DIY cement easter eggs

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Looking for a unique Easter decor idea? Today we're sharing this easy and creative cement diy. Click through for the tutorial. Happy Easter!

1lb box of Rockite Expansion Cement (makes approx 6-8 eggs depending on their size)
Plastic container
Plastic Spoons or Wooden Sticks to use as mixers
6-8 drained Eggs
Craft knife/Razor blade
Egg crate or Egg holder  

STEP ONE. Drain all your eggs by poking a small hole into the top of the egg. Peel away a small opening (almost the size of a dime), to make it easier to pour the cement into. (We recommend you save the yolks and egg whites in the fridge so you can make a breakfast quiche or scramble the next morning.

STEP TWO. Prop up your eggs inside an egg crate (or use the same fancy one we did!) with the openings facing up.

STEP THREE. Pour approximately 1/4 cup (enough for 1 egg) of the Rockite Cement into your plastic container and add 1 Tbs of water. Begin mixing your cement, adding 1 Tbs of water at a time until you achieve a honey-like consistency. (I believe it only took 2 Tbs of water total for this 1/4 cup).

STEP FOUR. Within ten minutes of mixing the cement, pour the mixture very slowly, into the openings of your eggs. Stop one or two drops before the top, or a 1/2″ below the top, to create a flat bottom so your eggs can stand up if you wish. Set outside, or in a well ventilated area, for 1 hour to dry.

STEP FIVE. After 1 hour, use your crafting knife (or razor blade) to carefully peel off the shells. This might take some time and patience though peeling them under running water help.

STEP SIX. Once the eggs are dry from the extra water, display them in bowls, on your table, or in an egg holder. You did it!

Photography & DIY Tutorial & Styling: Shannon Von Eschen 
Assistant & Model: Kendall Von Eschen