DIY wire ring

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We've partnered with our friends at For the Markers to create these stylish accessories for your beloved bridesmaids. Have fun assembling these feminine charms, which'll add an elegant, personal touch to any ensemble for seasons to come. We'll be sharing ways to make bow rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can go here to purchase the kit. Happy crafting!


1. Chain nose pliers
2. Semi flush clippers
3. Round nose pliers
4. Round wire
5. Jump rings
6. Cable chain
7. Lobster clasp 

Step 1: Start by cutting 6" of wire for your ring. 

Step 2: In the middle create a loop to fit your finger. With your round pliers, grab the top wire, and bend wire over the top of the pliers to create the right loop of the bow.

Step 3: Grab the bottom wire. Bend over the top of the pliers to create the second loop. Take the end of the left loop, and wrap around the center, through the ring, pulling tightly.

Step 4: Once you have the bow to your liking, trim the ends of the wire. If the ends are sharp, you can file them down to create dull edges.