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A remote Alaskan elopement: Brock + Julie

April 8, 2016
A remote Alaskan elopement

Happy Friday Cakies! We’re super excited to share this elopement from our friends Brock + Julie. It’s the perfect way to begin the weekend. You may know Julie from her *incredible* blog Julie’s Kitchen or her amaze food collages on Insta (and if not, you have some catching up to do!). Given that they’re both the adventurous types, they knew they didn’t want a traditional wedding. Read their story and watch the spectacular All in Favor film directed + edited by (Brock’s brother!) Priest Fontaine Batten below:

A remote Alaskan elopement

We didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do or where, but we knew we wanted to do something that celebrated our love for travel and nature. So one night our friend, artist Kiel Johnson, mentioned he was doing a workshop at the University of Alaska and staying an extra week to explore Alaska. He invited us, and since neither of us had ever been and we both really, really wanted to see the Northern lights, we jumped on the chance. Serendipitously, Kiel is ordained (what luck!) and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to get hitched.

A remote Alaskan elopement

They did a ton of research and talked to local photographers, hotel owners, and even chefs. With only a few days, they chose an area that was accessible for day trips where they could set up camp.

We considered going north to Fairbanks for optimal viewing of the northern lights or south for a sea-focused trip around the Kenai Peninsula. But since we were going in late fall, which is off-season and not the best weather, we ended up researching historical weather patterns to help place a bet on the most optimal photography/videography conditions. That led to areas right around Anchorage and Denali National Park. Along the way, we heard of a quintessential Alaskan town a couple hours north of Anchorage called Talkeetna, which is a popular stop for climbers on their way into Denali. And once we found out the mayor of the town is a cat named Stubbs(!), the choice for basecamp was clear.

A remote Alaskan elopement

On the big day Julie made moose stew, they drove to the mountains and abandoned gold mines, and hiked an hour in snow shoes to Hatcher Pass to a hand-built A-frame to say I Do.

A remote Alaskan elopement

Although we were sweltering on our way up, weighed down by gear and layers of clothes, as soon as the sun fell behind the mountains it became extremely cold, dropping at least 20 degrees. So, besides being an emotional ceremony we were faced with the challenge of chattering teeth. It was incredibly difficult to speak fluidly due to the freezing temps which meant frequent “cuts” by our director (Priest) who made us stop to reset and repeat lines, which just added to the fun/hilarity of the adventure.

A remote Alaskan elopement

Ready for the film version of the story? Here we go…

LOVE, ALASKA from All in Favor.

After the ceremony, we shuffled back into the A-Frame for a quick champagne toast next to the warmth of wood-burning stove. Then, we hiked back down the mountain by moonlight. It was almost a full moon, so we didn’t even need our headlamps since the moon was reflecting so brightly off the snow.

Planning an elopement adventure? They say commit + keep an open mind, and you’ll make it happen!

Congratulations B + J! xo

Directed & Edited by: Priest Fontaine Batten / Videography: Priest Fontaine Batten & Noah Carlson / Produced by: All in Favor / Music by: Music by: 1 Million Lightyears & Say My Name / Officiant: Kiel Johnson / Bride’s Dress: Nightcap Clothing / Aurora borealis inspired jewelry: Misa Jewelry / Knitwear: Angela Mayhoe / Groom’s Suit & Top Coat: J. Crew / Boots: HELM / Hat: Brixton