take a little patience. We thought it was a super great addition to our tablescape and we so hope someone else makes one!