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Dear readers, I need your wedding venue help!

November 11, 2011

Running this blog with Kristina and Jillian for the last few years has been the most exciting, rewarding and inspiring job. Being surrounded by the most beautiful colors, textures, flowers, invitations…we feel so lucky that we get to do this every day! As you can imagine, I have hundreds different ideas circling around in my head regarding my own upcoming wedding (of course). I always get asked, “You probably have it all planned out already, right?”. But I always knew I wanted to wait to even think about anything wedding-related until with my fiancé, and now we are so excited to be going through this familiar, yet foreign, process together.

Tim and I finally landed on the vibe we want for our wedding, “60’s-inspired California glam”. We are so inspired by where we live, and many of our guests are coming from out-of-town so we wanted them to experience it with us. We’re also huge fans of the interior and set design, fashion, colors and quirkiness from the 60’s James Bond movies.

Next step: the wedding venue. Finding the perfect place to live out our dream day (as many of you have already experienced) has been incrrrredibly tough! Having our concept in place is making it EVEN HARDER to find a venue, turns out. We’ve been scouring the web, blogs, forums, etc. for weeks without finding the perfect place for our celebration. Which is why I’m reaching out to yous.. our lovely, awesome readers. Do you know of any good California venues that have this vibe? We want something relaxed and a little retro feeling with a touch of sophistication..preferably with somewhat of an ocean view (but not necessarily ‘in’ the sand). It can also be an estate, hotel, or mid-century modern house with an awesome pool and great view (in the Hollywood Hills perhaps?). Bonus points if there is a fun hotel nearby or cute bungalows for our guests to stay in.

We have already considered Palm Springs since many hotels have this vibe…but we just really want to be near-ish to the ocean. HELP!

{top left photo from the Bond movie Thunderball / umbrella photo / The Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club (which is a leetle out of our budget) / sunbathing image from I Love Wild Fox}

Thank you so much for your ideas!!

xx, Amanda