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Pastel engagement shoot

November 9, 2012
peach hue balloons

We’ve started to see Christmas tree lots pop up, there’s finally a chill in the air, and no matter how hard we fight it (because it all comes so fast!), the holidays are coming. Hope you guys are just as excited as us! In the meantime we think this engagement shoot, photographed by Jana Williams will be a sweet way to hop into the weekend. Kimberly + Sean are just the cutest. They wanted to go for a romantic timeless look so they rented a pink couch from found vintage rentals, placed it in the middle of a field, and had some fun with giant paper flowers by Fleuretica. And their engagement story.. well, it’s pretty hilarious. Happy Friday!

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Our story is pretty similar to how we are with each other, more comical than romantic! We were in Maui on vacation and had dinner scheduled at our favorite restaurant on the island known for their sunset views. Right when we were seated, Sean started ordering drinks for himself (liquid courage), which is completely out of character and should have been my first clue that something was up! By the time dessert came around, Sean was a bit tipsy. While we were watching the sun set, he stood up abruptly and I told me how much he loved me while I was focusing on the beautiful view, brushed off his declaration of love since he always gets affectionate when he drinks. Next thing I know, from the corner of my eyes, I see him quickly drop down to one knee and my first thought was “(expletive!) Sean’s drunk and can’t stand up, how am I going to carry him out of here?!” Not realizing he had whipped out a ring box during his descent. So while I was still calculating his body weight and the shortest least obtrusive route out of the restaurant, Sean proposed. Doubly happy to be marrying the man that I love and not having to carry him out of the restaurant, I of course said “yes!”