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Dear ESB: Can I skip my own reception?

November 3, 2011

Good Thursday morning to you, Cakelets! We have East Side Bride here today answering the question… do you HAVE to stick to the expected format for your wedding?


Is it weird to not want a reception?
I want a big and fun rehearsal dinner,
a beautiful ceremony, and then to just run out the door and into the car!
Maybe a party after the honeymoon, i don’t know.


1. The reception is not just for you. It’s for all the people who set aside vacation days, booked expensive plane tickets + hotel rooms, drove and flew and ferried and put on their finest finery in order to see you get married. THEY WANT TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU.

b. You might change your mind after that beautiful ceremony. It’s pretty fun to hang out with everyone and go, “Hey, we did this thing!”

Photo: Will Davidson, Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance, Model: Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh Magazine