Colorboard #41: Amanda’s wedding colors

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Yay, the color boards are back! We haven’t done one of these in forever.. sorry about that. We do love making them, so we promise to keep them up, starting with this color scheme for my wedding. I’m not really sure what our theme would be called.. the colors are 60’s-inspired brights mixed with neutrals. Think glamorous Mad Men, but with a modern twist. It’s so exciting to see it all come together now! I designed my invitations (for the most part), and am thinking about having them screen printed. Will show the work-in-progress soon!

xo, Amanda

Retro bright wedding colors

{Clockwise from top left: Casa de Perrin, Vera Wang Lavender, Ashley GoldbergMaison 140 in Lonny Magazine, Ladyfingers Letterpress, Lael Cakes}

Social Love

Teira on May 7, 2012

Beautiful inspiration! And I WANT that cake.

Jennifer on May 7, 2012

Love these punchy colors together with the gold! Such a fun and sophisticated palette.

abbi jordan on May 7, 2012

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Vivian on May 8, 2012

How glam and perfect is this? Can't wait to see the colors come to life!

Rachel on May 8, 2012

Love the colours, Amanda! Looks like 'Playful Glamour' to me. And those SHOES! They rock (literally!).

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