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One week to go!

September 7, 2012

Well, here we are…Tim and I have one more week to go before we are husband and wife! I’m happy to say that we are finished (for the most part) with all the crafting, concepting, creating, gluing, toiling over detail after detail, and are now enjoying the last week before our wedding. It was a long road to get here, let me tell you (and those that are planning or have planned a wedding know).

Running a wedding blog is one thing, and planning your own wedding (with the help of our planners Bash, Please, of course) is an entirely other thing. I knew it would be hard, and that we would have to make a lot of decisions, and emotions would be at an all time high. We really tried throughout this process to remember that this is our wedding, and we should slow down and enjoy the process. There were lots of highs and a few lows, times where I felt I was walking on air, times where I found myself weepy-eyed. I’m pretty sure I felt the entire gamut of emotions in this last year of planning. I am so happy to finally be marrying my mister though.. it’s gonna be so good.. he’s such an amazing man to spend this lifetime with.

I celebrated a recent milestone birthday, had a super fun bridal shower (which we will be showing next week up here), and Tim and I have had a few video sessions with Brian from Shark Pig, which he is going to weave into a story of us, ending with our wedding footage. I’m particularly excited about that.. I’ve loved his videos for years and can’t believe it’s our turn to star in one!

wedding preparations

The snags in these last 2 weeks have been keeping us on our toes…the fabric dinner napkins I designed came back with the wrong color, programs were printed incorrectly at the printer, my hair dye came out too dark at the salon, and I kept telling Tim, “I am going to be a gothic bride!” until I got it corrected yesterday. Such fun! I feel like I’m on one of those bridal reality tv shows sometimes. ha. I do try to take it all in stride, and secretly giggle that these mishaps are going to be the funny stories we tell our kids one day.

wedding preparations

With weddings and new beginnings comes new life, and sometimes the passage of old. Last May, my grandmother whom I was very close to, passed away at the age of 89. She lived a wonderful and full life, and I was so inspired by her. In her final months, we had many chats about the wedding. I told her about my dress, shared our engagement photos with her, and listened to her stories of love. Although she is gone from the earth, I know she will be looking down on us on our wedding day, smiling ear to ear. She will also be making a special appearance in a golden locket on my bouquet.

I’m so honored to be a part of a blog like 100 Layer Cake. I do look at weddings differently now that I have planned one. I hope all the things I’ve learned, resources I’ve found, and ideas I’ve come up with along the way will help 100 Layer Cake be an even better resource for you all. Thank you for being a part of our blog thus far, and we promise.. many more exciting things to come!

xoxo, Amanda