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May 12, 2016
Desert Wedding

It’s officially almost Friday friends! And fun stuff like getting to introduce our A-list member makes it a teeny bit easier to get there. Melissa of Marble Rye Photography specializes in weddings, families, adventures, and lots more. All things we’re all about! She actually got her start at 22 during a trip to India that she ended up spending capturing locals through Polaroids. She’s been photographing people ever since (with a special talent for our fave day of all: the wedding). Pretty cool, yeah?

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Desert Wedding Marble and Rye Photography Marble and Rye Photography Marble and Rye Photography Marble and Rye Photography Marble and Rye Photography

Recognize this wedding at The Fig House in LA? These two chose Marble Rye not just for how talented she is, but how sweet and lovely she is to work with. Always a must when letting someone into your most intimate moments.

Fig House wedding Colorful bouquet Marble Rye Photography

Melissa says, My work is candid-heavy and moment-focused. My best work captures the way a wedding feels; who you are and how you love, this day in time.

Marble Rye Photography Marble Rye Photography

Such beautiful lighting here! For Marble Rye Photography, the photos are all about reflecting your day back to you, the way you and everyone closest to you saw it and felt it. We’re always huge fans when a photog considers how you’ll look back on the photos for years to come, and that’s Melissa’s big focus. Be sure to stop by the gallery for some more wedding details:

Thanks for sharing, Melissa! See more of Marble Rye’s work on her blog + Instagram.

Interested in chatting with Marble Rye Photography about your wedding photos? Melissa always offers free travel in all of California (so sweet!), and those of you who book between now and June 15th will receive free travel worldwide too. Get in touch here + don’t forget to mention 100 Layer Cake!