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A-list member Narrative Visual Photography + giveaway

April 4, 2016

Have all your Aprils gotten off to nice, sunny starts? We’ve been getting inspired by our A-list member Narrative Visual Photography over here. Jamie’s photography work spans weddings, lifestyle, and humanitarian, to name a few areas. Get to know her a bit better + be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post if you’re looking for a photographer!

Narrative Visual Photography Narrative Visual Photography

Who doesn’t love a power couple? Jamie often partners with her husband Ryan to shoot as a team and capture every aspect of a wedding, just how the couple wants it. Their images are often described as vivid, honest, and pure. Which makes sense since they’re very intentional about serving their clients well through not just the shooting process, but the planning and production too. (Sooo important when you’re already planning a zillion other things as a bride!)

Narrative Visual Photography Narrative Visual Photography

Gotta get those details…

Narrative Visual Photography Narrative Visual Photography

Totally worth mentioning that they’ve also done lots of humanitarian work and make giving back a staple of their business. Jamie explains, In choosing us as their photographers, clients are also partnering with us beyond their wedding day: a percentage of all profits we earn is dedicated to fund a ministry of free photography services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations who strive after social change in communities around the world. It’s our way of giving back with the passions and skills we have at our disposal… I’ve also started a one-to-one wedding program. Each year a couple can choose to be a part of this program and 100% of the profit I make from shooting for them will go toward a photography assignment for a small non-profit somewhere in the world. You can read more about the program here.

(See more about their nonprofit work via this article.)

Narrative Visual Photography Narrative Visual Photography Narrative Visual Photography

Find Narrative Visual Photography in our vendor guide + their full portfolio here.

Giveaway time! Narrative Visual Photography is offering up a giveaway! To enter for your chance at 30% off any wedding package (or free travel costs for a destination wedding), just send a pic of the two of you to [email protected], along with a bit about your big day (+ location!). Be sure to mention 100 Layer Cake! One winner will be contacted after all submissions are reviewed.

Be sure to pass this giveaway onto any newly engaged couples you know! Thanks to Jamie for this peek into her creative work!