Eat, Drink, and Demand to Be Equally Married

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Please join NYC’s first ILLEGAL WEDDING FAIR, taking place on Sunday, June 6 from Noon – 4pm at the gorgeous townhouse venue, 632 on Hudson! Help spread the word about this exciting new event featuring over 25 local NYC vendors who unanimously support same-sex marriage, as they raise money for Marriage Equality NY.

Peace, love and marriage for all!

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Shannon on Jun 1, 2010

THANK YOU for supporting this! If I lived in New York I would totally go!

jamie on Jun 1, 2010

thanks for gettin political guys! i know it isn't always as easy on a less personal blog, so, thanks.

Meg on Jun 1, 2010

Agree with Jamie :)

sarah :: this is jackson riley on Jun 1, 2010

YEA!!! thank thank thank you for posting! xox.

sk on Jun 2, 2010

Cool! I would go if I could!

Colleen on Jun 3, 2010

Right on! I am a happily married straight woman and I am disgusted by the hate in this country that people can't let people just live equally and happily, especially when they are in love and a committed relationship. There's no excuse for hatred and double standards! Thank you for posting about such an important event!

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