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The Black Tux: For anyplace your wedding takes you

July 25, 2018
Tatyana Merenyuk wedding dress

You were all enamored with the bold tuxedo looks we shared (not to mention those dresses!) in last month’s collab with our friends at The Black Tux, so when we caught sight of this shoot by Sophie Epton featuring their coveted white dinner jacket, we knew these stylish ensembles would be right up your alleys. The Black Tux is all about making sure your groom + his pals look and feel 100% ready for the big day, which is why *all* of their suit + tux rentals are designed with travel in mind.

Bridal Bouquet Morocco wedding ideas

…Travel to spot as gorgeous as this, we hope! The tuxedo featured here is just one of the options grooms have when renting their wedding attire through The Black Tux (including complete outfits, if you’d like!). All of their styles are destination wedding ready, with looks that complement any landscape your dream venue provides.

White dinner jacket Morocco wedding ideas

We mean…. How beautiful is this locale!? The colors and textures of Morocco are just too, too insanely beautiful. Boy would we love to see more weddings + honeymoons there!

Bridal Bouquet White dinner jacket The White Dinner Jacket Tuxedo (including contrasting pants available in both classic + slim fits) paired with a Black Textured Silk Bow Tie is a stylish alternative to the classic black tux you’d see in a fall or winter wedding. As translated to warmer climates and a location as striking as the rugged desert landscapes shown here, it doesn’t lose an ounce of its formality or sophistication. Plus, it’ll keep you cooler, too!

Morocco wedding inspiration

Sometimes a vibrant boutonnière is the only pop of color you need.

Tatyana Merenyuk wedding dress Tatyana Merenyuk wedding dress

(Capes are one of our biggest obsessions right now when it comes to the bride… Remember this?)

Morocco wedding ideas Tatyana Merenyuk wedding dress White dinner jacket

Don’t forget that you can rent shoes from The Black Tux to complete your outfit.

Morocco wedding ideas Morocco wedding ideas Morocco wedding ideas

When we say these grooms suits and tuxedos are travel friendly, here’s what we mean: The high quality Italian merino wool used in their ensembles (nope—no low-quality rental tuxes here) are actually wrinkle resistant… So perfect for those traveling far and wide for I Do. They also come in convenient packaging, which can even fit in overhead storage on planes. Because who wants to trust the airline with their wedding clothing?! Eeeek. You can even send it back from any FedEx in the US using the shipping label included, so there’s no need to carry it around with you on that honeymoon abroad.

Tatyana Merenyuk wedding dress Morocco wedding ideas Morocco wedding ideas

Click on through to our gallery below for more tuxedo + wedding ideas from this magical shoot…

But even if such a formal look isn’t your thing, The Black Tux offers outfits for any wedding vibe, from tuxedos like this to casual and trendy suits. Rent the The White Dinner Jacket Tuxedo + other high-end suits and tuxes for your wedding at theblacktux.com. It’s an easy peasy online process, and everything will be delivered straight to your door!

Photography: Sophie Epton