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Jace + Lauren engagement shoot

November 10, 2011

Good things happen to those who wait…six years to get proposed to. True story, if your name is Lauren. Her proposal included a little Paris – in front of the Eiffel Tower –  in the crisp romantic Winter air. Sounds lovely, right? That’s why you’re going to love their sweet proposal story. After reading their story and seeing these dreamy shots by Esther Sun Photography, taken after they returned from Paris, we can’t help but think, Jace + Lauren are as sweet as they come.

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On New Years Eve, they were in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Jace gave Lauren a promise ring with their anniversary engraved on the inside. He gave her a speech on promising to marry her after he was done with nursing school and found a steady job. Lauren thought it was cute, but inside thought, “Seriously? A promise ring? After six years?”. She gladly wore the ring anyways, and they continued on to their vacation in Paris.

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Lauren and Jace just came down from the Eiffel Tower and had time to walk around before their next excursion. Lauren asked Jace to set up the digital camera on a tripod so they could take video footage of the front of the Eiffel Tower. The moment was set up so perfectly for Jace. He set up the tripod and pressed record… knowing exactly what was about to ensue.

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The video camera started recording and they waved for the camera. Jace hugged Lauren for a long time while Lauren thought to herself, “Okay, this is going to be a cute video of Jace and I hugging in front of the Eiffel tower.” Then Jace started talking softly. He said, “Lauren, I have one more Christmas present for you.” Lauren didn’t get it and started giggling thinking it was some kind of joke. He pulled her closer and said, “What if I told you that I asked your parents permission to marry you?”. “Shut up”, Lauren said as she kept pushing him away not believing what was happening. After professing his love, Jace said “Okay, I’m going to get on my knee now”. Lauren was in such a shock and couldn’t utter anything other than, “Oh my God”.