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Dear ESB: How long do I wait for my BFF to get her sh*t together?

July 25, 2012

Leave it to Ms. East Side Bride to set matters straight. Especially when this happens between you and your BFF that just so happens to be planning her wedding right alongside yours. We’re siding with ESB on this one… you?

Dear ESB,

My best friend got engaged 6 weeks before I did.

I feel that since she got engaged first, she should have first dibs on a date. She has selected May 11th, 2013. But she doesn’t have a location, much less a guest list.

She is somewhat of a procrastinator and now that I have my wedding location locked down, I’d like to lock down a date. I was planning on getting married the last weekend in March or the first weekend of April.

How far apart do I need to space the weddings? I want to make sure that her or my honeymoon doesn’t overlap with the pre-wedding festivities, like the bridal shower, bachelorette, etc.

Waiting in Vain


Obvs, your friend can’t lock down her date until she locks down a LOCATION. And she can’t lock down a location until she knows how many people she’s inviting.

She could fall in love with some crazy venue that doesn’t have availability until August! Or she could procrastinate her little heart out and postpone the wedding a whole year.

I say book the date you want before you lose your effing mind.

Photo: Ruche Fall via This Modern Romance