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100 Layer Cake A-List Member: Dart Collective

January 12, 2017
The Dart Collective

Okay, Cakies, big announcement on the wedding music scene from one of our A-list members! Dart Collective, which you might remember started off as a California-based DJ Collective in 2013 (you’ve heard us mention them more than a few times, yeah?), now offers a whole slew of amazing live musicians and performers too. They’re still local to California (but making magic happen all over the globe, as always!), but they’ve got a ton of cool things in store for 2017 you’ll want to get in on…

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The Dart Collective

The first thing you’ve gotta know: they have a new website up for you to peruse. There you can make your own custom playlists from their mixes and band performances, and there’s a ton of new videos up too. Even if you’re not planning an event right now per se, always good to keep some good tunes in your back pocket, right?

The Dart Collective The Dart Collective

A few words from Dart’s founders, At Dart, we are all working DJs and musicians. Music is our passion and we want to share it with you and your guests—whether that means digging through vinyl crates for that one song you have to have, or customizing a repertoire list for one of our bands to flawlessly execute, our main goal here is to elevate and personalize your event so that it uniquely represents you.

The Dart Collective The Dart Collective Arthur & The Whispers, a tiki-inspired vibraphone trio, brings a relaxed beach wedding to mind.

The Dart Collective The Dart Collective

Now that they’ve expanded their offerings to feature DJs and a selection of live bands—each with its own distinct sound and style—they’re able to offer up an even more customized and personal approach to weddings and special events.

The Dart Collective

No matter who you enlist from Dart Collective for your wedding or event, everyone there has the same goal—to make the fun, inclusive experience you’ve spent so long planning even better with the perfect sound. Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next!

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Head to Dart Collective’s website or browse their A-list profile here.