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Bohemian styled shoot

July 20, 2012
bohemian beach wedding

You know the movie The Princess Bride, yes? For shame if you don’t! Well, this bohemian styled shoot was inspired by it, and the amount of times photographer, Becka of Studio222 Photography watched it with her husband. She took a favorite nostalgic movie and gave it a little spin. You’re not going to see Vizzini pop out from anywhere, just pretty details, an invitation suite that pays homage to the movie, and a gorgeous ‘Princess Buttercup’!

vintage bohemian wedding invites bohemian wedding fashion

“Princess Buttercup” is wearing a gorgeous lace maxi skirt with a silk blouse and tons of bangles and stacked necklaces.

gold wedding accessories bohemian beach wedding bohemian beach wedding casual groom's wardrobe bohemian bride and groom


flowing bridal veil bohemian beach wedding bohemian beach reception bohemian beach reception

We wanted a setup that was deconstructed but still gilded and very much like a medieval feast so we decided to use a vintage chest as a table and instead of flowers we incorporated succulents, fruits, and nuts. I think this look would be so easily copied for a wedding. Mix in some gold for royalty, some succulents for edge, some fruits and nuts for color and texture, and then layer a bunch of fabrics to help create a bohemian look. Stacked pillows make for cozy places to relax and jeweltones keep everything cohesive. 

hot pink cakes and sweets bohemian beach reception hot pink and gold floral adorned wedding cake gold chevron decorated chocolate wedding cake bohemian beach wedding bohemian beach wedding

Princess Bride fans, did you catch all the references to the movie?

Concept: Becka Robinson, Studio222 Photography / Photography: Becka & Nate Robinson, Studio222 Photography / Prop styling: Lauren Grove / Wardrobe: Jen Beverly / Models: Justin & Jamie / Makeup + hair: Jeshel Worthington / Paper: 9th Letter Press / Cakes: The Sugar Suite / Location: St. Augustine, FL / Florals: borrowed from Greenery Production