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Colorboard #45: Emerald + Bridesmaid dress

January 8, 2013

Y’all have already heard the news, yes? This year’s Pantone color of the year is Emerald. We couldn’t be more excited. Emerald exudes glamour, is such a statement color, and makes for one inspiring colorboard, obvs. These are a few shades of the spectrum we’re loving as of now. Yep, we added gold to the mix too. Had to. Emerald and gold are pretty much a match made in colorboard heaven.

Emerald colorboard

photo by Caught the Light / via decor pad / Emerald Shoes photo by Kate Headley / via tumbler / musings in femininity

If you’re in love with the color just as much as we are and want to know how you can incorporate it into our wedding, we say do it with your bridesmaids! Can you imagine how money they would look standing by your side in these dresses? Stun-ning! Please tell us you’ll consider it. We’d love to see a wedding with some emerald bridesmaid dresses this year!